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  1. say it ain't so

  2. full of love for yujin

  3. ilysm (i love yujin so much)

  4. so i was saying i feel like yujin is underappreciated in terms of talent. they always leave her out of izone allrounder/ace line. its always eunbi, chaeyeon, yena. i dont deny that they are. its just that yujin is one too!! how could so many ppl not know that when she made it obvious that shes an allrounder since early pd48 days?

    1. LOONA 1/3

      LOONA 1/3

      shes a strong vocalist, a great dancer and a capable rapper (i must say a better rapper than eunbi from what we've seen so far) and also a charming performer. she has nothing but a bright future ahead of her. i really do believe that shes gonna be a HUGE star one day. i could go on & on for hours talking about how much i love yujin haha

    2. Haêra


      i absolutely agree this,she has so much potential she excels at singing,rapping and dancing plus she has alot of experience in modelling (From her cfs and her height) she could venture to acting and modelling (if she wanted to)! I <3 yujin too

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