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  1. 5 hours ago, lovesojung said:

    hello, i'm not seeing any current restrictions on the account you linked. have you tried logging into the account?  do you still receive a message saying you are banned? 

    omg sorry for the trouble! My dumbass was trying to log in this whole time with the wrong email *facepalm* thanks for everything please permaban this account please thank you

  2. 3 hours ago, Sapphic said:

    I just found this thread and I'm so sorry you had to deal with that shit, but don't start chatting shit about non binary people just because you're angry. The same misunderstanding and hatred towards lesbians is also the shit you're projecting onto non binary people.

    when the fuck did that user say anything about nb ppl? fuck off

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  3. 10 hours ago, Vanille said:

    Ya know I fell asleep crying over this shit... These people had the decency to claim I hate men, am homophobic (and transphobic when I didn't say a word about trans people) for not claiming another "lesbian" sleeping around with men... One male user was like "but some lesbians like penetration" I don't but can aknowledge that... Like fingers and toys, done by herself or her gf, not a real d*ck attached to a man. That guy then decided to explain in details how a man can move his d*ck and how women NEED that in order to get off (no, just no) so a lesbian could totally fuck with guys but only enter serious relationship with women because (brace yourself) "lesbians are women who hate men, but they still need penis" wtffff just the whole thing was so degrading and disgusting...

    And I heard that before actually, that we simply hate men, or "became" lesbians after a bad (sexual) experience with a man... I even had a male coworker (54 years old) ask me that... 1. it's none of your business and 2. nope, no experience with men besides friendship and I wouldn't befriend them if I hated them...

    Yeah I hate the community as well... And changing the definition of gay/lesbian to "primarily" attracted to men/women is wrong and hurtful... I actually didn't know about this but it explains why "sorry but I'm gay" is Russian to some... Just like how transtrenders hurt real transgender people (not the ones that are truly confused, actually went through a phase myself but the autismgender, dyslexiagender weirdos who will yell "transphobe" when you forget to call them "zir")

    I'm sending virtual hugs your way! Men's opinions on anything are worthless and they deserve all the hate they get anyways so don't let their comments get to you. Just know at the end of the day we never have to date men in any way shape or form regardless of the bs they or anyone spreads.

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  4. 3 hours ago, Vanille said:

    Who else finds it disturbing when a girls goes around saying she's a lesbian (repeatedly, not even gay or queer, lesbian) but sleeps around with men for fun... Because "I only love women but I like dick" like wtf...

    I find it disturbing considering the amount of straight guys that aggressively flirted with me, sent me unasked for nudes and saying shit like "but I thought love is love" "I turned lesbians before with my skills" "how do you know if you haven't tried it with a man" like fucking disturbing and half of the forum is attacking me now...

    I understand being in denial or still unsure about your identity but... Don't say you're a full lesbian when you sleep around with men... We get sexualized enough and it's about damn time people take us seriously...


    worthless women who want attention that's all there is to it but then again this new wave of "progressive and liberal" people have completely destroyed all labels so they have lost all meaning pretty much like this LGBT website now defines lesbian as a woman being "primarily" attracted to women and gay as a man being "primarily" attracted to men its absolute shit not to mention all the non-lesbian cis women who want woke points who attack lesbians for not liking dick the LGBT community has always treated lesbians like garbage that's why I don't identify as apart of it but am a proud lesbian




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  5. Strobe Edge 8/10 Sweet story of a first love and the male lead was really charming but my issue is that the protagonist is not that relatable but she is still alright. The supporting characters and side plot is really dull though. The male lead is definitely the best part of the manga.

    Ao Haru Ride 9.5/10 I first read this manga ages ago as a teen and reread it recently as an adult and it enjoyed it a lot more the second time around which I think is a testament to the depth and timelessness of the story. I particularly liked it for it's second lead syndrome as in the false love interest was incredibly likeable and well done that it leaves the reader conflicted on who the female lead should end up with. It would be a near perfect but there are a few problematic incidents that occur TW & Spoilers


    1) The most notorious scene is when the male lead is laying down on the grass and the female lead then lays next to him. He then start telling her that she shouldn't  be so careless around men and then he gets on top of him reminding her how girls are physically much weaker than men. She says she knows he won't do anything to her since he said he didn't like her but he says that doesn't matter. He never touches her but comes close to her face before getting off and apparently the entire incident was just him trying to teach her a lesson for her to be safe. She starts crying of course and he apologizes noting that he went too far but she says she was scared but she was mostly crying because he made her heart race *eye roll*

    2) The male lead develops anemia at one point due to not eating enough and ends up passing out during P.E. and the female lead finds him in the school's infirmary she then tells him "Anemia? Are you a girl?" some serious sexism right there.

    3) A minor yet still bothersome microaggression is when the male lead is caught by his brother while he is sewing a button onto his sweater and says "he's playing housewife" *eye roll*

    4) Another microaggression occurs when the male lead is talking to his friend about the female lead and he says to him she is a hero and his friend says "even though she's a girl you think she's a hero?" 5) the female lead's character has an odd notion of femininity such as purposely acting unfeminine to avoid male attention which apparently means to pretend to have a big appetite and keeping her bad unorganized and then when she wants to be feminine she acknowledges that it's unnatural and tiring for anyone but the manga doesn't try to teach the audience a lesson about how toxic and outdated thoughts on femininity are.

    5) Lastly shoujo manga always has issues in its portrayal and exaggeration of issues among female relationships and this manga is relatively drama free showing positive relationships among the female characters but it still prominent at the beginning of the story and it's eye roll inducing that there are characters who apparently were bullied for being popular with boys including the female lead it goes away early on though. [spoiler/]


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