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  1. I really hope Seoyoung and Yeoreum aren’t stuck in dungeon until their contracts are over and have moderate individual activities

    yeah I hope too


    Seoyoung is doing some musicals these days, it's been a while since she's doing this one. 




    I think right now their only options would be acting. I don't think Fantagio will debut a new gg and add them or add them to Weki Meki.

    I'm more curious about what Alice will do. I hope she gets a proper solo debut.

    And also isn't weird that Nara didn't renewed her contract? I thought she would renew it because of her acting career. Anyway hope she signs with a good company.

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  2. I think MBK just wasn't patient enough. Is not like they didn't had the money to invest in UNI.T or UNB, they just wanted a group that would make them lots of cash right in the start. For me it feels like after they noticed that both groups wouldn't make them a big profit, MBK just gave up on the groups and invested their cash in the next survival show, even though UNB sold more than DIA ever did with only two albums and UNI.T sold just as good as DIA. MBK was just dumb and impatient, they should have extended the contract and gave them more comebacks. fromis came from a show that flopped as much as The Unit or more but is doing ok and had a fanbase growth after the last comeback, of course fromis has the advantage that it is a permanent group but UNI.T and fromis had a similar start with sales, so it was just a matter of MBK being patient. I honestly think that I mean could've been the turning point for them but when MBK announced it was going to be the last album they killed all the potential the song had, it didn't matter how good or catchy the song was, no one would pay attention to a dead group.


    Sigh, now I remember why I don't come to this thread often. It's painful rlytearpls.png



    Edit: I thought UNB sold 50k for both albums but nope lol, so they didn't sold more than DIA but still did pretty good. Not throwing shade on DIA, just showing that it didn't made sense to throw the groups in the trash when they could've sold more albums than the artist that MBK had at the moment. 

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