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    I think if anyone knows how Jinyoung truly feels about himself, it's Jackson. They are so freaking cute and I love the way Jackson always supports Jinyoung, in his own teasing way. On another note, I do believe Jinyoung isn't straight, however, he is so hard to read since he is such a reserved, shy and sensitive person. I love the fact that Jinyoung's a sensitive guy, reminded me of myself lel. I can only take banters when it involves a person really really close to me.

    Yeah QRLGYBO.png What do you think about Jackson ? And other members from G7 ? smile.png

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  2. I can't believe I left out Jackson!! laugh.png Ya, I don't think he's gay, since he's shown obvious attraction towards women, but he's also said and done a lot of suspicious stuff, so yeah, he might be bi, or VERY open minded. He has strong opinions about LGBT stuff, and combined with his blatant flirting, I can't help but think he bats for both sides lol.


    The emotion in "Jinson" is real. They seem to connect on an emotional level, but I don't think there's anything romantic in there? Maybe they are LGBT besties? chuplz.png

    The most I can say for Yugeom is bi curious, tbh, and even then, I can't say for certain. I'm like 98% sure he's straight, but ya, he's in the entertainment industry and exposed to cultures he probably never saw back home, so bi curious isn't far fetched. Youngjae doesn't even seem bi curious to me. Him and JB have a cute hyung dongsaeng relationship. 


    I want to say Jinyoung is gay, but I'm still trying to gather evidence. He's too composed most of the time that I just can't decide anything for certain. Can you help me out? ahmagahplz.png

    Well i really think Jinyoung is gay, he just pings and his behavior when with Jacks and Mark is pretty much gay tbh :D

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  3. I've been looking at GOT7 lately (for the past 6+ months), and I think I'm ready to make an analysis now. I don't know. Bambam might seem really flamboyant, but I don't think he's gay, or even bi. He's sensitive and all that, but he he has obvious (and obnoxious) reactions to women. Taking into account that he's just come out of his teens, he might have just gotten comfortable in his sexuality, so I don't believe we can judge him based on his past actions. That said, I'll continue looking at him. 


    I thought Mark might be gay/bi when I first got into them, but the more I looked at him, the more confused I got. I've never seen him react sexually or romantically to girls though (he barely even looked at Suzy when they were doing the whole "cringy fanservice" thing. I've seen him bite his lips a few times while looking at Jinyoung sexy dance though, but that was the extent of it. The whole Markson thing was waay too fanservicey for me to take it seriously (though I think they're still very good friends). But yeah, I'm confused about him. Sometimes, he seems too much like a straight dude bro (but with a pretty face) that I can't get a proper read on him. 


    My sister says JB checks out men a lot, but he's can be very pretentious, and I don't particularly like "traditional" or "uber-manly" so I don't like looking at him much, so I have no opinion on him (I'd love to hear your opinions though). Yugeom is straight, in my opinion. He has very obvious teenage straight reactions to girls, I've noticed. He might be close to Jungkook (or have a crush on Ten, like I read here), but from what I see, that boy is very comfortable with who he is and open minded about things he's not, so he might not have problems expressing emotions of appreciations and like to the same sex like some others do (read: JB). Youngjae too. He might be a scaredy cat, but I've seen nothing to make me doubt his sexuality. 


    Now Jinyoung....god, he gives me a headache. I know everyone here gets a gay vibe from him, and to be honest, I do as well, most times that is. He is very very very good at hiding his emotions, or putting up a front for the camera, so I doubt myself a lot. One thing I've noticed is he's unusually sensitive for a guy (I know I'm stereotyping, but honestly, this is a stereotype that has more truth to it). He gets hurt (and teary eyed, which is very surprising) for the simplest things. The other boys (especially JB, since he probably knows him the longest), don't bully him as much (except Yugeom, but they have a different dynamic). Doesn't help that he's from a town/village, so he's probably more conservative than the city boys. 


    But still, I'd like to hear analysis from long term fans of GOT7 though coz this boy confuses the hell out of me.


    Oh, something I forgot to mention. Do boys' voices break after 18? I was watching the last weekly idol episode (early 2017), and they played an old bounce interview for Jinyoung's punishment. His voice was....wow...Even the MCs commented on it, and his reply was "my voice broke after that". I thought boys' voices break when they go through puberty, which is when they are around 13-16 years? I've never seen a special case in my life. Maybe he's one? 

    What about Yugyeom, Youngjae and Jackson ? What do you think of them ? Well Jackson is considered bi icon here by many people (including me), cause of his behaviour and some sayings smile.png  Mark seems gayish but could be a fanservice, Jinyoung could be gay, JB is confusing (but i think he is straight), Youngjae - straight, Yugyeom - bi courious ?? (maybe), BamBam - i think he is straight ;) About Markson - could be only a fanservice :D Jinson seems more real, but i think non of them date another member :)

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  4. Receipt: Got7 Mark.   (another receipt for my list of 23 gay/bi KPOP idols, this time: Mark of Got7)



    1. Its not fanservice. JB is not playing along so its def NOT just OTP or fanservice.


    2. Would JB really be that annoyed if Mark is straight ? JB is so serious. It makes sense if straight JB knows that Mark is bi or gay. JB usually has no problem to give OTP fanservice with Got7 members. So why the strong reaction here ? JB knows Mark for a long time. Trainees spend a lot of time together so it wouldnt surprise me if JB knows that Mark is gay/bi and takes Mark touching him more serious.


    3. Why is Mark doing this at that very moment ? It doesnt look like planned... probably just watched that sexy butt from behind and went for it on instinct. Its unlikely a straight idol would act this way.


    All in All, one of the reasons i think GOT7 Mark could be gay or bi.

    Jackson did that many times too, Jinyoung too and they ping... along with Mark ;) But it could be fanservice cause fans are watching what he is doing, so ... :D

  5. Hey guys!

    I'm new to this forum and can someone just give me a whole list of which idols from their favourite groups that pings them? I love this thread so much!


    Sorry I cannot read through more than 3000 pages, I fell asleep at 253!

    I am only an Ahgase :) I listen to other kpop groups as well, but don't know much about them... So here who pings me in Got7 : Jinyoung, Jackson and BamBam smile.png

  6. Thank you! I'm sick of seeing people ignore the fact that Jackson, Rap Monster, Jonghyun and all the other masculine guys can also be gay or not straight. Meanwhile feminine guys like Ren, Key etc, who haven't been nearly as obvious with their attration to men, can get gay rumors just by existing 


    I'll never understand how so many people sleep on Donghae and Eunhyuk when, to me, they're the most obvious after Tony and Jaeduck. 


    My guess is it's either that they're so blatant that people assume they're joking, or that neither of them have effeminate mannerisms and therefore don't "ping." (This isn't directed at anyone in particular, by the way. Just a general trend I've noticed in this thread over time with a lot of artists)


    I do understand the first one (though it would be so easy for celebrities to use that to their advantage), but honestly, I kind of wish people would cool it with the second. Yes, sometimes people do just ping, and sometimes that's all the evidence you have, and that's fine. But not every gay/bi person pings. Does Wentworth Miller? Portia de Rossi? Michael Sam? I feel like in 2017, there are enough openly gay/bi people out there for us to see that you can't always tell just from looking at someone and watching their mannerisms. 


    It's the same bias a lot of people have with Jackson. It's like, he has muscles, so therefore nothing he says or does counts. 


    I just think it would be great if people stopped treating "pinging" as if it's a requirement for someone to be not-het. I don't think I've ever pinged anyone in my life; that doesn't make me any less gay. smile.png

    OMG you guys said it perfectly QRLGYBO.png Jackson is my ult bias, but i think he isn't straight just as many people in here smile.png

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    Crime Scene Press Conference Part V:







    170919 Jackson in Macau 






    He's filming å二é“锋味 with Nicholas Tse. 




    It's airing on Zhejiang TV, top stars like Jackie Chan, Fan Bingbing, Jolin Tsai, Angelababy or Zhao Wei guested on it smile.png It's hard to believe how many opportunities Jackson got since Team Wang was established. Five people did so much in 2,5 months.


    OMG thank you so much Jay QRLGYBO.png  When does it air ? ilikeitplz.png

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