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  1. When I saw BigHit including that scene of Taehyung crying over his disappointment of not able to do well in his Paris Day One Concert due to illness, pretty disappointed but not surprised. This is a violation of common sense business ethics.

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    2. WheeTaeLover


      ***also for both sides, why Taehyung got cut a lot in BtS when he shows up.

    3. WheeTaeLover


      The Taejin fight, the only or one of the very only significant Taehyung scenes in Burn The Stage, was also another example of false portrayal/representation in behalf of Taehyung. While it was supposed to be a portrayal of how BTS isn't always perfect and like any other group have conflicts of their own too and show how conflicts are solved in behalf of BTS, if you know language (and also marketing and advertising as well), you should notice that Taehyung was given such a disservice in th...

    4. WheeTaeLover


      that certain scene, my apologies.

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