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  1. 8 minutes ago, godblessdelulu said:

    it takes a death to make something happens, haizzz

    Most laws and regulations are due to blood being spilled. Many governments and societies are reactive not proactive because people don't like change. A lot of governments that try to put in proactive laws are often accused of activism/overreach unfortunately. You could go through every safety regulation/so and so's law and find out that someone died or was seriously injured being the reason the regulation or law came to be. It's sad but I hope some good comes from all of it



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  2. Yeah they are outselling AKB but they wouldnt get to where they are now without AKB


    Really cause i was looking at Oricon AKB is at 4.4m and Nogi is at 3.7m this year (not including NWM, 3 singles this year each). Nogi is definitely more popular public wise tho. Not even going to include Billboard numbers because Teacher, Teacher sales are insane (2.9m). Nogi isnt going to outsell AKB unless they do election or AKB stops election singles



  3. if there's something that always bugged me about akb48, is how much the underage girls work. i don't know japanese laws in the matter but in western countries minors don't work this much in the entertainment world. how are the japanese laws in this regard?


    In japan underage girls cant work past a certain time (i think 7 or 8 not sure). That why you might see them in live show early then they disappear later. Good example would be NHK KÅhaku Uta Gassen. Underage girls are on the early parts but don't show up later.



  4. “The staff of a literary magazine worries about the poor state of the book publishing industry. A handwritten manuscript is sent to their newcomer's contest. Since the contest only accepts web submissions the manuscript is supposed to be thrown away, but it catches the eye of an editor called Hanai. The manuscript is under the name Hibiki Akui but has no contact address. Meanwhile an eccentric girl called Hibiki is entering high school and decides to join the school's literature clubâ€


    Hmm last time i remember about someone joining a literature club bad stuff happened. . . . . . . . . JUST MONICA



  5. Preview of Juri's PB?






    edit I've seen 2 pictures of this and one has her in black panties and one without. Oricon has the former so i'm going to assume this one without is shopped

  6. How did they know he's a NEET anyways?


    A Neet is someone who isn't employed, in school or training. No Employment, Education, Training. In NA someone who is a scrub or living in their parents/friends basement



  7. That's gonna hurt her a lot

    Stupid girl


    I think it has already hurt her, she lost 2.2k votes compared to last year. Of course that might have been from stuff that has said in some interviews but there might have been rumors in the NGT fandom about this that we don't hear of.



  8. I'll miss lemon but I think she left on good note. She innovated herself instead of keeps being the baka character


    Lolol Korean already dug up kid pics of 48G members in P48









    The Juri photo isnt too bad except the eyebrows.  It doesnt look like she has any which makes her forehead look even bigger then normally is (which is still kinda big for idols)



  9. ...


    LOL so management is not making her graduate either? but they made other members graduate because of scandals though. and Tano has been caught dating once in 2017 and now again + the anti-Korea thing


    it's kinda unfair if she gets to stay when other girls had to leave for less (like Maachun, Ryoka, Naanya, Miki etc.)


    I don't think the other girls graduated because they were told to, at least not directly.  They probably knew their prospects for jobs were going to be bad (because they would not get management help) unless they graduated and I don't think Tano cares. She hasn't gotten much push recently anyways.  She'll be a theatre girl.



  10. Fujita Nana claimed it wasn't fixed for her. She apparently thought it was though the years before her though. 




    Nooooo warstarplz.png  Hope she gets well soon. I was looking forward to her first AKB senbatsu. She definitely did seem like a new gen ace for NMB.

    Oh I do think hers wasn't fixed.  The year before they stopped doing the whole winner is a center of a senbatsu song.  Milky won the solo song that year and it wasn't an AKB single song.  So least I think they stopped rigging it after the reward change. 



  11. I think we all knew who would win this but I'm surprised about Uchida Mayumi since I've never heard of her.

    Also surprised that Mayuko don't have more center positions.

    Mion with the same amount of centers as Yukirin, although tbf I can't remember Yukirin ever centering a song.

    Paruru and Kojiharu deserve those numbers.

    Uchida Mayumi was the first janken solo center.  Probably the only non fixed Janken center?



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