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  1. I only think Jackson is bi because of his relationship with Youngji back when he was on Roommate. A lot of people don't think there was anything between them, and there may not have been, but Jackson did seem legitimately smitten at some points. There was also that one episode where Bambam came on the show and kept hitting on Youngji, and Jackson looked like he wanted to kill him about 8 different ways. And there was that moment when Markson won the best couple award on ASC and Eric and Jimin Skyped them and Jackson was drunk or something and said he wanted to be on the show as "Jackji" couple, which was the Jackson/Youngji ship name at the time. He then quickly brushed it off by saying he meant Jimin instead, which was actually "Jackmin." 0u0plz.png





    Lol, I just noticed that Mark thought Jackji meant Jackson/Jinyoung.

    OMG yeah he looks drunk fD4JAZe.png  How I didn't notice that before... Oh and I agree he is bi, can't be gay for sure, he showed he is attracted to girls too... 


    To piggy back onto this, Jackson also met that MMA fighter who came on the show and got all nervous and quiet around her which is soooo un-Jackson like lol. Plus he followed a bunch of NSFW bikini girl twitters pre-debut


    I 100% think Jackson is bi and relies on plausible deniability to get away with a lot of stuff. His masculinity has nothing to do with that to me personally.

    "plausible deniability" - I agree :) He is bi for me too and I think us LGBT+ people knows how to recognize it ;) 





    And I am sure about Heechul, Jo Kwon and Jonghyun... They seem so gay... And I always thought Rap Monster, Jooheon and JB are bi just like Jackson... In JB case I think his homophobic comment came up 'cause he wants to hide his sexuality... But when he is close to Jackson and Youngjae his face expression is different... somehow EROTIC studmuffinplz.png  I mean have you seen him when he is around these two... QRLGYBO.png

  2. THANK YOU. Or my other favorite "he's an ally." twitch.gif And it's interesting there have been many times where people don't accept speculations based on the femininity of the subject saying "just because he's effeminate, doesn't mean he's gay," yet rarely has anyone argued that a masculine presenting idol is gay. Like Jackson has been much more overt in his comments and actions regarding his attraction to men than Ten has ever, yet the consensus on the thread is Jackson's bi, and Ten's gay.


    I brought up compulsory heterosexuality during the debate around Heechul and that point got discounted. Idols are always going to have to perform a minimum level of heterosexuality as a part of their job. Some idols can get away with pushing the boundaries more than others, and fanservice is a factor too, but there is a line and that line is always going to incentive and reinforce heterosexuality as what is acceptable until societal attitudes change.


    This isn't to say there are no big idols because there probably are, but there has to be a higher bar than 1) they adhere to conventional gender norms and 2) make passing references to interest in the opposite sex.

    Well I believe Jackson, Sehun, Heechul and Jonghyun aren't straight... Like almost 100 % , for other idols I am not that sure... Why I think Jackson is bi, 'cause he showed that he likes women too, that is why... But to believe he is just an ally (and straight), never... Of course he could be gay too... Don't know, but definitely not straight smile.png

  3. shipping =/= sexuality


    fans get pretty crazy about it while still retaining prejudices,

    and they can get VERY possessive and annoying about it (claiming any moment as indicative of their ship, reading too much into every action an idol takes, getting into fights with each other over it, complaining to the company or even at the idols themselves, etc).


    if i were an idol in a group of hot boys, even i were shipped with a fellow member who was especially hot, even if we were both gay, EVEN IF WE WERE ACTUALLY DATING (which 99% of these shipped couples likely aren't), i can see myself becoming frustrated by it.

    I think the same...Well yeah fans can be really annoying... They should respect what idols want... and stop when they tell them to stop... But Jackson was pushing it all these years and then he just decided to stop.. that is strange... Obviously something happened or he just had enough of it... But his moves and his words tells he isn't straight, he is not doing these things only with other members from Got7, he does that with every guy who looks good... And he was strange to some people because of that and he was told to stop few times, but no he is still doing it... I just think he can't be straight... He pings me too hard ahmagahplz.png

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  4. I asked this already, but what do you think about Jackson now... ??? 'Cause he said no more Markson...Which is very strange for HIM to say that... and BamBam too he said no more shipping... but few months ago he said : we are the only group that ship each other...Something is strange...But i still think Jack isn't straight.. Your opinions ??

  5. I agree with you except I see Jooheon as straight or just SUPER afraid to even acknowledge same-sex attraction. Like when that whole thing on celebrity bromance with Jackson happened where he shot down the whole same-sex love idea.


    I'd say I'm not too sure about I.M and Hyungwon. Personally, hyungwon is leaning towards the bi side for me and changkyun I feel is slightly towards the straight side but not sure.



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    Who shot down the whole same-sex love idea on Celebrity Bromance ? Jooheon or Jackson ?? Oh and just curious: What do you think about Jackson now (about his sexuality) ???

  6. He never gives up, which is great ! I love it :)


    Oh and about that Cat thing : "HATERS WILL ALWAYS HATE"... But the problem is that Jackson feels down sometimes because of the haters... He should just say : I DON'T CARE and move on, but no he feels down and stressed... He is too sensitive... He MUST stop worrying about what some fans say...  




    I'm waiting to see a soundcloud pop out for him too, but since he's a rapper he'll need people on the track to sing as well so it's a bit harder for him to start out on SC than the singers of the group. I can't wait to see what Jackson has in store for new tracks on the albums though. I really enjoyed "OUT" smile.png

    He's always been very serious in interviews and this is no different. Maybe it's just me, but he seems to show us a different side for this one!


    Why ? He can sing ilikeitplz.png

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  8. Is he or was he sick again? Saw several posts last weekend. ohdearplz.png

    He wasn't feeling well in Fukuoka on 27th (saturday)... Some fans who were there even said he had to be taken to backstage few times (and according to those fans he wasn't at the Hi-touch) and was allegedly rushed to the hospital again, but than some time later the manager said that everything is ok according to examination... But I am worried anyway, 'cause it happened again soon after the 11th of March... Hope he is ok ohdearplz.png


    Doba, I want to answer you but I am not good at analysing the underlying meaning of the lyrics.  I can only rely on English translation and I agree with you that it shows some kind of anger or frustration in the song.



    I’m suffocating, I hate this feeling
    Let it all out Whatever
    Until you pass OUT


    Thankyou soooo much smile.png I don't know why but this thread died... No one talks about our GAGA :(

  10. tbh i really don't understand why people are using jackson's comment as a way to paint him as a homophobe when it must be so damn exhausting to be a gay/bi idol and constantly watch people fetishize your sexuality. i think people sometimes forget that kpop shipping is not in any way a show of support for lgbt+ idols, especially when tons of straight fangirls make comments about how they're "sinning" or "going to hell" for reading/writing slash fanfiction. jackson—as someone who i firmly believe could be anything but straight—has every right to get tired of this

    OMG I just LOVE your words ! QRLGYBO.png  Wow <3 You got the point here... I believe in that too... But even if he is straight (which is like "I don't think so") he certainly isn't a homophobe... Some fans need to chill and leave him alone... If he said please stop, than please stop ! Not to mention how fans tag him and HIS MOM on ship photos souleyesplz.png

  11. Idk I didn't notice anything strange. Like for Jackson he is person who has a lot of sides to his personality. He's not always happy. He's respecting it at the interviews a lot that he can't be always happy he's only human, sometimes he's serious and thoughtful, sometimes sad. Also they are working non-stop for so long having comeback after comeback and then some Japanese comeback and then some fanmeetings, and concerts; he in addition has schedul in China and flies back and forth a lot, and also less than a month of rest and then heavy schedule isn't something that can cure anemia which he from the members' remarks has and suffering from. From my perspective it's not strange when person in conditions like this snaps and less toleration of bullshit. Also since that girl in the T with 'jaebum fucks jinyoung' on the fanmeet and also since the whole fans taking Bam calling Mr Tuan daddy in a dirty way they are more and more cautious. Because the more easygoing and accepting they are towards fans the more fans crossing their boundaries. I don't think Jackson's reaction to person tagging his mom and him and other members is extreme. He's setting his boundaries. The thing is people shouldn't tag them in the first place. But then if they did it should have been enough for him to ask one time. But he had to ask several times.

    Also it's not 'no shopping' it's literally no forcing fantasies on them aka not tagging them in shipping posts and trying to involve them.

    Also they literally explained why it's uncomfortable for them and they want it to stop on ch+: because they are overthinking, sometimes some members feel left out, it provoke jealousy and overanalysing.


    Also about Youngjae. I believe sunshine is also really really tired. Also he had back problems last year and couldn't even participate in activities. And then he had them not long ago around Australia fanmeet tour which makes me believe he didn't actually recovered completely. Pain makes people not too happy.


    Averall got7 are deadly tired and almost constantly ill one after another. Our fandom grows bigger, but becomes a little bit more extreme. And fans are crossing lines too often.


    Also people who call Jackson homophobe after he rightfully stands for himself. I'm sideeying them so hard. Like I remember a lot of shippers who are fantanizing about member on member action lost their shit and were awful and homophobic for real in commentsof his Instagram after that episode of snl where he pecked a dude on the lips.

    Maybe you are right... It must be because they are tired... But I am sooooo worried... Anyway thanks for your reply, I hope everything's going to be alright smile.png And about that situation with fans when calling Jack a homophobe is stupid... If he is not bi himself (as many think he is) than he must be an ally, I am sure of it smile.png



    Now let's get back to the topic... laugh.png

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  12. Hello. Kinda found that you were talking about yesterday Jackson situation with shippers and decided to clarify. First of all, Jackson hasn't said no shipping he asked kindly several times (as well as other members) to stop tagging them in shipping posts and stop talking about ships on fansigns. He never told anything about stopping shipping. Because tbh it's impossible. Secondly not only a girl he asked 'stop please' tagged him and all the got7 members in shipper Markson project, she also tagged his mom. As for shipping regardless of if ship is slash, fem or het shipping is part of fandom culture and it's all fun until shippers sometimes stop distinguish reality from fantasies and seek validation from real people and force their fantasies on them which is so uncool. I remember when I was in Star Trek fandom there was a con in Canada and there was Zachary Quinto who is openly gay. And one girl crossed a lot of boundaries there asking how does he feel about ship with him and Chris Pine, does it makes him feel uncomfortable, what about erotica with them etc. he answered really nice, that it's her who should be uncomfortable asking those questions or something like this. That's it. He said it right. Hardcore shippers who are crossing boundaries should be uncomfortable. The fact that shippers tagging Jackson in their ship posts makes him more and more uneasy doesn't define his sexuality and if he supports or not lgbtq+. Shipping is meant for fans and not for idols. Hardcore shippers set unrealistic expectations on them, like you know that one time when Jackson became 'the worst person ever' when he didn't accept Mark's water bottle. Or when shippers were disappointed when he, being so overworked and not feeling well, rested while there was a party with Tuans.

    You are right... But I think it is really strange for quiet some time now... Jackson is not happy as he used to be and I just hope he is ok... About shipping... It wasn't a problem before and now it suddenly is... That's strange... Of course, if they don't want it we won't do it (I've never done it (like these fans) myself tbh... I think it is too much... But still their reaction is strange lately... Not just shipping, but other things too... For example... Youngjae seems very unhappy... Jackson too, he is not as funny as he used to be and I see sadness  in his eyes :( Mark looks like he is annoyed all the time, BamBam, Jinyoung, Yugyeom and JB are actually the same as before... It is just strange :/

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  13. What happend? From what I read it seems like got7 has problems with shipper's. I mean it's okay to ship heterosexual or homosexual couples together but some one shouldn't take it to far it could be annoying and some idol's really don't like it. I have ships too straight and gay ships but i would just watch some moments of them and if they're a couple or not if I like their music/acting etc. I would still like them.

    And such things as showing idol's pornographic pic's is just eh. And if they say fans should stop with the shipping I totally understand it that's their privacy and this makes shipper's who take it too far and stalk them pornography etc they're then as bad as saesang fan's and saesang fan's are really bad.


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    Same here ;) I agree smile.png  If they say stop, than f***ing STOP !! We must love them as artist, not porn stars unsure.png @selgirl You just couldn't say it better smile.png

  14. People calling Jackson homophobic because he told a fan to stop with their shipping mess. Even if he is straight, Jackson has done so much to support equal love between all genders. GOT7 as a whole have been practically begging for the shipping craziness to stop. And it seems to all stem back from that time a girl wore a very vulgar shirt about JB fucking Jinyoung to a fanmeet in the US. Keep that shit private or at least be respectful about it. I swear fangirls are the worst most times. Shipping but then the moment someone is discussed as actually gay they throw a fit. Or that someone is only gay for insert another member of group here. Being Gay doesnt work like that. You cant be gay for one person. I'll stop here cause wow the hypocritical list can go on.

    I agree :) I think Jackson said that only because fans are overreacting... I mean they started with shipping each other... It was always Markson, than Wang Gae Park Gae... HE was the one forcing it ... So if now he is saying : " DON'T SHIP" than something is strange here... But of course if boys doesn't want it than it is ok... But still it's strange that HE said that... When did he said that, just curious, I didn't know that... I only know BamBam mentioned it... Didn't know Jackson did too... warstarplz.png


    BTW I hate when someone overreacts... Fans can talk about it, yes... But please stop being rude... And that with the shirt one wearing at the concert... that is way too much... But somehow I still think Jack is bi... Can't help myself, he is just too obvious 0u0plz.png

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