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  1. Please tell me what my "twisted" narrative was. We all came to this consensus, I simply made it official. The nature of the thread doesn't change, you are free to discuss as you wish, just not about minors. Its not complicated.


    Gee, I wonder? You only called us all the equivalent of crazy tabloid speculators spinning fantasies and implied that we were victimizing minors by talking about them in an LGBT friendly space. imstupid.png  We've heard this kind of BS from trolls in the thread for years, and from acquaintances and relatives who push this heteronormative BS in real life as well. You clearly do not read the thread and are making a blanket assumption based on years of misrepresentation of what the thread contains and is about. 


    Also, to top off how silly and embarrassing this all is, the 2 idols mentioned that began the debate weren't even minors. 


    You can say this is some sudden response to years of complaints you've been putting off about minors in the thread, but I know that isn't true. I and many others have complained for years about people breaking the thread rules, harassing users, going off topic, etc, and nothing has been done about it. The very best we get is a mod coming in, deleting everything (except the offending posts, usually) and then leaving like nothing happened. We're treated like an embarrassment that you guys barely even want to acknowledge exists. 


    And people aren't that upset because you're trying to tone down discussion of minors, they're upset because this is, whether intentional or not, a misrepresentation of what is discussed in the thread and chillingly reminiscent of homophobic stereotypes that suggest that gays, especially gay men, are all pedophiles and only ever care about sex. We've had years of double standards of other threads speculating about the sexualities of supposed heterosexual idols (minors included) and not hearing a peep from you guys. Your comment about the offensiveness of "pushing labels" is also a joke, because again, discussion of supposed heterosexual idols never provokes those kinds of responses. The thread has always been meant to be a safe space for LGBT kpop fans and unlike what your comment suggests, does contain years of people sharing their experiences and stories. We kind of had to make it that after you guys kept redirecting or merging ANY gay content on the site into the thread.


    This was a wrong move on your part.

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  2. People can be gay at 16 and earlier, lol. This thread is for discussion and speculation on who might be gay. As long as minors are not sexualized, they can be discussed.


    People don't get all pressed when heterosexuals talk about minors dating or being interested in the opposite sex, etc, so the homophobic double standards here are quite obvious...

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  3. Says who? He said new lineup. He didnt say he was adding members to treasure. You guys need to growup and just go back to the trainee thread...you know for the guys you are actually discussing. None of who are actually confirmed to be joining this group.

    We don't know that for sure yet. It could be a new lineup of members. YG himself said that he was impressed by a 13 member dynamic. So simmer down.

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