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  1. don't know if anyone is still reading this thread but I wasn't sure where to post this. So Mingjun and Langyi (former MR-X but still under Mavericks?) debuted in a Jpop group called WARPs. 

    they did release their debut song in Chinese as well, so they maybe aiming to promote in both industries ?


  2. this! i swear they had such a strong aura whenever they are on screen that you can't help but be attracted and admire. and the variety of their looks is not something you can

    3 hours ago, Dumbledork said:

    Ok so pls. I need lists. Of actors AND movies. 

    same. someone please. i do recognize some of them but can't really help with the movies.

    Besides the already mentioned edison chen (pity about what he did, he was seriously serving looks)

    stephen chow, andy lau, leslie cheung, chow yun fat, aaron kwok and maybe Nicolas Tse 

  3. Came across this feature on Yuehua's Jin Zihan. It was done in 2 years ago by a channel that reports on the lives of overseas Chinese and recent immigrants. 

    Don't understand enough mandarin to fully comprehend what they are saying but I gathered that she was a streamer (is that what you call it?) and that she is pretty active in New York's Chinese community as an artist.

    sidenote:  her mandarin is flawless(or at least to me), i didn't even think she was ABC until I saw this video. 

  4. .....its a fusion of everything wacky.  My brain couldn't handle it on first listen. 


    On 1/17/2020 at 11:43 AM, 5201314 said:

    Who the heck wrote the lyrics to this...

    from the credits, it seems like 寶石Gem (the guy behind 野狼disco) had a contribution to both the lyrics and songwriting. That might explain the random phases sang in canto scattered around.

  5. Overall, I really like the idea of having the two teams performing the same song but with different concepts/vibes. Also, I loved how some of the teams that performed first did a transition sequence before the other team's performances. Usually, I really enjoy listening to remixes and rearrangements but I think the trainees were better off performing the original version of the songs. 

    There was also a disparity of members for some of the competing teams, like for there were 8 members in one team but their opponent had 4 or 5. what was that about?

  6. OMG, I almost choked when Alec Su started rapping....these mentors still got it

    as they say, the older the ginger, the spicer. 



    It is definitely more intense this season with the whole rule of the trainees who choose class A dropping to F if they can't get A for the initial evaluation. And from the preview, it seems like they only get one day (24 hours) to learn the theme song before reevaluations. 

  7. Pretty much agreed with what most of you guys said. I quite enjoyed the format of the show though. I wonder if it's the reason why Youku decided to debut a  second "popularity team". I don't think it was in their original plan.  However, I am looking forward to BlackACE and their dynamics since they are comprised of members from different teams and their skills are no joke.



    On another note, Wei zhiyue (i don't remember which team he got on, but was probably eliminated early on) is going to be on Producex101 under Hongyi (FNC china). He was the trainee that kept trembling during auditions. and sang light years away(?)

  8. So for the position evaluation there are 5 vocal groups, 3 dance groups and 4 rap groups. Do anybody know Chinese and let me know what are the songs for position evaluation?

    Not sure if people on twitter have listed it yet. theirs is probably more accurate

    they listed the original artists of the songs this time but it's hella tiny.


    vocal (incomplete the white on yellow is hard to see)

    耳朵/ ear - Li Ronghao

    怎麼了/What's wrong- Eric Chou or Jay Chou, not sure which one is it.

    失è½æ²™æ´²-Lala Hsu



    -turn up

    -一筆江湖- Willian Chan

    -é¨ŽåœŸç²¾å¤ / something knight-Jolin Tsai [i think the boys on All For One did this as one of their songs]


    rap (also incomplete can't see the last one with the really long name)

    -coming home

    -大人物- could be this one. it's rap [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVsHFDoWZA0]

    -勇敢/Braveness-Mayday  (i may have read it wrong. it doesn't seem like a rap song)


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  9. i like how they did team bonding activities. The song choices are interesting. I'm looking forward to it. They got everything from classics (MayDay, Ekin Cheung etc) to more recent ones( Jackson, Luhan, i think a Jane Zhang song is one of the choices). I'm keeping an eye on the Kung Fu Fighting and the Young and Dangerous theme. I wonder how Jolin Tsai's Qi Shi Jing Shen is gonna be like lol. There seems to be one song from the Mars Intelligence Agency show?  

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