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  1. http://www.asianjunkie.com/2017/03/28/my-son-jackson-cant-have-a-girl-so-he-jerked-it-a-lot-and-humped-men-back-to-health/ on an side note I found this it’s not really evidence but I found it to be a cute Jackson moment lol



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    OMG It's from Who's the Murderer... Hahahahaha and the pics on 'Muscular Wang' 's computer : Girls and guys laugh.png


    Yes girl bring back that BI KING to us QRLGYBO.png

  2. Jackson is one thirsty man. I honestly don't understand how some people see him as straight.

    Well some still do... sadly... even tho he said and did so much to actually be a non-straight person... He just needs to say it, but unfortunately he can't 'cause of society... This boy looks like he actually eat rainbows laugh.png  But guess we will never know for sure... unsure.png I believe he is not straight...smile.png

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  3. Yes, it's a show he recorded long ago. One of TF BOYS is on the same ep as him so Jackson is going to get some exposure.


    It's sad that Jackson has to work before flying to China to attend his grandfather's funeral but it can't be helped - it's the last week of their promotion and I think Jackson would feel guilty about leaving the group.. JB is missing too.














    Baby rlytearpls.png

    It's not his year... ohdearplz.png  Hope he is ok... It will be hard for him, he was so close to his grandpa ohdearplz.png May Dr. Zhou RIP ohdearplz.png

  4. Hi, It's been months but I always wanted to discuss something... but I think It's a bit "meh" / "not necessary" so I'm going to put it in spoiler, and sorry for my bad english:



    I dont think people need to put an idol as "definitely straight" when they refuse the idea of being homosexual, more likely the "no homo tho" thing.


    I find amusing when some idols like Jackson are so open about their attraction towards the same sex, personally if I'm an idol in a country like South Korean, I'll feel nervious if such rumours about my sexuality are over there, besides my own insecurities and the fact that I'm actually bisexual. My own parents, my brother and some colleagues are homophobic, I'm always scared if any of them find out my attraction towards women and will hate me, and probably some idols has the same fear.


    This's probably just a suspicion but hoseok from bts is like that, he's in denial and always use the word "bro" when he thinks he has gone too far, he's probably bisexual but again, that's just a suspicion.


    so yeah, sorry if i say something wrong :(


    You said what you think and that's ok :) Unfortunately some people thinks that, when idol behaves so openly towards his/her sexuality, means he/she is not gay/lesbian... Which could be, but on some idols we (lgbt) just feel they aren't straight 'cause of their behavior,expressions, sayings,... And those idols who has so much reciepts are more likely to be gay/bi... Btw thanks for your opinion :)
  5. Got7 is one of the most talented and well balanced groups that I have seen in kpop. And one of the reasons I say that is because they are always ready to support each other.


    I couldn't possibly imagine Jackson being but anything but gay.


    Making the people around him happy is genuinely important to him. And he is willing to do about anything to help them.


    Earlier in this thread someone posted a series of gifs that show how serious he is about why being gay is or should be accepted by us, their fans.


    I think Jackson is definitely gay. But if he isn't, he is trying very, very hard to support to someone who IS gay but doesn't want to admit it.


    And I think that person is probably Mark. I think he is gay because sometimes I never quite know how to predict how Mark will react to Jackson's constant attention, flirting and pouncing.


    Sometimes Mark seems confused about how to respond, and other times it is Mark who starts the gay parade. And every time Jackson refuses his attention it is clear that he loves it when Mark wants to play with him too.


    They are very close and their interactions show their unique and beautiful chemistry.


    I think baby BamBam is gay too because he looks natural with both Jackson and Mark. And the three of them together is literally a cluster fuck of gay vibes everywhere.


    There are also times lately where JB seems suspiciously adorable with Jackson in particular.


    If they aren't gay, they are all friends with benefits.


    I would love It if Jackson and Mark are actually dating, but they're way too cute, adorable and at the same time, suspicious to be just friends.

    OMG thanks, my thought is similar, but i need to say I think Jinyoung is gay too smile.png I think Bam is not... But similar... Jackson just seems as non straight... And way too many people here think the same... Thanks again smile.png

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  6. I really don't know much about EXO, but I really adore Kyungsoo and Tao. Whenever they were together or with other celebrities I just really think that they are gay.


    I can't really pin down a lot of specific moments that make me say that. But I have known that I am bisexual since I was 7 or 8. I had no idea that it was wrong or strange for girls to kiss or touch each other.


    I learned that I was different from the other kids while I was in 5th grade in a game of truth or dare at a slumber party. And none of those kids even talked to me again after that. But they never ran out of vicious and cruel things to say ABOUT me.


    And I have always been very good at recognizing other people's sexuality. And all of the gay people that I know chose to tell me before telling anyone else.

    What do you think of members of Got7 ? :) 

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    The date isn't mentioned yet but all Chinese fans say he's flying to London. It must be some secret schedule.


    I was quite busy with life but I'm going to update this thread in few hours smile.png




    Jackson is going to attend Alibaba’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival Gala on November 10.

    Other artists attending: Zhang Jie, Hua Chenyu, Wang Junkai, Roy Wang, Jackson Yi, Zhang Yixing, Li Yuchun, Victoria Song, Eason Chan, Tony Leung, Victoria Beckham, Da Zhangwei, Liu Haoran, SNH48, and others.
    Tickets on sale on Oct 24. Gala will be broadcasted live through Zhejiang TV, Beijing TV and Shenzhen TV. It's a huge event.
    Last year:


    OMG can't wait QRLGYBO.png Jackson is so booked fD4JAZe.png Hope he will stay healthy ohdearplz.png

  8. Sometimes I wonder what it takes for an idol to actually come out, if they can say something so blatant and still not be believed. It reminds me of this article about a Japanese female idol who talked about a girl crush in an interview. The MC asked if she was a lesbian, and she said, "I'm not a lesbian. I'm bisexual." The article ended with, "Whether this was an actual admission of orientation or youthful snark, time will tell." 


    So you can literally say the words, and people will still deny it.


    Anyway, you could take a scroll through this: https://twitter.com/jacksonftmen

    I agree 90 % , but there are these 10 % that tells me he is straight... But then again, his behavior unsure.png I just can't get out of my head the fact that he checks guys ALOT hurrplz.png And his sayings.... hmmm always brings me back to : "He just can't be straight..." imstupid.png Same for Jinyoung smile.png


    So here's what i think... I am an Ahgase, so i actually only follow Got7 this much... Anyways my opnion is :


    JB : can't read him, but maybe bi curious laugh.png

    Mark : Straight or bi curious 

    Jackson : Bi

    Jinyoung : Bi or Gay

    Youngjae : straight

    BamBam : straight (but feminine)

    Yugyeom : Bi curious or straight


    I don't know much about other groups, but I am pretty sure (so many receipts) :


    Sehun is gay

    Jimin is gay

    Jo Kwon is gay

    Jonghyun is bi

    Heechul is gay


    And these are Kings of our thread : Sehun, Jo Kwon, Heechul = Gay icons of this thread ; Jackson and Jonghyun = Bi icons of the thread ;) So I think these guys are what their title says here laugh.png  I have some feeling we are right unsure.png smile.png

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