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  1. Wall-E

    Pet of the Among OH! Event

  2. Hamster

    Pet of the Among OH! Event

  3. 🌹Chiharu ♡ Taeyong🌹

    let me be your guiding light

  4. EXPERT PIN 2016: PrOH!duce 16'

    A pin of Produce's Crown for participating in the 2016 game of the MemOHry Lane event.

  5. EXPERT PIN 2014: Christmas GrOH!nch

    A pin of the Christmas GrOH!nch for participating in the 2014 game of the MemOHry Lane event.

  6. EXPERT PIN 2011: Hatsune Miku

    A pin of Hatsune Miku for participating in the 2011 game of the MemOHry Lane event.

  7. Valentine 2021: Matched Pin

    A pin of Matched OHbi for participating in the Valentine 2021 with your match!

  8. KINGDOH!M 2021: Legendary War

    KINGDOH!M: Legendary War Pin

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