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  1. So let's get this straight...


    Mashiho made it into Team Treasure multiple times, successfully defended his spot against one of YG's top trainees, had great chemistry with all the boys, was in the winning team in the semifinal, was in 2 of the top ranks in online voting, and was the highest rated member in the final's dance team. He can sing, rap, dance, and do acrobatics.


    Better eliminate him!Β imstupid.png

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  2. Eunwoo from Astro getting male idols awestruck because of his visuals. They're from knk, the one on the left is dongwon and the one from the right is seoham. The tweets are translations from a recent vlive.


    Eunwoo's power...




    And I like that the new KNK guy is at least kinda sus. That feels like it should be an entry requirement for that group.Β 0u0plz.png

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  3. Actually sick from reading this. You bashing him for being 13 = you hating on them which means youre the one holding him back from being able to debut peacefully in the kpop industry. Youre not gaining anything from hating on him for being 13. Sorry sis

    So you'd be okay with a 13 year old girl debuting? I'm the one being unreasonable? Really? Do you know how this industry works?

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  4. Β Junghwan totally ruined the lineup that was going good so far, can you imagine someone like him performing Rhytm ta or Empty? His parents must be paid a lot of moneys to get him in the group. Just look at his competitions Mashiho,Seunghun,Jihoon,Doyoung he is worse than all of them in skills. This group is totally done, good luck not getting overshadowed over TXT/New produce group.

    Be careful, they might neg you!


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