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About Me



Your resident diehard  Moon Byul Yi  stan and hoe for life

She has completely gained control over my consciousness and there's

absolutely nothing I could do about it



Click on each issue in the series of publication below

to learn about a new facet of Moon Star â˜¾â˜… 

one topic at a time



(Treasure Box of Talents)

- Jan 2018 issue


⤷ Content:  In-depth analysis of Moonbyul's multiple high-level skills obtained after years

                            of strenuous training.




- Feb 2018 issue


⤷ Content:  Coolest moments of Moonbyul that will make your heart flutter with how

                            naturally suave and charismatic she is.



(Quirks and Habits in the Life of an Idol)

- March 2018 issue

pWN6UB4.png⤷ Content:  Moonbyul's small gestures and preferences that could be deemed too quirky or

                            even weird to strangers, but all are loveable traits and habits of hers that make

                            her human.



(All about styling Hair)

- April 2018 issue


⤷ Content:  Most iconic hair colours and hairstyles Moonbyul has worn to date.




- May 2018 issue


⤷ Content:  Moonbyul's most beautiful and ethereal pictures we were lucky enough to have

                            a hold of.  Even small parts on her body are pretty and dainty-looking, so much

                            so that proper attention needs to be brought to them as well.



(How Cute is Your Pet?)

- June 2018 issueCXm5Nv3.png

⤷ Introduction:  She's the most fearless and confident performer on stage, but in reality

                                     Moonbyul is actually just a cute ball of fluffiness.  Her adorable pets

                                     take after their owner in this respect.



(Hot Summer Months)

- July 2018 issue

NZHKHbB.png⤷ Introduction:  Possessor of a well-toned and well-proportioned body, Moonbyul always

                                    becomes the talk of town whenever her outfits are styled in a more risque

                                    nature revealing what's hidden underneath.



(Band Mates)

- Aug 2018 issue


⤷ Content:  Listing of articles written about the whole of Mamamoo in many topics, ranging

                            from those of the silliest nature to appreciation and serious discussion over their

                            talents and work ethics.



(Innovative Fashion)

- Sep 2018 issue


⤷ Introduction:  Moonbyul has an exquisite taste in fashion, and the articles in this issue were

                                    created to bring that notion to light and to show just how good of a model

                                    she is at selling any items once worn by her.




- Oct 2018 issue


⤷ Content:  Compilation of every piece of new information of Moonbyul that gets updated on 

                            a regular basis.  Could be very light-hearted news, like a new hair colour, or

                            much more significant events revolving her and Mamamoo's budding career.




- Nov 2018 issue

7ztPr24.png⤷ Introduction:  Long been regarded as a symbol of progressiveness, Moonbyul never hides

                                      her true self from the world and we love and support her all the more for




(The Person)

- Dec 2018 issue


⤷ Introduction:  Beautiful as her godly outward appearance is and impressive as her

                                     immense talents and admirable determination are, Moonbyul's personality

                                     and brilliant mind at work are truly wonders of the world worthy to be

                                     worshipped by the generations to come.

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