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  1. I hope you managed to get off of Jackson's ferry 

  2. Check pms you mute loving lover

    1. Himbo


      feeling abandoned

  3. my favourite creepy fairy

  4. Thanks for the add :luv:

    1. Lucina


      thank you for accepting! <3

  5. your header is creepy, don't listen to Seri, oh my word

    1. Kai Ackerman

      Kai Ackerman

      Oh gosh

      You love it THAT much

      Staaaaph ^3^

  6. Rec me some songs Pinkie <3

    1. pinkpanda_spirit


      listen to myteen's she bad <33

    2. Saint Ren

      Saint Ren

      ohhh, it's actually really good. We really do have similar taste


    3. pinkpanda_spirit


      glad you liked it!!

  7. The Angel Fell Only To Rise Again

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Saint Ren

      Saint Ren

      I'll plead the 5th in this case


    3. lusci


      Yeah its better!!

    4. lusci
  8. Your Header....I’m in love

    1. DEEmoniac


      Thank you Ren ! Uwu


    2. Cheese_it


      dee snapped with her set and profile

    3. DEEmoniac


      Asdfghjkl thanks cheesy

  9. your new username is trash

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    2. Saint Ren

      Saint Ren

      At least your Header snaps hard

    3. Winter Bear
    4. Saint Ren

      Saint Ren

      a month later and your new username is still trash

  10. The pink clashes with the red :dave:

    1. OutroTear


      im not done, flop

      but ill probably give up because i can't gfx

  11. lurking on the competition

    1. Pessego


      Mess I'm not finish I forgot

  12. Your set snaps!

    1. Lemon Detox

      Lemon Detox

      Thank you so much Ren!! ⤠Anticipating yours too!!

  13. when did you get such a nice profile

  14. Jihyo, sell me your plats please <3

    1. Jihyo Stole My Heart

      Jihyo Stole My Heart

      sorry for the late reply but i dont sell mine. sell me yours instead? kek ^^


    2. Saint Ren

      Saint Ren

      Ahh too late, I managed to get them all and I'm finally spending them.

    3. Jihyo Stole My Heart
  15. I was gonna use the legendary gif but I was beaten too it. Can't believe someone so relevant added me :O

    1. Crescent


      my relevant days are gone but go off I guess https://i.imgur.com/I3lb9Nv.gif

  16. Stella is not my name, can people stop calling me that, it's weird

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    2. ChimKookie


      Oki Stella, I'm on it <3

    3. Kai Ackerman

      Kai Ackerman

      whatever you say stella~ ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ

    4. Saint Ren

      Saint Ren

      hfdffdjfkd it really isn't my name but I shall embrace it from this day forward

  17. I love people who have a clear bias



      I wear it where all can see. I'm sorry you are having a bad day. I hope all will be better soon.:)

    2. Saint Ren

      Saint Ren

      fhjdhkd, it's not a serious bad day its just me being a drama queen.

  18. So this is what our friendship really meant to you

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    2. Fluffyhairedbaek


      It was a first come first serve ;-;


    3. Saint Ren

      Saint Ren



      Like I wouldn't notice when I'm so far behind

    4. Fluffyhairedbaek


      Avaisvsidvdod lmao good luck <3

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Saint Ren

      Saint Ren



      how do you know my name, that's creepy you stalker

    3. Akidoki


      Is Ana short for Annabelle? Just curious. Cause the similarities between you and the doll are striking. :dave:

    4. Winter Bear

      Winter Bear

      You were lose with your document, lol.

  19. hello my new BFF

    1. Park Bo Yum

      Park Bo Yum

      Thanks for the add cutie! ;)

  20. Dude, your inbox is full

  21. stalker

    1. Dead Inside

      Dead Inside

      my stalking is full of love

    2. Saint Ren

      Saint Ren

      Well in that case I can't complain, stalk on

  22. Welcome back, who knew all it would take would be TXT

  23. Seri <3

    1. Seriously


      Heyyy Ren! <3

    2. Saint Ren

      Saint Ren

      My male giant ! I'm still shook


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