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About Me

I got into Kpop recently. I like mostly girls group songs. I do listen to some boys group songs, but only some specific songs.

I'm not specifically into fandom. Groups I like: Twice, Gfriend, Apink, Lovelyz, Itzy, WJSN, IZ*ONE, Dreamcatcher, IU, and so on. I usually don't quite enjoy Korean take of Hip Hop or Western music in general (some very few exceptions), so I prefer something more pop or rock oriented I guess.

If I have to choose bias: Umji and Yerin (Gfriend), Sana and Nayeon (Twice), Sujeong (Lovelyz). From these, I guess Umji is at the top (love her since Rough era).

Originally I like heavy metal, classical music, and Jpop/rock from anime soundtrack.

I'm very much into anime and manga. Favorite anime of all time is Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Favorite mangakas: Akira Toriyama, Junjou Itou, and Yuki Urushibara.

I'm mostly an old school gamer. I'm into RTS, JRPG, and a bit of racing, fighting, bullet hell shooter, and action games. From recent games I enjoy Souls games.

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