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  1. 40 minutes ago, elseelseelse2 said:

    i speak english and malay (dad's native language). i speak some conversational spanish (mum's native language) but need to get back on studying it. i'm learning korean right now.

    de donde es tu mamá?

    i used to self-study korean and mandarin at the same time…damn where did my motivation go…wouldn’t consider myself very good at either though

  2. 3 hours ago, vvvyoon said:

    i remember seeing a clip on tik tok of this girl talking about this who was an ex trainee i think??  (pretty sure the clip was from youtube so i don’t know who it was i’m sorry 😔) but i think i remember her saying the girls mainly get laser hair removal! she mentioned what male idols do as well but i’ve forgotten lol 

    but also, they smooth down and edit their skin in basically every single photo (and videos too) so it looks like they have zero hair but they do, they do it on male idols as well. if u look at yoongis knuckles in all official photos they’re all blurry from them trying to blur his knuckle hair lol. literally all of it is edited so pls don’t worry about urself, none of it is real!! 

    good time to bring back this video of former BLADY member tina explaining the most common idol hair removal techniques


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