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  1. Lol Kojiharu vid got subbed. :lol:

    Koji randomly appear at the end...ofc she's not NNK obviously :imstupid:




    There have been criticism from fans. . . is it a crime to have fun in AKB?


    That's all that needs to be said about NNK registering.  Whether it's Kojiharu or not.  Or it was her idea or she was asked to do it. If she takes someone else's spot in senbatsu if NNK gets the votes. Your allowed to have fun in AKB and I think this is fun!



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  2. Well you know?


    Management kinda waste the last ... year? putting the focus on Takamina and the graduates?


    They could've used that time to really promote or experiment with new-gen and come up with a great SSK single.



    Amazing how much time they manage to waste, now they suddenly put Mion there and they're out of ideas because


    "What are we suppose to do with this girl?"

    "If only we had more time to experiment with her as center... Oh wait!"


    It's not that they don't have time, they're next level stupid.

    Yes, they had between Halloween Night til now to really focus on next-gen, but no, Takamina and departed members are far more important than AKB's future.


    The momentum between Young Member concert > Green Flash > BwT completely wasted.

    The young unit Tentoumu Chu and Dendenmu Chu, wasted

    Konya wa Otomari was amazing, didn't extend it.


    The day KwM's senbatsu was announce, I knew this SSK is going to be horrible and it'll make a platform not for "Who might be the new Kami-7" to "Who might make senbatsu, cuz we already know who Kami-7 is"


    Nogizaka46! Take note!




    Nogizaka46 looks to be already down this path, I think only 5 2nd gen members have made Senbatsu. Only Hori has gotten more then one appearance in the 2 1/2 years 2nd gen have existed.



  3. sasshi, yukirin, jurina, sayanee, kojiharu, Sakura, paru

    Kojiharu isn't going to enter but Nyan Nyan Kamen is going to snatch everyone's wig and get #1. They just need to accept her application




    edit: wonder if they wont eventually accept the app due to trademark /shrug


    I'm really starting to like NGT now, before it was just Katomina but Mahohon, Rika, Ogiyuka and even warming to up Okappa (tho is she really weird) thanks to Sasshi Kita Gassen

  4. Did everyone really didn't think that AKS would not milk the 10th anniversary for an entire year?  


    I mean the first thing that happened was them holding off Takamina's grad concert till march (which I might not mind btw since I will be in Japan during her grad concert dates, so fingers crossed that I can get tickets).

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  5. Yuko & Sae with Miion & Tomu  :stare:

    Yukirin with Naachan  :ahmagah:  (lol random)

    Tomochin with Kojimako & Naanya  :la: (wow Naanya lost a lot of weight!)

    Mariko & Akimoto with Jurina & Sayanee  :megusta: (Mochichan must be dying right now lol)

    Mayuyu with Sakura & Kawaei  :lub: (omgomgomg they look like fairies <3 fav unit so far)


    I liked Takamina, Yuihan and Juri as a unit, 3 soukantaku?


    plus Acchan is on stage with takamina

  6. A lot of the PB's coming out now are due to the contest on 755 for getting views back in April/May, Natsu won one of the contests, Churi won one, Madoka won another and Keicchi won the last one



    And Jurina only had her first photobook now... this pb thing seems really random like, where's the popular members new photobooks ( like Mayu, Yukirin, Sasshi etc) ????????


    Haruppi does a shit ton of gravure but yeah where's her photobook?  :cry:

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