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  1. I have been searching the lyrics of Jackson's rap in MAMA 2017 and don't expect him to post it himself.




    You not in my shoe facing all the truth

    Sure you won’t know 

    Took a step back watching all the drama it disgusts me

    All the non sense

    Wasting all my time 

    Let me live or Let me go

    Brainwashed by the people fake rumors

    Point fingers at me like prisoner

    Let me question What you know 

    Stop with your false prediction 

    Let me ask you what you know 

    It’s all your false prediction 

    At least show love and respect of the work I put in 

    Let me go with the sun rising from the east Now I’m stuck in a Locked Container 

    #jacksonwang #잭슨 #王嘉爾 #MAMA2017


    I hope he knows that we all love him.  It must be mentally exhausted for him.

    My baby ohdearplz.png We all love him so much QRLGYBO.png I just hope he is OKAY unsure.png

  2. 'Sexuality is complex and it can't be summarized in "oh he dated a girl so he must be straight".'


    Umm so its ok if we assume ppl gay like most ppl here but not ok if we assume ppl straight? In the its just our opinion we dont know. I respect ppl here who said he is gay. Im just trying to explain my pov that he is straight but get attacked. .

    Honey this thread is not "which male idols do you think are straight" It's "Which male idols do you think are gay... So can we focus on that please... And sometimes people come here saying "he is straight" even if an idol has so many things he did to actually look like gay or bi, is not fair... Keep it for yourself... ok ? One more thing : if you have a question like : "what do you guys think of this group"... than you can make a list of all members and write what you think of their sexuality... We don't want fights here... We are stating our opinions about possible GAY and BI idols so don't try to put your words into someone's mouth, ok ? fyeahplz.png

  3. oh my god, can you people please learn how to read? i said no, i don't think he's straight (or rather, i don't have much of an opinion since i don't follow got7) because he doesn't give off the same insecure macho dude vibes as s.coups. 


    s.coups may be fine with showing physical affection, but he's said and done enough annoyingly straight and heteronormative things for me to still consider him heterosexual. if you think he's gay, whatever, i just wanted to point out that i don't agree.


    it's also a known fact among kfans that mingyu dates a lot of girls (for a while when you searched his name on instiz/naver the words "girlfriend" and even his former girlfriend's name would be the top search results), so if anything he is bi. if you're a dude and willingly choose to date girls over and over again, the likelihood of you being gay are low IMO.


    i'm really not trying to "defend" anyone from "accusations of homosexuality" (like i said i AM gay and would love if some of the idols i liked turned out to be gay as well), i'm just trying to be realistic?

    Ok ok you don't have to attack damn... I just thought you made fun of Frogurt's comment so that's why i reacted... 

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  4. So I haven’t been into kpop for a while and I’m not sure if I’m accurate on this. But netizens are having a field day calling all these idols gay. I’m not sure if they are actually calling them gay cause they are, or because of the fanservice. So I think from now on less fanservice will be done. I mean it’s great. The gay idols get to be themselves, and say their gay shit that some other member will try to cover up in a few seconds cause it was too obvious and now it becomes fanservice. The straight idols will benefit cause they don’t have to kiss people with bad breath anymore ,that they aren't attracted to everybody wins.


    Also do you think gay fanservice is becoming a thing. Not fanservice fanservice where they pretend to be a couple. But people actually pretending to be gay. Cause these new idols are really bold like seriously. People like Jackson,Wonho,Sungjae etc. Is this a thing now? Are they trying to appeal to gay fans? If they are they should cut it out. They make it harder on themselves and their average korean person to be taken seriously. Same with these April fools coming out jokes.

    Jackson and Wonho... Nah they just can't be straight... There are too many things about them  that just can't be ignored... So i don't think so... Besides Jackson isn't doing it only as a fanservice, cause as far as i know fanservice is the act that is happening among group members or generally in kpop... not outside of it... And Jackson is doing it outside of kpop industry... And some things he said are just not for a straight person to say... It is not normal to say some things he said in America and especially it is not normal to say in Asia... And pretty much everyone here (as i saw... correct me if i'm wrong) thinks he is BI/PAN, so... idontthinksobetchplz.png I know it is you opinion and i am not judging, but opinion like that about Jackson is not common here smile.png One more thing... don't judge me, cause no one can say like some of these idols are 100 % not straight... We are only thinking that way... 

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  5. I remember that in Jackson's predebut dancing video there were drums in the background so he could have touched them and played sometimes laugh.png


    Yeah that guy probably directed OKAY too because it looks very similar. He worked with Zico, Jay Park and others.


    I'm so nervous for tomorrow. MV release!!!










    Like and comment (vote) if you haven't





    rlytearpls.png rlytearpls.png rlytearpls.png rlytearpls.png





    The song is AMAZING ahmagahplz.png And the video rlytearpls.png I am so proud of himQRLGYBO.png

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