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Well maybe it's about time I did a lil intro. So initially the first venture I had into the asian culture was like many through anime the good old 90's anime, Samurai X, Tekaman Blade, Gundam Wing, Bleach Naruto, Death etc and well it developed into interest in Japanese culture and anime op's, T.M revolution, Two Mix, Bonnie Pink, Flow, Aqua timez etc.

But the first dive outside anime world was through kdrama You're Beautiful and weirdly firstly then the whole world of kpop around 2010(yea pass the prime), first SS501, Bigbang, 2ne1, and my fav TVXQ even 5&2(but I think my fanning over them has stopped), but then it got over-saturated and repetitive, but at the same time of my kpop fawing I loved me the jrock and Glorious Visual Kei(RUKI_SAMA  :chu: ). The Gazette, Alice nine, SID and the broken of my hearts the irreplaceable Kaggra(Isshi....)


Then decided after the kpop phase, what else? So then the world of Japanese music opened up on a whole new level, Goddess Ayu, Utada, Namie, Kuu and more R&B Daichi!! Yuya, and more into the indie scene, RADWIMPS, Spitz cinema staff, Champagne, BIGMAMA, Lyu:Lyu, androp etc 

But the odds of odds is j-rap never would've thought it but yea am a AKLO fangirl and SHUN, Ken the 390, SALU etc....there is much to love out of the j-music scene. So yea that's about my asian musical experience extends so far...ohhh and oddly i might be one of the few Trini's that love Asian music. I love Benedict Cumberbatch 

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