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  1. 3 hours ago, camelliabloom said:

    Hasn't this channel been debunked?

    April 20 Yao Cabrera youtuber, let's comeback in two weeks, fear the eye 😨

    3 hours ago, Hizu said:

    What is this video supposed to be? I don't get it.


    Predicts the deaths of famous ppl

  2. On 4/6/2021 at 9:50 AM, hahalol said:
    aka nothing goes well in your life ,have you ever thought or try to stop being alive 🍣🍣

    Yes a lot...at that time in my life, but you need to be realistic about it, there's a really high chance you may survive with a disability, and if we are gonna die anyway i choose to live life as an adventure, and eventually you get out of that moment in your life, i used to called it walking in the fog, or purgatory, if you stay you'll get to live many wonderfull things, there's movies, books, and places that you'll deprive to know, and sounds cliche but you need to help yourself cause nobody will save you;  in my case was nature, plants, birds, the sky, there's a hiden life we don't see, we are travelling in space in a rock, let that sink and your problems will seem futile

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  3. I was the worst koreaboo in the world, I would bow to greet people, I got the bowl haircut, i dressed so opaish, and daydreamed ordinary situations as kdrama scenes, on the positive side it broke the Asian wall......i knew nothing, NOTHING! about asia in general, now I can understand by ear wich language and nationality is, it expanded my taste in not only music, but movies, and writting, love it

    ps: OMG, i remember I used to add random korean men on facebook and worship them lmao

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  4. 4 hours ago, afterschoolappreciate said:

    for me i always try to be nice to everyone, yes, i do believe that if you are good to others, others will be good to you.

    but it doesn't always go that way, there are always encounters and interactions with rude, mean, inconsiderate people.

    you can try to avoid it, you can try to be safe and protect yourself from it, but in the end you will still have to go through it.

    it gets frustrating because wouldn't it be great if the world treats you as nicely as you treat it?

    it really triggers me though, i ruminate over revenge, i obsess with anger and rage.

    fellow OHers how do you cope? what do you do when you face experiences like these?

    One Psychologist unveiled this for me, for life: ask the person being agressive to you how is her/his day, if everything is ok; it disarm them, let them talk/bleed, works everytime....but if for some reason it don't work i'll treat them with the most upmost cold distant respect, like you would do with an snake

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  5. 3 hours ago, echobunny said:

    i get that they are basically forced to do this if they want to continue to work in china but it's still so disappointing

    Nobody can force you to lose your f*cking dignity as a human being for bloody money, that's just the price YOU decided to put to your soul; I wouldn't be able to sleep thinking i'm getting money over slave work of people in concentration camps, could you?

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