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About Me

I prefer upbeat songs, so I lean more towards electronic music. But I also appreciate more calm songs and acoustic music,so I like songs like that as well.

I'm mostly into doujin music (fanmade arrangements of games and anime OST/songs). There are songs arranged to fit many genres: rock, classical, electronic, orchestal, pop, jazz, chiptune, etc.spacer.png
Some of my favourite circles (groups) are IOSYS, Shibayan Records, Yuuhei Satellite, Iron Attack!, Undead Corporation, HertzDevil and TAMUSIC and A-One.
K-Pop & J-Pop
I'm a casual kpop and jpop fan. I like many songs, but I don't have a bias group.


Thanks for reading! (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚


(I'm also at kplanets forum under the username IO.SYS)

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