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    Anime, K-pop (BTS), Animals, Marvel, E-boys .ect

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About Me

Name: Venus

Nickname: Titan


Grade: 12th😜

Things I love: Food, Sleep, BTS (Well duh the fuck), Anime, Animals, Carmen King, Drawing, Typing, My Friends and Family also pets

Things I don't like: Antis, Fake ass bitches, Annoying people, Animal cruelty, Dragon ball z, This dumb ass fan war, Clowns, Wasp, Spiders, Liars,  etc

Best Friends: Mady, Carissa, Tania, and Savannah also Stella, Jonette, Tiffine, Morgan, Liz and Kay, Abby and Angela, Megan, Cameron, Michael, Jenna, Luna, Addison, Rebecca

Relationship Status: Complicated 


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