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  1. Hi guys, I'm back!


    First thing first, congrats to NPC for the 3 awards they picked up at iQiyi Scream Night and another 3 awards at the Migu Music Awards! smile.png


    And secondly, can't wait for Zhangjing's 4th single which will be out tomorrow at 10 am CST! Banana Culture is doing their shoddy work at promotion as usual with Zhangjing, no teaser, no song title, no words on which platforms the song will be released...Disappointed but not surprised.

    thanks for the heads up about zhangjin's single! I would have missed it. [and seriously Banana Culture, what are you doing?? ]


    It's such a soft Christmas song. lovestruck.png beautiful

    [Tangram and Qiang Dongyue provided the harmony. you can actually hear them clearly in the "Merry Christmas" parts]



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  2. According to the album provided by Youtube's auto-generated channel for Nine Percent, Xukun(under the name August Tsai) is also credited as a lyricist for Good Things and Xiao Gui (under the name Lil Ghost lol) is credited as a lyricist for Inseparable, which was named Goodbye. 

    [and if anyone is wondering, Ziyi is credited as Boogie Wong (lmao) for Rulebreaker]


    I don't know how accurate the information is though

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  3. This needs to be translated, I love seeing all my IP boys. It's also fun seeing what crazy ideas they came up with for their stage and they are drawing again amgplz.png


    This time we want to showcase how we've changed - Ziyi

    Because it's been so long since our last stage - Zhengting



    OMG.laugh.png Each idea gets crazier and crazier, they are a riot together. no one in the group is sane. [though I would love to see them in Old Shanghai styling, they have it in them to do it very well]


    eng sub of their idol hits cut


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  4. https://soundcloud.com/user-318356438/good-things-nine-percent

    [probs my favorite so far]






    [very different from what i was expected. was thinking something along the lines of ei ei (from the name) lol]



    [getting disco vibes from this song]


    all in all, loving the album so far. 

    i think there's one more coming out at the end of the month?

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  5. Uhhh? How does it work? It doesn't seem fair to have teams so unbalanced.


    Can't say anything about their personalities since there are no subs I only watched clips. Are they all Thai?

    I believe the teams are sorted by where they are from: the different provinces (ie. Guangdong, Shangdong, Hainan, Beijing etc), Hong Kong, Taiwan and international. Then each of the provinces is grouped together by geographic location to form the teams.

    Pink/Red=Southern provinces, + Taiwan and Hong Kong

    Blue= Western Provinces,

    purple= northern provinces,

    yellow=central provinces

     lighter blue/aqua=international.

    [pls correct me if I'm wrong, I can't read Chinese very well and I don't understand mandarin that well either. I might have the entire thing wrong ]

     Its very confusing and like you said, unbalanced. lol


     I'm quite surprised that the Guangdong team has the most members. Only four people on the international team are from Thailand, including Sunnee and Mimi. The rest are from Canada, Malaysia, and Australia

  6. Jeffery's performance of his song "9 to 5" on Yo!Bang.

    [i'm glad he's releasing music. I think he gonna be on an episode of Idol Hits]




    AwakenF was also on the same episode


    [i like how they changed the performance a bit from their Idol Hits stage. A bit of variety. Those fan chants. imhappyplz.png ]




    On another note, Zheng Ruibin released a song. I missed his voicerlytearpls.png


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