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About Me

list of b2uties


Username: mistressnicey
Year born: '88-liner
Country/continent: Philippines
preferred nickname,if any: Nicey
Bias: Junhyung & Doojoon & Kikwang

Username: geek
Year born: 1997
Country/continent: Germany
preferred nickname,if any: zek (or geek lol)
Bias: Junhyung <333

Username: Miss yoon
Year born: 1995
Country/continent: Australia
preferred nickname,if any: Miss yoon
Bias: Doojoon and Hyunseung

Username: Honeyseung
Year born:'91-liner
Country/continent: USA
preferred nickname,if any: Honey
Bias: OT6

Username: dee_Waer
Year born:'92-liner
Country/continent: Philippines
preferred nickname,if any: Dee
Bias: Hyunseung , OT6

Username: jn91
Year born:'91-liner
Country/continent: Indonesia
preferred nickname,if any: Jun
Bias: Junhyung

Username: momo_hua
Year born: 1991
Country/continent: Indonesia
preferred nickname,if any: Momo, momo_hua
Bias: Junhyung & OT6 (can I)

Username: NytxD

Year born: 1994
Country/continent: USA
preferred nickname,if any: Llama (nickname at AKP lol)
Bias: Doojoon & Yoseob

Username: Danshing Macheen
Year Born: 1996
Country/Continent:New Zealand
preferred nickname, if any: Um don't really have one
bias: Yoseob + Doojoon (but mostly Yoseob)

Username: Cuquri
Year born: 1996
Country/continent: Thailand/Asia
preferred nickname,if any: I don't have one. Usually it's Zelo's wife or Goddess but that's self given and isn't relevant to the Beast thread. You can give me a nickname if you want
Bias: Dongwoon (and sometimes the occasional Doojoon feels)

username: summertime_soul
year born: '89
country/continent: central europe
bias: kiki/ dujun

username: trent123
year born: '93
Country/COntinent: USA
Bias: coke maniac Yong Junhyung and OT6

Username: myboyrobin
Year born: 1989
Country/continent: United States (state of California)
preferred nickname,if any: you guys can call me Robin
Bias: Junhyung and Hyunseung

Username: Yoseobable
Year born:  :troll:
Country/continent: Australia
preferred nickname,if any: Izza
Bias: Doo Joon, OT6


Username: mystiqurez
Year born: Rabbit :hehe:

Country/Continent: Australia

Preferred nickname,if any: mysti

Bias: OT6


Username: twins_sisters
Year born: 95-liner
Country/continent: Bulgaria, Europe
preferred nickname,if any: Teddy (and twin Mimi but she doesn't white often)
Bias: all of those angels


Username: b2utyfoolme
Year born: 1983 (i'm old~)
Country/continent: Malaysia
preferred nickname,if any: Fa
Bias: Yoseob


username: Kurohime

year born: early 92

Country/Continent: Indonesia

Bias: yoseobie for this month!


Username: Midnight's Requiem
Year born: 1991 (91-ers rules!)
Country/continent: Brazil
preferred nickname,if any: You can call me Midnight.
Bias: I don't have one. I love everyone.


Username:  Nikki B.

Year Born:  1981

Country/Continent:  USA

Bias:  Doojoon and Dongwoon


Username: dumbkwang/pikajun
Year born: 1985
Country/continent: USA east coast yo~
Bias: The lovely eye smile Kiki


Username: sunmin10/baby boo

Year born:1991 

Country/continent: Philippines

preferred nickname,if any: sunmin

Bias: Junhyung oppa & Kikwang


Username: Lauriz
Year born: 1991
Country/continent: Philippines/Asia
preferred nickname, if any: Lauriz
Bias: Dongwoon


Username:  Animato
Year born: '96
Country/continent: USA
preferred nickname,if any: Alex
Bias: Ah... This is impossible. For now, Yoseob


Username: KaYaMaj

Year born: 1989 (the same as Doojoon, Hyunseung and Junhyung :smile:)

Continent: Europe
Bias: Hyunseung


Username: kinagyo
Year born: 1994
Country/continent: Poland
Bias: Hyunseung
Username: monologue
Year born: (omfg so embarrassing lol) 1983
Country/continent: Canada
Bias: Gikwang
Username: shuha.diary
Year born: '1987
Country/continent: malaysia
preferred nickname,if any: shuha
doojoon & OT6


Username: devilvp
Year born: 1996
Country/continent: UK
preferred nickname,if any: devil
Bias: Hyunseung & Yoseob


Username: Hellayne
Year born: 1994
Country/continent: France
preferred nickname,if any:
Bias: Gikwang


Username: LittlePinky82
Year born: 1982
Country/continent: USA
preferred nickname,if any: Pinky
Bias: Switches from time to time but mostly between Hyunseung and Yoseop


Username: Yoonjochan (or is this Shinychan my current display name you mean?)

Year born: 1993

Country: Indonesia
Preferred nickname: Shinychan/Yoonchan

Bias: ....Gikwang and 5 members ( :smile: )


Username: Bu2tyful4nia
Year born: 1993
Country/continent: uhm i live on a island near Venezuela that's call Curacao
preferred nickname,if any: i don't have a nickname :( but you guys can make one if you want. ^^
Bias: that idiot   handsome beast dongwoon <3


Username: denalichen
Year born: over 30
Country/continent: U.S.
preferred nickname,if any:
Junhyung, but starting to like other members more :)


Username: isoy
Year born: 1995
Country/continent: Germany
preferred nickname,if any: isoy or Josie
Bias: Dongwoon (and when I can claim another one also Hyunseung)


Username: Kuroswan
Year born: 1988
Country/continent:Martinique/ caribean
preferred nickname,if any:
Bias: Hyunseung  aka JS


Username: CBear

Year born: '97

Country/continent: USA USA USA

preferred nickname,if any: Bear or Claire

Bias: Hyunseung


Username: Onewcondition26

Year born: 1993

Country/continent: Canada
preferred nickname,if any: Chelsea or cici is good
Bias: Hyunseung


Username: B2UTYinLoVe

Year born: '97

Country/continent: UAE (I'm a Malaysian)

preferred nickname,if any: Fatti (I like it :meow: )

Bias: Biases are Doojoon, Hyunseung, Junhyung, Yoseob, Kikwang, Dongwoon (OT6  :lub: ) I CAN'T CHOOSE!!!


Username: ytdyousaidtmr

Year born: a woman's age is always a secret :p

Country/continent: Singapore

preferred nickname,if any: ying

Bias: doojoon <3 <3 <3 <3 <3



Year born: 94-liner

Country/continent: Southeast Asian

preferred nickname,if any: mia

Bias: hyunseung and ot6


Username: shimp2
Year born: 1992
Country/continent: mm.. Live in the US (North America), born in Peru (South America)
preferred nickname,if any: Gaby or none
Bias: Yoseob


Username: Noliov
Year born: CE (Common Era)   :ninja:
Country/continent: USA
preferred nickname,if any: Noliov or Noli is fine.
Bias: Hyunseung (Because of him, I discovered Beast. I do however find myself giggling to Junhyung every now and then)

Username: Opparawr

Year born: 1990
Country/continent: France/Europe
preferred nickname,if any: -


Username: randomcookie
Year born: 1998

Country/continent: Germany/Europe
preferred nickname,if any: none actually^^
Bias: Gikwang ♥


Username: Creampuff
Year born: 1991
Country/continent: Philippines (Hello Nicey~ :hurr:)
preferred nickname,if any: creampuff will do
Bias: Hyunseung


Username: jsa
Year born: '94~
Country/continent: USA
preferred nickname,if any: uhmmmmm

Bias: Woonseob~ but Dongwoon mostly.


Username: Owlsarecool15

Year Born: 1994

Country/Continent: USA

Nickname: Owl, Owls, Owlie

Bias: OT6


Username: gamja

Year born: 1993

Country/continent: Australia

Bias: Yoseob & Dongwoon


Username: thatsvicchan
Year born: 1998
Country/continent: ITALY
Preffered nickname,if any: Vicchan
Bias: Hyunseung ftw


Username : YJH's b2uty

Year born : born in 80s. 

Country : Near the South China Sea

preferred nickname : D

Bias: Mr Coke ~~junnie oppa


Username: Maknae
Year born: 2001
County/Continent: United States
Preferred nickname, if any: Maknae or Baby Beauty
Bias: GiKwang


Username: Me. My Self, and. I

Year born: 1992

Country: Philippines

preferred: you can call me jjlangyan



Username: hoshiangel

Year born: 1993
Country/continent: Singapore
preferred nickname,if any: hoshi
Bias: Hyunseung


Username: Blue Rose

Year Born: 1995

Country/ Continent: America

Preferred Nickname: Blue, I guess. :)

Bias: Hyun Seung!!!


Username: wheelykpopeonni
Year born: 1997
Country/continent: USA
preferred nickname,if any: Ana, wheely, kpopeonni (whatever's cool)
Bias: Junhyung & Hyunseung <3 (But Kikwang/Kiki and Yoseob/Yoyo steal my heart too :derp:)

Username: Skibop!!
Year born: 1992
Country/continent: USA
preferred nickname,if any: Ski
Bias: GiKwang


Username: stringbean
Year born: 1994
Country/continent: canada
preferred nickname,if any:
Bias: ot6


Username: Yunawchan

Year born: 1995
Country/continent: Morocco
preferred nickname,if any: Yunawchan or Yunaw'
Bias: OT6, Yoseob/Hyunseung


Username: Miss Maple

Year born: 1993
Country/continent: USA
preferred nickname,if any: Maple, Christina, Christie
Bias: OT6 + Doojoon


Username: swtgrllubzyooh

Year born: 1990

Country/continent: USA
preferred nickname,if any:
Bias: OT6 & Yoseob


Username: DerpyPickle

Year born: 1996

Country: USA

Nickname: Derpy (it's what the BBCs of OH call me heh heh)

Bias(es): Yoseob and Junhyung  :meow:


username: silvalinings

year born: 88 

country/continent: usa

preferred nickname, if any: idc 

bias: junhyung, ot6 lol


Username: ~ET~
Year born: '84-liner (yes iam old :P)
Country/continent: Europe/Germany
preferred nickname,if any: 
Bias: OT6


Username: Kiskaâ¤ï¸ŽHyunbak
Year born: 93
Country/continent: Germany aka the only european county B2ST came to during their tour :D
preferred nickname,if any: Kiska
Bias: Hamstercheeked Idiot with the heartshaped lips


Username: panduzz
Year born: 1993
Country/continent: Italy/Europe
preferred nickname,if any: Panda or francy ;)
Bias: Junhyung


Username: soultree
Year born: 05.01.1989
Country /continent: Malaysia
preferred nickname, if any: Abby or soul, i dun mind
bias: hyunseung


Username: Dolv
Year born: 1990
Country/continent: SEA
preferred nickname,if any: Dolv
Bias: Hong Seung sung  :ahmagah: 


Username: leon
Year born: 1992
Country/continent: Vietnam
preferred nickname,if any: leon
Bias: Hyunseung  :ahmagah:


Username : Sahana
Year Born. : 1993
Country. : India
N/ Name. : sahana
Bias. : Junhyung


Username : b2utybjvip
Year Born. : 1994
Country. : Eastern USA
N/ Name. : - idk
Bias. : Junhyung!!!


Username: speirbhean

Year Born: 1992

Country: Philippines

N/ Name: yo

Bias: OT6 hyungs  :smile:


Username: torotoro

Year Born: 1990

Country: Croatia

N/ Name: toro (?)

Bias: yoseob


Username: Yanggaengie's Servant
Year born: 1996
Country/continent: Malaysia
preferred nickname,if any: Lia
Bias: Cutie pie, Yoseob  :chu:


Username: gikwang
Year born: 94 line
Country/continent: United States, North America
preferred nickname,if any: gikwang's husband  :hoplz: 
Bias: Gikwang


Username: Heart and Seoul
Year born: 1992
Country/continent: Northern Ireland
preferred nickname,if any: I really don't mind, people can call me Laura or by my username if they prefer!
Bias: Dongwoon


Year Born: 1989 (don't tell me i'm the oldest lol)
Country/Continent: Perú/South America
Predered nickname: zare or zar zar
Bias: Junhyung but OTP6 most of the time


Username: butterflykrisses
Year born: 1996
Country/continent: United States
Preferred nickname, if any: Phoenix
Bias: Hyunseung ^.^
Username: jangelly
Year born: 80s
Country/continent: Turkey
Preferred nickname, if any: Elly
Bias: Jang Hyunseung   :smile:
Username: StormShadow
Year born: 1991
Country/continent: New York
preferred nickname,if any: Ryan
Bias: Junhyung/Kikwang


Username: Cantios
Year born: 1992
Country/continent: Guatemala
preferred nickname,if any: Ana, A.J
Bias: Dongwoon, Doojoon


Username: Lilohti

Year born: '89
Country/continent: Sweden/Europe
preferred nickname,if any: Lily
Bias: Junhyung, Yoseob 


Username: kweenjinyoung

Year born:1992
Country/continent: Massachusetts, USA
preferred nickname,if any:

my name is Christine shhhhh

Bias: Dongwoon oppa lol Yoseob is 2nd ^^


Username: wiky

Year born: 1991
Country/continent: Philippines
preferred nickname,if any: wiky or niky (pronounced wiki/ nicky)
Bias: Son Namshin Dongwoon (Kiki and Yong PD currently fighting for 2nd place)


Username: Emmyst le Gyuist

Year Born: 1993
Country: USA
nickname: Emmy 





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