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  1. 32 minutes ago, wanltyn said:

    No problem! Unfortunately, there's not as much content as we'd like, but it's something. Of the Korean movies, I'd recommend Our Love Story or Fantasy of the Girls. The latter has Kwon Nara from Hello Venus as one of the leads.

    Also, does anyone know anything about Young Adult Matters with Hani (is that even out to the public yet??) or Fukuoka with Park So-Dam?? I only have a vague understanding of the plots, but apparently they both kiss girls??


    from what i know, Young Adult Matters will be released in the first half of this year and Fukuoka is out on dramanice https://dramanice.video/fukuoka-kr-2020/

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  2. 11 minutes ago, blossoms said:

    I think so too, though im not sure if the reporter/news source for the ravi x taeyeon news was afflicted with dispatch

    still I'll be super surprised if they have anything else up their sleeves

    The reporter was associated with Joynews24 and not dispatch and i think it’s the first time sm is taking actions against someone who stalked their artist considering in the past dispatch would stalk and exposed their idols’ relationships. I’m guessing this reporter didn’t contact sm and abruptly exposed Taeyeon and Ravi like that

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  3. 32 minutes ago, aoaism said:

    i heard that Heechul, Jonghyun and Amber are straight. Didn't they say they were? I think Key might be gay tho and Taeyeon is definitely bisexual, she put up bi flags in her snap before. Idk about wendy tho, Yeri I know she's bisexual like Taeyeon

    Do you realize that saying I’m gay while being an idol in Korea can cost your career? Hong Seok Cheon, a famous gay celebrity got blacklisted and nearly lost all of his gigs when he came out. It took him years to regain what he had. I do agree Taeyeon is bisexual but Yeri? Not too sure about her. 

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  4. ICSM had a fair line distribution comparing to M&M if we go by vocals. The main and lead vocalists get the highest and most lines, while the other members get the spotlight and iconic parts. It's a shame, really, Twice were so much more confident during their rookie years and now look at them. Just seeing their faces whenever they win on a show is either them being scared of singing or them lowkey backing away from the stage. The comments really went to them, instead of supporting them to become better singers, people send them hate. It has been like this since Cheer Up and hasn't stop. Even sending them small words of encouragement makes it a sensitive topic.

    In some encores, I can't even hear Dahyun's, Mina's or Chaeyoung's parts because of how low their singings are (or them not singing at all). 

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