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  1. Takeuchi-Yuko-The-Inerasable-at-Opening-Ceremony-of-the-28th-Tokyo-International-Film-Festival-22417.jpg[

    It was reported that actress Yuko Takeuchi (40) was found dead at her residence in Tokyo. The Metropolitan Police Department is carefully investigating the possibility of suicide.

    Yuko Takeuchi is an actress who has headlined several popular dramas including the getsu9 drama “Lunch no Joou” and “Strawberry Night”. Her most recent role appearance is in the movie “The Confidence Man JP: Episode of the Princess”.

    Takeuchi married Kabuki actor Shido Nakamura (48) in 2005 and gave birth to their eldest son in the same year, but divorced in 2008. In 2019, she married actor Taiki Nakabayashi (35). In late January this year, she gave birth to her second baby boy.

    Takeuchi was born in Saitama Prefecture on April 1, 1980 (Showa 55). After graduating from junior high school, she was scouted in Harajuku, Tokyo and joined the entertainment industy. In 1996, she made her drama debut as a high school girl in Fuji TV’s “New Thursday’s Kaidan Cyborg”. In 1999, she was selected as the heroine in NHK’s asadora “Asuka”, and in 2001, she starred in the TBS drama “Shiroi Kage”.

    n 2002, she starred in her first FUJI TV getsu9 drama “Lunch no Joou”. She won the Outstanding Leading Actress Award at the Japan Academy Awards for her movies “Yomigaeri” in 2003 and “Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu” in 2005. In 2010, she challenged her first detective role in the drama “Strawberry Night”. She has also been a popular face in commercials for food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.



  2. 0067MtiAly1gi4jqeaa1rj30hi0ki75b.jpg




    1. F*cking bullsh*t, what did she even do?  During that week, or even a few weeks, Luhan was smeared so much. What PR did she do?   [+47306]

    2. Saying this stuff...back then, the contract was almost about to expire. You probably didn't have too many concerns. You didn't do much PR for Luhan, right? A lot of rumors came running out. Fortunately, since childhood, Luhan has always been a good seedling. He had no qualities for which people could smear him. He relied on time to prove himself step by step. His acting in CrossFire was also quite good this time. This illustrates that only works and time can prove the longevity of an artist. [+34606]

    3. From the beginning, Luhan said that when dating, he wouldn't hide it from fans. So what is Yang Tianzhen doing? Telling Luhan to lie to fans? Selling a particular image? So that you can continue to use him as a cash cow? You try to speak so loftily. You're so good at taking care of your own interests. [+32650]

    4. Let go of Luhan, I'm begging you. When Luhan's reputation was almost damaged to death, you were still out shopping. If you made a single Weibo post proving his innocence, the situation would've been resolved. Back then, he was just your adopted son, right? Pushing aside his resources, or sharing them with your real son. Begging Ms. Yang Tianzhen, stop bringing him up. Let's just forget about it. 🙏🙏🙏[+19555]

    5. But Luhan announcing his relationship to the public is indeed quite a manly thing  [+15939]

    6. What is Yang Tianzhen doing? Bullsh*tting  [+12794]

    7. Luhan's behavior at the time was very manly, very responsible! [+11222]



  3. 007bnd3lly1gi52s8u8h1j30u019048z.jpg



    1. Why scold Wang Yiren? If you want to scold, scold Yuehua. Didn't the company make her go? How can children who are working overseas have the right to refuse? (Incomprehensible) [+7424]

    Response: So according to you, if she was told to go to the Yasukuni Shrine, she should also go? [T/N: shrine in Japan that honors war criminals from WWII, an incredibly sensitive topic in China due to the Sino-Japanese War]  [+4042]

    2. Bring it on. Since the epidemic began, our family's Wang Yiren has been following the rules. She's in Korea, and she didn't go home. When was there a time that she did not come out to block the gun? iQIYI brought out Wang Yiren. As long as there's something, it's all because of Wang Yiren. Did you pay Wang Yiren the marketing fee? Such a nice kid, I hope everyone can treat her reasonably! [+5263]

    3. Don't talk about scolding the company and that it has nothing to do with the artist. When an artist receives an award, you keep on praising the artist. Why don't I see anyone praise the company's production? As soon as something happens, it all becomes, "the artist is pitiful; it's all the company's fault." This thing was done by the celebrity herself. No one forced her to do it, so how come it has nothing to do with her? The reason for this situation is because this artist performed.  [+3135]

    4. ??? Yuehua is poisonous, right? This company is poisonous, right? Stop cursing the company's artists. Heart hurts for Cheng Xiao and Wang Yiren. [+2296]

    5. It's about the performance for the South Korean army  whatever her name is, Wang Yiren [+2164]

    6. This is a problem with the company's decision-making, Wang Yiren is also very pitiful. [+1211]

    7. During THAAD, Meng Meiqi, Wu Xuanyi, and Cheng Xiao performed for the South Korean army! Yuehua is not Yuehan [T/N: a play on words, since hua refers to China, han refers to South Korea]. Please leave a bottom line for entertainment! [+1199]



  4. 70dfbeb7ly1gi4f5xcjplj20e80e8glx.jpg




    1. You can scold Yuehua however you want. I support scolding. Scolding is good. But this punishment is clearly something related to Yuehua's Korean group's performance. Why use this opportunity to spread rumors and discredit other artists? Aren't these people making up rumors and smearing people diverting attention away from something that should be rectified? [+38265]

    2. Is it about that thing where they performed for the Korean army? [+19120]

    3. They deserve to get punished for performing for the Korean army during THAAD--it's been a long time coming. Hurry up and blacklist those three girls from WJSN; I've had negative feelings towards them for a long time  I recommend blocking Douluo Continent! The two leads are both disqualified! [T/N: leads are Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi] [+16775]

    Response: Don't bring Xiao Zhan into the conversation. This is Yuehua's business. If a particular person is involved in Douluo Continent, I can only say his luck is not good. After all, the reputation of the country is above all else. As a fan of Xiao Zhan, I can only look forward to him concentrating on filming other good works. But I still hope that this thing does not involve a particular person and Douluo Continent can successfully be broadcast. [+13204]

    4. Engaging in activities detrimental to national dignity?  This company is really too brave  is it going to be bankrupt and shut down? [+13079]

    5. It's about performing for the Korean army  Whatever her name is, Wang Yiren [+11062]

    6. It's about WJSN performing for the Korean army during THAAD, right?  I'm really speechless. Finally, there's a drama called Douluo Continent that I want to see, but now, I don't know whether or not it'll be affected.  Perfect. [+7957]

    7. Ah, I know. Performing for the Korean army during THAAD? [+6940]



  5. 1 hour ago, monraine said:

    I mean he sounds like a total trash but I don't think talking about someone and saying she is ugly can be called abuse?? unless i don't understand the whole situation

    I think she's super pretty and I love her strong vibe tho

    Did you hear the recording? He says she is ugly... many times, forces other employees to say it too, he mocks her fashion choices and also says she can't sing 🤡

    It's abuse and if you read her statement she has been suffering it for a while.

  6. DF6-E11-D4-37-B1-47-A0-B13-C-9-C96-FCF4-


    [6877 shares] [18k comments] [488k likes]

    1. [+68k] Overboard... no basic respect towards a female

    2. [+60k] Those who diss females through their looks are trash 

    3. [+36k] I can’t believe a boss can be like this? She makes money for you! 

    4. [+27k] Get lost! Who gave him the rights to judge a girl’s appearance? 

    5. [+23k] A workplace PUA

    (T/N: PUA = pickup artist; loosely refers to people who emotionally abuse others to control them) 

    6. [+16k] This man kept asking if she’s pretty????? It’s funny to attack a girl’s looks?

    7. [+10k] She’s so pitiful... I’m sure she was stressed in the first place...

    8. [+6427] Humiliating a girl in public... it’s like those elementary school teacher who make fun of a child in front of the entire class

    9. [+6411] His voice alone revolts me. I can’t imagine how it’d be like if I saw him in person🤮

    10. [+3824] This boss here thinks he’s a master of slaves 




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  7. 9e2f67degy1ggu8btey47j20wy0im40o.jpg





    1. I don't have the least bit of sympathy. I even want to say, "you reap the fruits of your own actions." [+18892]

    Response: Hua, even if the whole word treats you as the enemy, I will also stand on the side of the whole world  [+6158]

    2. Du Hua, you broke down just because of this? How many girls broke down because of your actions? How many artists broke down because of your actions? You finally realize how laughable your usual appearance is? [+18845]

    Response: You really spoke what was in the depths of this old lady's heart. I am not a fan of anyone in Yuehua, but my heart really hurts for them  it's really not easy [+3857]

    3. I cried. I was pretending  [+17979]

    4. So you should be better to the artists under you [+12665]

    5. Du Hua cried, I laughed [+7740]

    6. Huahua-zi, I hope that you can be a bit better to your own company's artists. Be more diligent. Watching you cry actually makes me feel quite uncomfortable, and I feel that you don't have it easy. But suddenly, I think of Wang Yibo's announcement again, I once again hold up the fist I used to wipe my tears 👊[+5131]



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  8. 7 minutes ago, sergel said:

    It must have been so hard for him to hear and then have to perform. Same with flumpool. It’s still shocking for everyone. Haruma’s death is still all over twitter, Japanese media, heck it’s even the top article on Naver’s entertainment section. I believe Music Station is supposed to have a tribute on the 24th so he will still be on our minds for a while. I hope he and all of Haruma’s friends and family can find some support.

    Yes, it was trending on Weibo all day too. He was so loved...

    I also hope his friends and family can find strength.

  9. Actor and singer Yu Shirota was one of the many performers on the annual television special “ONGAKU NO HI 2020”, other wise known as MUSIC DAY. Upon stepping on stage, Shirota appeared to have red eyes as if he was crying.

    This was clearly linked to the announcement of Haruma Miura‘s passing, which was announced just before the live broadcast of ONGAKU NO HI began. Shirota sang a cover of GReeeeN’s 2008 hit “Kiseki”.

    The touching lyrics of the song can be used to describe both a relationship or friendship. Excerpts of the song are as follows:

    Tomorrow I’ll love you more than today, these overflowing emotions just won’t stop. Right now I love you so much I can’t put it into words

    The days you give me accumulate, the days we pass and the paths we walk
    Did we just meet by chance? Or by fate?
    For us to meet was surely a miracle

    On days when nothing seems to go right, just being together makes everything better!
    We share everything, our joy and sorrow
    If I’m with you, I feel really alive!
    So I want to be by your side forever, “my beloved”, to the last moment

    Tomorrow we’ll smile more than today, as long as I can be with you
    Ten years, a hundred years, a thousand years, we’ll be together no matter how long, I’ll always love you.

    (via animelyrics)

    It became one of the standout performances of the night, with SNS full of messages from viewers saying how the performance brought them to tears, or brought a surge of emotion.

    Shirota and Miura were very close friends, they could regularly be seen on each other’s social media pages and frequently mentioned their friendship in various interviews.



  10. aramajapan-com-hana-miura.jpg

    It has been revealed that actor Haruma Miura has passed away at only 30 years old. Media has reported that he has died via suicide. Miura was found in his home by Tokyo police, he hung himself. Miura was sent to the hospital but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries, the hospital confirmed his death.

    Miura was supposed to go to work today, but when he didn’t show up a staff member inquired on his whereabouts. His body was found at around 1:00PM.

    The story is currently developing.



  11. F4Zjgyi.jpg



    1. Forget about it. Korea makes me so uncomfortable. Although I watch Korean variety shows, that does not conflict with me disliking Korea. I also don’t know why. [+20682]

    2. I do not support lifting it!!! [+14156]

    3. On one side, they’re sucking money. On the other side, they’re looking down on China. I don’t like this. Even if it’s my idol, it’s not OK. [+11232]

    4. Insane, when did this policy come out? You want to manage people’s spontaneous behavior? [T/N: suggesting people are boycotting K-ent rather than the govt enforcing a policy] [+10996]

    5. Don’t stop the Hallyu Ban. I don’t want to go back to the age when every time I opened up Happy Camp, it was all Korean stars. Too uncomfortable. [+1890]

    6. I also follow Korean celebrities, but the Hallyu Ban? There are some Korean people who aren’t worthy [+1715]

    7. Seriously speechless. Let me quietly ask, can film and television works be broadcast? [+1687]






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