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  1. Good luck to her. I saw on Twitter that she is working a part-time job in a cafe as well. Supposedly, she gave this card to a customer with their order.  Link:. https://m.dcinside.com/board/girlgroup/8199705

    Here is a rough translation:

    "Hello :) I'm a member of a girl group who made our debut in 2017 and are in our fifth year, ELRIS yukyung. ELRIS will be able to deliver good energy to the public in the future so please keep an eye out for us, love us and if you could remember us one more time, thank you!"

  2. I liked the song and video. A quick question though. Can she go on music shows with a song totally in English?  I think I remember hearing somewhere that a certain percentage of the lyrics have to be in Korean to promote on TV. Maybe it was just the non-cable channels.

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  3. Lots of songs/beats get passed around at labels. They may or may not be made with an certain artist at mind. We hear about how this song was meant for this person, but they passed or couldn't make it work. Someone else gets their hands on it and makes it a hit. Happens all the time. 

    Anyways, here are 46 pics from Barrell's F/W collection. I'm too lazy to upload all of them. So, hopefully a link is ok.




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