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welcome to my profile. i'm 16y/o, and I've been fangirling since I was 12.

I live in Japan and I found kpop in 2014. I write fanfics and stuffs.


I'm a huge fan of NCT, and I love all of the members. I became a fan when the teasers of 

NCT U came out back in 2016, and I've been infatuated ever since. I spend most of my time,

money, and energy on them.


I'm also apart of the gorgeous silver ocean of EXO. I first became a fan in 2014

when Kai preformed Pretty Boy with Taemin. Ever since then I've been in love with them.


Always a Cassie â™¡ I love ot5, especially Jaejoong.

Collecting TVXQ merch is a big hobby of mine, and learning about their past

is something that intrigues me a lot and I love to talk about them. smol gif spam haha





I also really really really really love Cross Gene's Takuya! I support the other members as well but

I love him a lot. I post about him often and he's really cute. 



just all of cross gene's choreo show him off and I love it hehe.


Thank you for reading my very long and boring profile.

Be sure to visit my archiveofourown and asianfanfics


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