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  1. He didn't say it but he doesn't just make fanservice I mean even with MC's he is doing his flirty Jackie thing and he is kind of lgbtq pro but that doesn't mean he is but it must be hard to say such a thing in countries like South Korea. I agree with things straight guys wouldn't say to their male friends/fans/MC's etc.



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    Yeah, that's why I was a bit confused :D Oh I remembered : he actually said he doesn't care care about gender.... not with these words but in some interview he was asked : " What is your ideal type ? " and he replied : " Female ideal type ? " ... and he said once Jooheon is his ideal male type (smth like that) laugh.png Anyways thanks for your opinion... smile.png

  2. Yes but when he is like jackie he may be bi because jackie doesn't care about gender or age so yeah.


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    Did Jack said that he doesn't care about gender ? OMG I have never seen he did ? Where ? ahmagahplz.png  I am just curious and I am trying to solve the mess in my head... I really feel he might be bi, but not sure... There were many things connected to him that tells us he is bi... So can we be sure ? Cause these things he does or says, in my opinion, would never come out of straight guy's mouth unsure.png

  3. Which he already abandoned. He left Tom in their old dorm. Poor plant.


    Btw, I like what I am seeing nowadays. It seems that Jackson’s staring to gain weight and he seems ‘healthy’ again. I hope it’ll continue.

    Oh yeah I forgot about that hahahahha ... Poor Tom ... 



    Yeah I've noticed it too, and he seems happy and crazy again... Our good old funny Jackson is BACK from hibernation ilikeitplz.png

  4. I think it just one or two haters on Jackson's instagram.  Maybe that's a same person to attack him with created some new accounts.  It's gone already.   Actually most of nice stans are supporting Jackson.  Some are new stans.   I'm so happy for Jackson


    That one or two haters who are full of bitterness. How can he hate a man who writes a goodbye letter for his luggage? 



    Really ? Oh I am so happy, hope there will be no haters anymore QRLGYBO.png


    Hhahahahahah lugagge guy QRLGYBO.png New ship Jacklugg imhappyplz.png  He seems very happy now so I am happy too... FINALLY QRLGYBO.png

  5. I am not sure but I hope there are no more mean comments. Haters are working hard too. Haha



    Btw, just saw on IG. Our boy made an essay about his luggage. So cute. 

    And Jackson, don't worry. We won't leave the fandome just because of your nose pack. 

    I hope too... Oh yeah they work too hard damn it... Poor Jack ... HATERS you can't win souleyesplz.png


    Hhahahahaahah he is sooooo EXTRA... Jack don't worry, we will never leave you... I mean NEVER EVER raepfaceplz.png  And he looks alot better, he is our crazy and funny Jackson again QRLGYBO.png

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  6. Welcome to the thread!!! 


    Our thread is becoming more active lately ahmagahplz.png


    Here are some updates:




    We have more than wet Jackson now, we have Jackson in a shirt this time laugh.png




    People who worked on Crime Scene attended Tokyo showcase:







    There's no news about Jackson's Pepsi CF and new song. When is it going to be released? rlytearpls.png

    Thanks smile.png  OMG you guys are so great... I feel some Jackson personality here, everyone's so KIND QRLGYBO.png

  7. Hello DobaJacky. Drop by whenever you want. 



    Yes. Always WETSON. I think we will continue to have it all through out May. 




    And did you guys see his photo form the fan meet wearing the LOVERBOY shirt? Can someone share it here. Other Jackson deserves to see that. Thank you so much in advance! 

    Thank you soooo much smile.png  The more Wetson, the better QRLGYBO.png Oh by the way, did his muscles got smaller or is it just me unsure.png   Here is the twitter account that has it (loverboy shirt pics, just scroll down a bit) smile.png

  8. Welcome Doba to the thread.  It's a bit quiet nowadays as our boys ventured into Japan and we have only "Wetson" so far.  


    Welcome~ welcome *hugs*



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    Thank you guys *kisses* *hugs*


    OMG Wetsoooooon QRLGYBO.png  Do you know when that Hurry Up Brother ep. with Jackson comes out ? 


    Oh and one more question :




    Where is this from ? This GIF ? I wanna watch it QRLGYBO.png

  9. I saw it from got7 being savage7 they're savage af everyone should see it it's hilarious [emoji23]


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    I saw it OMG imhappyplz.png  Jinyoung and JB are the savagest of them all za5g21G.png  But all of them are savage in some way laugh.png


    With Siwon, being in denial makes you try harder to be what you're expected. I don't believe he himself doesn't like gay people but he has to do what's expected of his family and church. I just hope he finds acceptance soon. I mean, Siwon and Heechul are close and how can Heechul just be super close to someone who rejects his orientation? Even if they are in a group they don't HAVE to hang out outside of work. Yet, they do. 


    I dunno, Siwon just gives me a headache sometimes.


    Now, with Shindong. Shindong and and Sungmin have both said they are each other's best friends. And many have speculated about Sungmin not being straight, yes? 

    Dunno about Siwon... I think he is straight ... or ...fD4JAZe.png  SUJU's gayest member is Heechul studmuffinplz.png

  10. I kind of shipped 2jae too but now I'm not sure got7 is so shippable.

    When I think someone might be gay/bi/pan it's not bc of the ships because it's mostly just fanservice (ohh why did i say that). So I see from how they interact with other males(not their members or too if it's really intense) eye contact etc.(My opinion) I think Jackson is bi too and jinyoung gay (he reminds me sometimes of jo-kwon). I think yugyeom is straight mark maybe too bambam I'm not sure he is "feminine" but that doesn't mean he is gay/bi. Youngjae seems not really straight but not gay/bi either he doesn't show that kind of attraction to males like Jackson or jinyoung but he doesn't show a attraction to females either so i'm curious maybe he has a gf or bf or is too stressed to have a lover/or be attracted.

    That was my opinion, thanks for yours.[emoji39] And nice to meet you too!


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    I totally agree with you smile.png  I was watching Go Fridge season 3 ep 5 and Jackson was checking some guys muscles (squeezing his tits hahahah) hurrplz.png  He is just too obvious QRLGYBO.png  Anyway thanks for your opinion ilikeitplz.png

  11. First of all I'm not high. I know that he seems/is very homophobic what grosses me out but I dunno why but he ping's I have this kind of thing that those who are homophobic or bc they're "masculine" people believe they're straight but I think they ping like siwon he is homophobic but seems in denial or Minho he is "masculine" but he ping's. And to your info most gay people in South Korea don't want to accept them selves and are homophobic because of the society. And I thought the same thing when jo-kwon was homophobic but now he just doesn't care anymore goes to gay bars etc. I know it's not the same thing with jaebum and I didn't say that my opinion is right I wanted to hear your opinions who you think is gay/bi/pan etc. in got7. You don't think he might be gay and that's okay I don't say he is but he could/might be in my opinion but that doesn't mean that every homophobic person in South Korea is gay etc.


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    I think I'm 100 % sure about Jackson and Jinyoung (I think Jackson is bi, I mean he is too obvious QRLGYBO.png  and Jinyoung is gay). Not sure about the others, but I think Yugyeom is 100 % straight. JB is gay for Youngjae (my opinion) and I think he is homophobic cause he is afraid if people would find out and he is trying to hide it. I think Mark has some gay moments, but nothing special (fanservice maybe). Youngjae is gay for JB and BamBam... I think he is just girlish, but I think he is straight. I wanted to see all of these posts before I could say anything. Now I am pretty sure my opinion is as I wrote it. 


    Any other opinions on Got7 ?


    I am from Croatia and I am new here on Onehallyu. I am an iGot7 and I simply looooove Jackson QRLGYBO.png  

    Oh and I am bisexual ilikeitplz.png Anyway nice to meet you guys smile.png

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