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I wanted to say that as a complex living organism, the human body is on for twenty-four hours a day, ready to betray you at an astonishing speed for minor transgressions if you do not respect its hypersensitivity to what goes in and out of it. But that would sound so obsessed.
 Alana Massey, You’re Right, I Didn’t Eat That


You shine brighter than anyone does - Paramore

 Kim Taehyung V GIF by BTS   Tonight Show Hello GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


 amino army GIF

Kim Taehyung V GIF by BTS                                                            Kim Taehyung V GIF by BTS


season 13 bts army GIF by America's Got Talent


Kim Taehyung V GIF by BTS         Kim Taehyung V GIF by BTS

Anyways shout out to my bias Yoongi LMAO

yoongi GIF

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