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About Me

Who Am I? 

Just your average UT Austin Computer Science and Math major who is also a Taegher/Tae stan and newly-converted MooMoo and reborn JoBro fan as well-aspirations in Computer/Data Science; loves learning new things, logic, solving puzzles, reading, photography, analyzing/debating online, learning more Computer/Data Science and Mathematics, coding side projects, and thinking inside my head; talented Taehyung hypeperson. Casual Analyst and Theoretician. DC comics (Wonder Woman) and Marvel (Captain Marvel) enthusiast. 




Fun facts about me:

  • '98 liner! (Ironically my KPOP ultimate biases are 95-liners lol) 
  • Gemini (I was born in June)
  • I have one younger sister ('02 liner) who's currently attending college 3 hours away from me and next year, even further (don't ask why)! 
  • My favorite music genres in order are: (1) R&B (2) Jazz (3) Pop-Rock (4) Soft-Rock
  • I graduated from high school 5th out of 570 graduating seniors (or something like that, I don't care about my high school days anymore) 
  • I was relatively athletic in high school, I did Taekwondo (all four years) and high school track (3 non-consecutive years with Varsity in my senior year) and picked up a passion of weightlifting (which I still do today). 
  • I'm a bold math geek (math was my passion ever since I was a kid and led me to more pathways)
  • I have created one math theory in my pocket for now since last semester. 
  • I know Java, Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, C, and C++. 
  • I constantly analyze, theorize, and debate pretty much everything I see in my head 24/7. 
  • I love learning about anything interesting that I see. 
  • The topics that I'm learning aside from my college classes are Data Science, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (Data Mining and Neural Networks), and Vocal Pedagogy (just sufficient enough to understand the vocalists that I hear on the radio). 
  • MBTI might be pseudo-science, but my MBTI is INTP (Introverted INtuitive Thinking Perceptive), but a weak one (I have a few INFP and INTJ undertones imo, but leaning more towards INTP). 
  • I currently attend the University of Texas at Austin, double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics
  • My first KPOP group was BTS (January 2018). 
  • My favorite KPOP groups are MAMAMOO (ultimate group for now), ONEWE, and ONEUS. 
  • My KPOP biases: V (Kim Taehyung) of BTS (male ultimate), Hwasa (Ahn Hyejin) of MAMAMOO (female ultimate), Wheein of MAMAMOO, DO (Do Kyungsoo) of EXO, and Chen (Kim Jongdae) of EXO
  • My KPOP bias wreckers: Solar (Kim Yongsun) and Moonbyul (Moon Byulyi) of MAMAMOO and Suga (Min Yoongi) and RM (Kim Namjoon) of BTS and Jaehyun (Jung Yoonoh) of NCT. 
  • The KPOP idol that is the most similar in personality and interests to me (exactly, actually) is Moonbyul of MAMAMOO (we're tech/math geeks and love photography!), but ironically she isn't my bias (yet...let's see)
  • I'm really not into guys and definitely not into the love department (though I'm technically dating a guy friend right now (???)), but my ideal type/celebrity crush is V of BTS! 😄
  • I'm a DC and Marvel comics enthusiast and my favorite superheroes are Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel! 
  • I'm a demisexual and goblin (female + non-binary/genderqueer-I think gender roles and perceptions are subjective, culture-based (depends for each culture and society), and not that rigid as people make them out to be-it's not a set of rules that everybody follows, but based on how one sees in their own world)
  • I'm a tsundere (in a certain extent, depends on the people around me), but once you get to know me more and reach me out in the right way, I'm actually a pretty nice person (except to my male best friend-I tease him a lot just because he's my best friend nothing more or less lol). 
  • Ships are supposed to be the celebration and appreciation of friendships within a KPOP group, but my ultimate KPOP ships are Wheesa and VHopeKook (Taekook (my first KPOP OTP), VHope, and Hopekook). Second-bias ship is Taegikook (Taekook, Taegi, and Yoonkook/SugaKookie). My favorite underrated ships are Vmon and 2Seok. I like MoonSun, Yoonmin, Vmin, and Taejin (the newest Tae ship in my list) as well. [Yes, I'm a (soft/platonic) VHopeKook enthusiast]



Moon in Aquarius (June 15, 1998 2:00 AM)

The sign occupied by the Moon at your time of birth is an indicator of your emotional and physical nature. It describes your unconscious, instinctive reactions, what is innate, perhaps inherited from your mother or reflected in the feminine dimension of your life. It tells us what kind of experience you need in order to feel emotionally satisfied.

Aquarius is one of the air signs, signs of the mind and communication. With the Moon in this sign, your primary need is to make sense of the world! You respond to life in a cool, somewhat detached manner. \With a naturally easy and genuine friendliness, you feel equally at home with the dustman and the queen and can move comfortably between many different social worlds and circles. You see and respect everyone’s uniqueness and demand that everyone does the same for you. Not one to follow the herd, you need to live by your own rules in a way that makes sense to you though the strength of your carefully thought out opinions and stubbornness in defending them can alienate you from those whose values are more conventional. You’re happiest when you can find a group of kindred spirits who share your attitudes and interests and with whom you can work collectively to promote your shared ideals.

The world of technology, of science and pure mathematics are not threatening to one of your temperament and you’re likely to have the latest electronic gadgets before anyone else in the gang. You are a surfer of webs, a creator of theories and a natural political animal. With an instinctive grasp of how the parts interweave to make a whole you find emotional safety in understanding that pattern, in knowing what’s going on, in staying clear of emotional messiness and in retaining control. Cramped and cluttered spaces suffocate you whilst the claustrophobia induced by emotional demands and blackmail makes you run for the hills! Above all you need an unusually large amount of personal and physical space, so that you can think things through and make your own choices – with everyone’s best interest in mind, of course!

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