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  1. For the fellow fans here... I got Jiang Yanli



    For those who don't know yet, please go see The Untamed on netflix. I'm absolutely super enamoured of the series. Yibo was so good as Lan Zhan!

    Also, if MDZS had a Korean remake, who would you guys cast? Shall I tell you my choices from kpop idols?

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  2. 20 minutes ago, pinkpanda_spirit said:

    so many shitty things.

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    but first things that come to my mind is him wrongly name dropping w**hyun in that sexual assault rumor WITHOUT ANY PROOF which made everyone accuse wh and almost ruined his career (but succeeded in ruining his mental health. thank you freaking oh_mes) he never apologized . and he also did sh*tty things when tweeting about j**nghyun's passing (he made fans hopeful by tweeting that there was a chance he was still alive / there were no confirmation, he kept dragging it for RTs when he KNEW that they already confirmed it.) he is a disgusting trash


    Woohyun of Infinite?! How awful!

    Jonghyun 😭

  3. *hugs* As someone who comes from quite a conservative family I have a feeling that for our generation - we have not been given the time and space to grow up into understanding ourselves - we haven't dated enough to realize what or who we like but have been force-fed since girlhood with this ideal of marriage which will be perfect for us, we have been told that there is only one way of being i.e. a virgin till marriage and then endure everything that happens after and remain silent about our own needs. 

    I cannot tell you whether you are asexual/straight - those are things you will have to slowly come to see for yourself through experience. For now, I think you may have some trauma concerning your relationship in your first marriage. You need time to heal, time just for you to move on from those memories.

    Watch movies or TV shows with handsome actors and gorgeous actresses - imagine kissing or getting intimate with them? See if you feel good about that or maybe find a preference for one gender? Then, maybe just try meet a few people? Don't commit to someone else very fast. 

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  4. Johnny used to be my favourite in NCT. I like XiaoJun most now, but Johnny will always be jointly king.

    I was very hopeful when SperM got announced that it would have the Speaks-English dudes like Johnny, Jaehyun, Jaemin too - but I remain hopeful that one day he will get the shine he deserves.

  5. Yay me! Married to Jaehyun, best friend DK, Ten and Boo as brothers... 

    bernie mac praise GIF


    capital’s parents are Donghae and Hyuna
    older sibling : Ten
    younger sibling : Seungkwan
    best friend : DK
    ex : Jimin
    spouse : Jaehyun
    son : Mark
    daughter : Mina
    #kpopfamilygame #shindanmaker

  6. I don't see how these guys are any less flower-boy type than a Luhan...Kris is manlier than them by far if we go by his looks. And since its the 21st C I hope we can leave behind shaming men or women for not fitting into arbitrary toxic gender roles?

    (Wu Lei is dressed like a 90s yuppie gay, so...)

  7. Melon hasn't been legit in years. For years, I-fans bought melon passes, then idol fans had streaming parties/booked PC rooms to stream, now companies are rigging the game via bot-farms. It is sad because even weekly music show wins depend on these chart results, and TBH so much of the idol infrastructure is built on top of this very fallible system.

    IMO Melon charting right now is being manipulated, and this has been steadily increasing since at least the past five years. And I never believed in either Shaun or Nilo's explosive popularity.

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  8. I can't wait til we get a proper challenge to Kpop's domination of boyband/girlgroup pool. I would absolutely love it if UKPop really banged and drew the Western fangirls away from Kpop. Maybe then we'll get some innovation and good music - coz last two years Kpop's been stale and absolutely middling, generic shit. And if J-Pop had a renaissance or VPop flourished, then I would love to see the inter-Asian rivalry.

    Most of all, if the Bollywood biggies finally get off their arses and push the I-Pop culture again...I want to see how Kpop withers that storm.

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  9. 4 hours ago, echobunny said:

    people need to be thought how to deal with hate comments and cyberbullying, especially celebrities and public figures

    Yeah, celebrities need training on this before before they debut - something to psychologically strengthen them beforehand. Also, companies and celebrities need to strictly monitor social content and sue malicious commentators assiduously.

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  10. 1 hour ago, soyundorito said:

    I look like both my brothers mixed here, minus the lips, the lips are mine lol


    That's hot gurl!

    (Slip me your bros' numbers LOL)

  11. 17 hours ago, Viki131988 said:

    Yeonwoo will stay w/ MLD as an actress


    4 hours ago, YooJeong said:

    Nancy is more popular internationally, but Yeonwoo is definitely more popular in Korea. Neither of them have really done much acting if I recall? I think Yeonwoo had a cameo. 


    I'm surprised Yeonwoo left. She was the most popular member along with JooE and had big potential. I'm confused about these decisions and also just sad at how bad this company is at management. Momoland was doing so well. I wish the best for the remaining girls in the group, I just hope the company cleans up its management. They all deserve better

    I thought Nancy was more hyped.

  12. 6 hours ago, Angy said:

    I like the first one 🤔

    Idk m8, seeing paintings irl feels different than seeing pictures of them so i like texture, bold colors and the meaning or history behind it rather than actual technique hmm

    Sometimes Basquiat is nice, sometimes not. So yes, maybe I'll buy the first one.

    But yes, I would buy the Alma-Tadema. I don't like Modern Art at all. If there was an option then I would get any of the old masters. And I want Artemisia Gentilischi's works if I could afford.


    Also, your sig! 🤯

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