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  1. With the departure of Hina and only 1 SmRookie girl left (NingNing) it leaves us asking the question, who could possibly debut in SM's new girl group? Take this all with a grain of salt! 

    All info was sourced from this twitter thread


    Yoo Jimin

    DOB: April 11, 2000

    - The only confirmed member of the group 

    - Cameo in Taemin's "Want" Mv. Also appeared as a dancer on music shows

    - Vocal & Dance



    DOB: 2001 

    - Chinese 

    - Thought by most to be a fake trainee but recent info from friends confirms otherwise 

    - Vocal 



    DOB: October 23, 2002

    - Real name Ning Yizhuo 

    - Chinese 

    - The only remaining member of SmRookies 

    - Vocal 



    DOB: 2003 

    - Thai

    - Considered a Taeyeon lookalike 

    - Vocal 


    Helen Lee 

    DOB: Late 2003 

    - Korean name is Lee Hyejin 

    - From Brisbane, Australia 

    - Has only been a trainee for 10 months 

    - Dance 



    DOB: 2004 

    - Thai 

    - A pretty insanely talented vocalist, like Phantom of the Opera hitting astronomical high notes good 



    DOB: July 4, 2005 

    - Thai 

    - Trainee since 2018


    BBC Girl 

    - Literally all we know is that she may be a trainee, she was in a BBC documentary and was doing vocal training at the Sm building so that's it 

  2. 13 minutes ago, NavyBlue said:

    Will this gg be girl crush/dance focused? Do you guys consider any previous sm gg's concept girl crush? It seems like SM is taking trainees from dance academys 

    probably not girl crush maybe later in their career though. sm wants something really public friendly plus the market is super over saturated with girl crush concepts right now so there’s room business wise for cuter groups to succeed 

  3. 1 hour ago, EasySteezy said:

    Resident shopping addict here! How do I resist all of these sales going on right now????? One of my favorite brands is having 40% off right now on ALMOST everything. It brings the items down to prices I don't have to really think about as much. But I don't know if anyone here remembers, but I'm trying to give my loved ones an amazing christmas this year. I could still do that if I buy like one item. But it's just the principal of me not being done giving to others, but still spending money on myself.

    How do I resist???

    if you've got some cash burning a hole in your pocket or just want new clothes go thrifting. i always go thrifting in high end areas so i can get nicer clothes for 4-10 dollars. i buy pretty much everything i own second hand. it's okay to treat yourself once in a while but not at the expense of other things. 

  4. Park Jungyeon, formerly a trainee under SM Entertainment has been confirmed to join Keyeast as an actress. Jungyeon, who joined the lineup of SM's new girl group in 2015 is the daughter of singer Park Hakgi and sister of former Matilda member Dan.a. Jungyeon was previously featured as a vocal in last year's Shining Star OSTs under the SM Rookies title, though she was never officially introduced as a rookie.


    Though the original post has been deleted fans reached out to a friend of Jin Hyunbin who confirmed she was indeed not an SM trainee but a trainee under Fantagio Entertainment. Hyunbin previously appeared in Moon Shining Room with Red Velvet's Wendy. 

    This leaves this existing public lineup with five, maybe six girls. Koeun (Ko Eun),  Gong/Nakamura Hina, Yoo Jimin, Ningning (Ning Yizhuo), Lami (Kim Sungkyung) and possibly the unnamed trainee who was featured in BBC's documentary on kpop. The group is rumored to be 7-9 members and to be debuting in Spring of 2020. 


  5. TW for internalized homophobia, depression, and self harm & suicide.


    Sorry if this is a bit personal I just needed somewhere to communicate what I'm feeling right now.

    When I reflect on my life now I feel a bit stuck in a rut, wondering if this never ending cycle of failure is all i'm capable of, but then I remember where I was. I should start somewhere around last year. In December of 2018 I was institutionalized for attempting to take my own life. I didn't realize it then but what I thought was helping me, my reliance on my religion, was actually killing me. I continually denied a part of myself to fit in and I was hateful to others about it to. I couldn't accept the fact that I was bisexual, on top of my struggles with depression, self-harm, and slumping grades it all boiled over into a dramatic finale of sorts. Now looking back on it i'm apologetic to everyone I hurt, my words were more against myself then anyone else because I was too afraid to come out and be who I was. Graduating from a christian high school was freeing for me, suddenly I could choose who I wanted to be and who I wanted to be with. Becoming who I always wanted to be has filled me with so much confidence and love for others. I am a proud bisexual woman and nobody can take that away from me. I recently came out to my family and was happily accepted. Even when I slump now and struggle with depression I feel the overwhelming love of my family with me and it is so glorious. I'm going to do something about my life and become who I want to be. I'm not just going to let opportunities pass me by. I'm going to make a difference. 

    I love you all, be good people. 

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  6. On 11/1/2019 at 12:00 AM, lovesojung said:

    i keep looking at these shoes and feel extremely tempted to buy them even though i can admit they're a tad ugly:

    Image result for reebok womens shoes

    thoughts?  i love the pops of color 😍  

    tbh i used to hate the sneaker trend but i'm getting way more into it now. i love the detailing of the sole and the tongue. 

    i updated the op just a little bit and i'm gonna try to update this thread more often. just lmk what you guys would like to see

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