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  1. Your profile has got me shook!

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    2. MVSica


      Ohhh that sounds fun! Ngl I have high expectations lol. Your sets are so aesthetically striking<333 I'm anticipating!

    3. Aphrodisiac


      Awwww thanks! I think I’m going to find someone to do it for me lol

    4. MVSica


      Oh! the Minions are good, eunheart and llama and bel of course<3 there's a lot who are really good now! I'm hoping not to change mine for a while lmao

  2. Baekho’s ass description:1. omona ㅋㅋㅋ plump plump 2. our dongho~ 3. It looks fat 4. I want to see those pants ripped off ㅎㅎ 5. he is indeed a sexy bandit 6. such a nice ass

  3. The negs you give me just proves just how much I catch your attention♡

    1. sandwich


      i hate negs :(

    2. Aphrodisiac


      I used hate them but now I don’t :)

  4. Thank me later~ hehe

  5. I see you used my posts about Johnny as your dp and sig. bless you~

    1. Aphrodisiac


      Nvm, I must’ve got you mixed up with someone else. Lol

    2. brainsbeautybooty
  6. How did you did your about me page like that?

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    2. ♤♡Minlee Aizy ♡♤

      ♤♡Minlee Aizy ♡♤

      You have to go on your settings if you want to upload pics and informations on your about me page and costumize your profile ^^

    3. Aphrodisiac


      Okie dokie thanks ^_^

    4. ♤♡Minlee Aizy ♡♤
  7. Hello! I just noticed that you always respond to my threads and I really appreciate that. I can’t believe we aren’t friends yet😭 so I’m sending you a friend request. 🙂

    1. Seunghee's eyebrows

      Seunghee's eyebrows

      hey thanks for the add! :) No worries!

  8. Hi, I hate to bother you but what type of font that is?!? It’s sooo pretty~ love your profile btw~

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    2. Aphrodisiac


      Okie dokie, thanks for replying back :)

    3. Cheese_it


      thanks for adding me and welcome to this site!

    4. Aphrodisiac


      Np and thanks (sorry for the late reply)

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