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  1. To make the thread going maybe we should start a discussion? hurrplz.png  We haven't done it in a while.


    1) What concepts would you like Jackson to try in his future photoshoots?

    2) Would you want to see him collaborating with someone? If yes, who?

    3) What movie/drama would be the best for Jackson?

    4) Is there anything you want to see Jackson doing? Maybe something he has never tried before?


    Feel free to add more questions laugh.png



    1) What concepts would you like Jackson to try in his future photoshoots?


    Photoshoots on stage :D


    2) Would you want to see him collaborating with someone? If yes, who?


    Yeah, with other members from Got7 and some American R'n'B/Rap musicians :)


    3) What movie/drama would be the best for Jackson?


    Action movie or some realistic drama :)


    4) Is there anything you want to see Jackson doing? Maybe something he has never tried before?


    Hope he gets healthy again and go on Japanese tours again soon :D It would be great if he does underwear commercial :D :D 

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  2. This was very intresting. Most of it seems pretty accurate, at least from a non-fans point of view. Although I'm really curious about Mr. "Don't misunderstand, I like girls"  a.k.a Jaebum. I have always thought that he was super-duper-mega-straight. The (very few) videos I've seen of him is when he's no-homoing all over the place, which led me to believe that he either hates the LGBT community, or he's just uncomfortable with them. 


    I've noticed that he seems pretty insecure, but I never thought it had anything to do with him being non-straight. I always assumed the reason for his insecurity was simply because he was uncomfortable doing skinship with guys. 


    I have to ask: Why do you think that Jaebum has any interest in men romantically? And what makes you so sure he has/has had a crush on one of the members? 

    Well he looks very soft when around Youngjae and Jackson, from the beginning of their career, he is different around them and let them do things with him :D

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  3. I just thought it was funny hurrplz.png Funny how people are saying Jackson should educate him mostly. Educate him on what exactly? He hasn't said boys liking boys is wrong. But some people are acting as if he did. I am not defending him nor saying people don't have a right to feel the way they do about him. I am just laughing at how some people are making him out to be the most homophobic idol in existence when at most all he said is "I am straight." over and over. It is a case of him being dumb at least and having fragile masculinity at worst. 



     No, I don't think he is homophobic but some people see him that way, so he should act slightly different and Jackson (and Jinyoung too) should tell him how

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    Laughing at people saying Jackson is open minded and needs to educate JB when Jackson just got in trouble with fans for being the opposite of open minded and educated.


    OMG he made a mistake (which I think wasn't a mistake, 'cause what he did wasn't against black people, but those who wrote hateful comments and death threats)... Let him breath, there were even worse things that happened in kpop, but no let's attack Jackson... He is too good sometimes, so when he makes mistake, then people think he is the worst person on earth... CHILL, he is not a saint... He can be rude sometimes, ok ? Some kpop idols attacked fans physically, did horrible things... And he didn't apologize 'cause he knows he didn't make a mistake, 'cause every time he make mistake, he apologize....


    And yeah I think Jackson should educate JB on this one :)

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    " As for my old bias Jackson, whom I admit I haven't been following as closely the past year, I think he could be bisexual at the most. But like I said, I haven't followed him closely in a while, so if anyone has any recent receipts they'd like to share I'd be happy to take a look and see if I reconsider."



    Well he still does the skinship thing, but not so often as before, he doesn't want Markson anymore and he said no more shipping, but he supports Wang Gae - Park Gae (him and Jinyoung) and on the last concert in Thailand someone (couldn't see who) said Wang Gae - Park Gae and he didn't mind, he just smiled smile.png I think he is bisexual but trying to hide it now... And sometimes he does it as it comes naturally, but when he looks at the camera he just stop doing it until it comes naturally again :D HAHHAHA 

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  6. I heard it was Mark's idea to make friendship necklaces. I think it would be too much if one member paid for them all laugh.png


    GOT7's IG updates








    I think Mark posting about the necklaces first suggests that he ordered them, he was also the one who tweeted about them first. Someone said that Mark ordered the necklaces from his family friend's company earlier.


    Mark also wore it the most often smile.png

    Jackson never wear his necklace ? Why ?  

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