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  1. there’s not much "evidence" in this, but i thought i’d share because everyone knows imfact is a pretty gay group, with lots of intense skinship, members who have expressed their interest in men or both genders (and have been exposed by each ofher), as well as other factors that make people suspicious. however i see most people label jeup as the "poor straight member surrounded by gays" and i just don’t get it?? they base it usually off his disinterest for skinship, but i don’t think that’s enough to get a conclusion from. i’ve used lack of skinship as "evidence" before yes, but always with other pieces of evidence too. lack of skinship on its own isn’t enough and honestly i haven’t seen people use anything else to argue that jeup is straight. i personally get just as much not straight vibes from his as i do from the other members. also i think jeup is fine with skinship, he just doesn’t like to do it in camera much because if you watch their videos and shows you’ll notice he’ll be cuddling another member or something in the background when he probably thinks he isn’t being filmed. the most notable example i can think of is briefly shown at 2:14 in the video i linked. he's sitting on ungjae's lap lookingcompletely fine and comfortable. the video cuts the clip, but you can see how his expression changes when he realises the camera is on him. the video cut this out but he actually gets up once the camera keeps filming. this doesn’t mean he is gay and this post probably makes no sense, but i thought it was worth mentioning seeing as imfact are mentioned a few times on here. i didn’t proof read this so there are probably lots of mistakes oops


    It's not so much that Jeup is het, it's just that the rest of the group is so gay that he looks tame in comparison. 0u0plz.png


    Anyway, he has his moments, but I still think he would be bi rather than gay. I saw him up close at Kcon LA when Imfact was at the convention stage and he was very much enjoying all the female attention he was getting. He had the most recognition due to his relative success on The Unit, so maybe he was just basking in that. But he seemed very excited whenever women in particular would call out to him.


    I also think he cares more about having a more masculine image, at least more than the other members. He's already done his mandatory military service and is very athletic, and he seems to take some pride in that. And again, he only seems "straight" when compared to the other members. If you watch his solo broadcasts and the like, he's still a cute fluffball and has some suspicious mannerisms and tastes and the like. He's just hopelessly outgayed. 

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  2. Yeah, real people are like that, but i guess in the internet everyone is a self righteous unproblematic angel.

    You're acting like this is all unfounded and coming out of nowhere, but I know for a fact that people in this thread and elsewhere have already expressed discomfort over this topic for some time now. And it really isn't that hard to understand. If someone outright publicly says that they don't like being touched, expresses displeasure at unannounced skinship, and even talks about rooming with other members because they don't touch them, then maybe it's not okay for that person to get groped in public.


    And I like Taeil and know he likes men, but he needs to respect personal boundaries. It's not a good look. We all know how used Koreans are to male skinship and how easily that could be abused by someone with less than noble intent, especially in a work situation as closely knit as a popular idol group. We know it's happened before. We know the gay aspect of it also makes it more likely to be ignored. For instance, I know this topic would end up back in this thread even if someone made a topic just for it. Dismissal of such topics isn't unique to Korea.


    But seriously, calm down and stop taking this so personally when you know it's been simmering for a good while now.

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  3. Sexual harassment is pretty bold statement, and if you gonna say yuta and taeil are doing this, then half of the idols posted here are doing it as well.

    There's a difference. Winwin has both said and shown that he doesn't like it. If a friend grabs another friend's butt and they both laugh because it's a joke and they both know it, that's different than when someone who is clearly attracted to someone else grabs their butt and causes them to hop away because they don't like it, and the first person already knew that...

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  4. I'm pretty disturbed by some of the responses and reactions here to the Winwin/Taeil situation. Some posts are making it sound like people who have noticed an uncomfortable trend are just pulling their claims out of thin air, when in reality there are clear receipts of Winwin saying he's uncomfortable being touched, acting uncomfortable when Taeil or Yuta touch him unannounced or profess their love for him, etc. Of course it may all be an act or a joke, and I think it mostly was in Yuta's case since he's noticeably backed off a bit, but it's not unfair to speculate. Almost the entirety of this thread is speculation. 


    But I'm especially bothered by the implications that if something were really going on, it would easily be solvable because Winwin is an idol, and a man. Let's try to remember just how conservative Korea is. Not only is there a stigma against reporting sexual harassment in general, but there's also the added weight of sexism and heteronormativity. Men reporting sexual harassment would likely not be taken as seriously, especially if the harassment is coming from other men. We can even see an example with Karam of DGNA: 




    Note how the article says that Karam must have been an easy target for harassment by men...because he kinda looks like a girl. It's already almost ruling out the possibility that the harassers might in fact be men who like men. Instead, the narrative is that he just "confused" the straights. The stigma revolving around sexual harassment only becomes stronger if homosexuality is also thrown into the ring. And Karam is a nugu compared to Winwin. Any potential fallout in Winwin's case would be much more publicly visible and much more career damaging, so there's more reason to stay silent.


    So while all this may seem unfair to Taeil, that's no excuse to throw around ignorant dismissals. Such behavior only encourages a culture of silence.

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  5. If y’all wanna ban members so bad from posting opinions on this thread, then this thread would simply not exist because we would all be banned. Is it not an opinion when people make posts saying so and so is gay simply because they hug each other more often than others, or these two idols grope each other a lot, or these two idols sit each other more often than with the other members, and vice versa? Claims like this that lead to reasons why idols are gay make me roll on the floor and laugh my butt off.


    This thread is hilarious and extremely shallow. I only participated in posting simply because I thought this thread wasn’t that deep, and accepted random opinionated gaydars. But I guess not.


    Y’all wanna judge people so bad that y’all will go as far as calling someone gay simply because skinship exists. Y’all call someone gay simply because they are close with other assumed gay idols. And y’all believe it religiously.


    My god. Go ahead and ban me from this thread. Y’all got some real problems going on in your heads to make this such a deep conversation.


    At the end of the day. No one knows anything until anything is said specifically by idols themselves. Go ahead and Sherlock Holmes your way into seeing if an idol is gay or not, the gag is, once you get there, you better know that you’re some crappy human who didn’t respect idols as humans to let them live their life, whether they are gay or not.


    This thread is something else.


    As someone who is a part of the LGBT+ community, people who investigate in cases like this thread are the exact people I will always hate in my everyday life.


    Peace and love.


    I'm not going to "ban" anyone from this thread. Let's all try to calm down a bit...

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  6. Defs gay, it’s so obvious: Jo Kwon, Eric Nam, Kevin (U-Kiss), Heechul, Daehwi, Ren, Taemin, Key, Jaejoong, Gongchan, Sungjong


    Gay, but not as obvious: BamBam, Yunho (TVXQ), Changmin (TVXQ), Minho (Shinee), Jin, Cha Eunwoo, Jinyoung (B1A4), Suho, D.O., Lee Hongki, Jinu (Winner), Hoya, Ryeowook


    Gay, and struggling to accept themselves: V, Baro, Jota (Madtown), Baekho, L, Wooyoung, JB, Wonpil, Song (iKon), Leeteuk, Jihoon (WannaOne)


    Bisexual, and loving it: Lee Joon, Sehun, Baekhyun, Sungjae, Jae (Day6), Yesung, Jisung (WannaOne)


    Bisexual, and they hate it: RM, Daesung, Sanha


    Just living life, if I like you, then I like you: Suga, Jungkook, JR (Nu’est), G-Dragon, Xuimin, Moos, Jinyoung (Got7), Eunhyuk


    Straight, but would be down to try things: Jimin (BTS), Taecyeon, Doojoon, Jay Park, Jackson, Donghae, Kang Daniel, J-Hope


    Hella straight, but low key would go in on a guy: Siwon, Bae Jinyoung, Taeyang


    Hella straight, and would not do anything with the same sex: Everyone else.


    I'm interested, can you elaborate on your thoughts on Eunwoo and Sanha? I've always found Astro ridiculously hard to read for some reason.

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  7. Hello~~~ I'm new too and old time Kpop fan!!



    but OMG Jaejoong? Heechul??



    Heechul is the last man on my mind when I think of gay men even all over the world



    I think Heechul is very very heterosexual, Heechul has dated soooo many girls in the industry and the newer idols know this and seek him out!!! I think it's his leg problem that makes him look more feminine or give you the impression that he might want to sub to a hot guy LOOOOOL but i'm sure if Heechul could, he'd be fit and athletic! He was one of the best dancers at SM



    Jaejoong... honestly, like Yunho I do find both of them a bit suspect LOL this is the first time I thought of Jaejoong in this way



    Thanks!! You may be on to something


    Heechul has done Instagram lives naked in bed with other men...

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  8. any tea on The Boyz?

    The Gayz.


    Gays: Younghoon, Q, New, Kevin, Jacob, Eric


    Younghoon and Q seemed to have a fling and both of them are pretty gay, especially Younghoon. He's living his gay life surrounded by flower boys. New is pretty gay too and there's some sort of cute gay love triangle going on between him, Q and Younghoon. Kevin has openly admitted to watching gay Youtubers, said Pharrell is the love of his life and is generally a huge Beyonce fanboy. Jacob pings pretty hard too. Eric has a not so subtle crush on Juyeon and has gay mannerisms, speech, etc. He has a rainbow sticker on his laptop and likes to talk about how he used to dress up as a princess for Halloween and how pink is his favorite color, etc. He's definitely not het. Haknyeon is a bit sus too.

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