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  1. what do you guys think of the new groups that came out of the show (ONER, MR X, AWAKEN F, ä¹åŽä¸ƒå­NEXT)

    ONER (Dazzle) dancing could be better plus it did not fit the song

    MR X (ZIGZAG) was pretty good

    AWAKEN F (For Your Attention) song didnt match the video

    NEXT it was ok could be alot better

    I quite liked the songs that they put out, however some of them were somewhat forgettable cause it sounded too generic. 

    I agree with ONER's Dazzle the choreography didn't really fit with the song. The entire mv seemed off(but i'm not sure if that's what they are going for) but their stage performance during their debut fan meeting was better in my opinion. Their performance on Idol Hits was really nice too. 


    (i believe episode 2 has been subbed by Idol Hits Sub)


    more performances on Idol Hits by IP boys


    Huba's performance 



    Mr-X's performance  




    Idol hits' theme song [version 2] (Zhou Rui, Qian Zhenghao, Qin Fen, Luo Zheng, Xu Shengen)


  2. So Light is still a dance MV after all (maybe I'm thinking too much lol 0u0plz.png ) and looks like Mei Qi is center in this preview rlytearpls.png


    Yay! i was hoping for a dance for this song. i like what i'm seeing so far. smile.png​ Plus the color scheme and their outfits look better this time lol. I wonder if anyone will stir up drama about them laying on the ground looking up lol


  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_Tzoerr7Ao&t=3360s


    First episode of Q bits bts commentary of Idol Hits with Lu Dinghao, Li Xikan, Zhou Rui, Qin Fen and Qian Zhenghao.

    Its raw though and I don't think anyone is subbing it and i do believe they had a performance on the first episode of Idol Hits with Luo Zheng and Xu Shengen but i can't find it anywhere.


    They are singing Xiao Ban at 21:10 rlytearpls.png

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  4. man, it's disheartening to see that there's already friction (and here i am hoping that npc and rg would do a collaboration performance of some sorts in the future since one group is vocal heavy and the other is rap heavy and both groups are great performers. wishful thinking on my part lol)


    on another note i under what their debut concept will be like. I hope it's not something too cutesy. 

  5. hi, 

    finished watching IP a while ago and have been looking around the web for trainee updates after the show and I'm so glad I found this website/thread!laugh.png


    ONER is going to be on that robots show.



    The concept of that show is so bizarre to me but I would watch for ONER

    dam, that show is giving me BattleBots vibes. I didn't even know China has a show like that. What is Oner doing there though, special guest or commentators? (if i remember correctly doesn't one of them hold a degree in engineering ? maybe that's why. )



    Also, i read somewhere that Zhou Rui released a song, but i can't seem to find anymore info about that.

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