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  1. 190518 KUN Weibo Update


    "goodnight song"


    he sang stephanie sun’s “what i missâ€!!


    Translated by weishenvpic




    winwin being a basketball legend (2019)


    clap like a seal


    winwin enjoying the roller coaster ride


    winwin learning a new type of dance from liu yuning


    winwin on splash mountain



    The casts made playdoh models of themselves for master & Winwin put abs on his.


    He said: "abs... in reality I don't have them"


    All of this footage of Winwin is so cute rlytearpls.png

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    Nice <3 

    WayV's Take Off now is the fastest song of a boygroup to obtain certificate of 1 million of popularity in QQMusic this year. This brand was obtained in just one week. Congratulations boys!!!


    Congratulations WayV smile.png


    190516 TEN will be the cast of Food Truck Battle Season 1, an upcoming cooking battle TV show in Thailand.


    A show in Thailad for Ten? This is great. It'll be so nice to watch.  rlytearpls.png

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