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  1. That used to be true like two years ago. Now its just not even true anymore


    This still true as of last Nikkei female rankings in April 2017.  Only Maiyan has a higher public interest then Ikoma in Nogi.  Ikuta, Nishino and then Asuka round out the top 5.





  2. Re:Mind episode 10




    For those wanting the whole series subbed so far:




    the DM links may not work but the google drive ones do.


    Kudos to Kyonko and Memi for this episode, they were great through the series as well but this episode was their A game.



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  3. Just finished watching ep 9. That was a very intense episode, and that ending... warstarplz.png



    I can't believe they actually made Ayaka and Kyonko a legit couple instead of fanservice ~subtext~. 


    I'm predicting Kumi is Miho's half sister, but there's something really fishy about Mirei....I don't know what yet.


    Have you heard the theory of who Miho's friend is?



    I heard of one theory



    That Miho's friend is Neru. As for Mirei she could be the half sister or the plant to get them to confess




  4. So I spent the weekend catching up on Hiragana’s drama Re:Mind. Damn, I really like it. Still gotta see how it ends but I might like it more than Who Killed Tokuyama Daigoro? It actually gets pretty dark.



    I always felt TokuDai lacked any real consequence for the teacher’s death, but Re:Mind is nothing but consequences from the girl’s actions, and it gets pretty fucked up sometimes.


    Kyonko is my favorite character, my favorite scene so far:




    I've been keeping up with Re:Mind and it's definitely the best of the 46 Drama imo. The last part of episode 9 was touching.





    I liked it

    Although I couldn't understand what was being said, it's pretty easy to know what's going on.


    I'm a biased flop, but I was happy that the episode started with Mirei.  I honestly thought she wouldn't get much screen time or lines.




    WetriedSubbing subbed Re:mind ep 1, think they are doing the series for those that want to watch



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  6. Yeah I remember when Sashi won, she said during Hey 3x interview how AKB should be cute idols etc and wonder how that would be if Sashi won bc Sashi have a "different" image so that was kinda off putting.

    Takamina went along and said similar stuffs too tho so I was annoyed at those two to put Sashi down like that. 


    New AKBINGO got subbed and it's girls complaining about stuffs lol Watch it fast bc subber is deleting his vids to avoid copyrights







    Damn I want to join AKB just for the foods....




    he started another channel as a backup as well, it's called good enough subs season 2 back up



  7. Where is Takamina during those times, oh wait...


    Where is Yuihan or Juri?



    Need some real leaders like Kuramochi Asuka and the likes during those times, when you let a bunch of teenage girls dwell on their problem without guidance, it'll only cause more trouble most of the time



    Someone need to have a long talk with her and give her some guidance, Myao or Miichan should be good adults for Naanya to talk to right now. They shouldn't be unreachable for her.

    Naanya has been like this for a while now.  Remember the handshake incident a while back?  Of course the the burn book thing as well.  Whether she has talked with her seniors or not we won't ever know.  Funny thing is that Naanya was in Team B with Mochi and Team A with Takamina but a leader can only do so much if the person refuses to listen to the advice.


    Personally I think Naanya got too popular too fast while the others in her gen started lower but now have worked their way up while she has fallen.  Miichan would be a good person for her to talk to because she knows quite a bit about that but only if Naanya is open to it.



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  8. Man 2016 is a bad year for all my favourites graduating.  In March Okada Kanna my HKT oshi graduates, then Kojiharu my AKB oshi announces her grad.  Then Ayachan my SKE oshi graduates and lastly Keiichi my NMB oshi announces her graduation.



  9. If anyone is missing the Showroom lives from Sousenkyo, they are doing another event for Showroom. Renacchi sousenkyo, they do their lives beginning Aug 15 to Aug 26.


    Girls that have applied are:


    Team A: Owada Nana, Takita Kayoko, Taniguchi Megu, Nakanishi Chiyori, Hiwatashi Yui, Maeda Ami, Yokoyama Yui
    Team K: Suzuki Mariya, Muto Tomu, Mogi Shinobu
    Team B: Oshima Ryoka, Kizaki Yuria, Goto Moe, Yokoshima Aeri
    Team 4: Ino Miyabi, Izuta Rina,  Iwatate Saho, Omori Miyu, Okada Ayaka, Kawamoto Saya, Nishino Miki
    Team 8: Okabe Rin, Oguri Yui, Ota Nao, Oda Erina, Onishi Momoka, Sakaguchi Nagisa, Sato Shiori, Shimizu Maria, Hama Sayuna, Honda Hitomi, Nakano Ikumi, Nagano Serika, Yoshikawa Nanase 
    AKB KKS: Nishikawa Rei, Yamabe Ayu

    Team S: Sugiyama Aika, Takeuchi Mai, Futamura Haruka 
    Team KII: Shirai Kotono

    Team TII: Matsuoka Hana

    Team NIII: Ogino Yuka, Kato Minami, Sato Anju, Nakai Rika, Nishigata Marina, Nonma Hinata, Yamaguchi Maho, Yamada Noe
    NGT KKS: Kusakabe Aina, Takahashi Mau, Nakamura Ayuka, Nara Miharu, Mizusawa Ayaka, Miyajima Aya

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