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  1. Just now, Yoah said:

    You are the one trolling. Most religious people are straight and also it depends on how religious a person is. Moonbyul is straight. get over it. She is a member of church and everyone knows that here in SK but whatever makes you happy lol.  Idols will keep feeding your gay ships down your throat. they need to make money at the end of the day. Please keep believing she is gay and fund her activities  because I like her and she is a good singer. 

    This is legit a speculating thread wtf. It's not suppose to be a fucking serious thing, you're pulling words that are not even from my own mouth, so what if she's a member of a church? That doesn't automatically mean she is straight, you think that because someone is religious it means they are straight? And please if you would like, show me a source where Moonbyul even attend a church or that's just you pulling out random shits because as a former moomoo, I am not aware of her going to church. Solar is buddhist, Wheein and Hwasa are baptized and that's it.

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  2. 38 minutes ago, Yoah said:

    Taeyeon: straight ally
    Jessica: straight
    Tiffany: straight 
    Sunny: straight
    Hyoyeon: straight
    Yuri: bi? dated men like Minho and baseball player
    Sooyoung: straight
    Yoona: straight
    Seohyun: straight

    Red Velvet  - all straight
    Irene: straight
    Seulgi: straight
    Wendy: straight
    Joy: straight
    Yeri: straight

    Twice - only chaeyoung - what a queen? luv her
    Jihyo: straight
    Nayeon: straight
    Jeongyeon: straight
    Momo: straight 
    Sana: straight
    Mina: straight 
    Dahyun: straight
    Chaeyoung: lesbian
    Tzuyu: straight

    ITZY - are my homies so I won't say anything. but ITZY Ryujin is straight and very Christian. She always wears a cross on her neck as seen at seoul music awards . Leave her alone please. lol you can still thirst on her tho.

    IZone - who is who? don't know them

    Mamamoo - all straight - former church choir - that's they reason why they sing so well and don't have that idol look.
    Solar: straight
    Moonbyul: straight
    Wheein: straight
    Hwasa: straight

    Blackpink - all straight
    Jisoo: straight
    Jennie: straight
    Rose: straight
    Lisa: straight

    EXID - only LE is a lesbian
    Solji: straight
    LE: lesbian
    Hani: straight
    Hyerin: straight
    Junghwa: straight

    Apink - only Lesbian bravest queen SON NAEUN. who does it like her. I love her.
    Naeun - lesbian
    Namjoo  straight
    Hayoung  straight
    Chorong  straight
    Bomi  straight
    Eunji -  straight

    Gidle -  None of them are attractive to me to care about them.

    Why do you think all the kpop female singers are gay and bi. How many American singers are gay/lesbian and bi and actually dating same sex? Yup. almost less than 1%. 

    This is music industry and not sports world where more lesbian and bisexual women are.

    This is embarrassing lmao saying Moonbyul is straight it’s like saying circles are square.

    Religion doesn’t define anyone’s sexuality because I’m buddhist and lesbian. American singers and kpop idols are totally different so your reference is not valid. Heck my gaydar is shit but I know who’s gay when I see one. Tell me you’re trolling atleast 

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  3. In no particular order,











    Rosé (Jisoo too! but Rosé has been giving me that wow factor these past couple days)

    honorable mentions: Kyulkyung of IOI, Minju of Izone, Mina and Tzuyu of Twice I have a lot more for female idols lol

  4. I noticed he’s been getting irritated lately because of his fans. Honestly, stan twt need to grow the fuck up. 

    I think fans are surprised because of how(imo) real he is. He’s not putting up a persona where he’s not being himself and people don’t like it. Though sometimes just being real causes problems and I see why companies are more controlling when it comes to their artists’ behavior.

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  5. I heard weird noises in my sister’s room so I barged into her room thinking something might have happened to her, only to find her crying because of Jessica’s departure lol

    Though I wasn’t a huge fan of gg at that time but I was still pretty shocked 

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