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Trophies and Medals

  1. Bisexual Pride Flag

    Bisexual Pride Flag

  2. EXPERT PIN 2012: Gangnam Style

    A pin of Gangnam Style for participating in the 2012 game of the MemOHry Lane event.

  3. EXPERT PIN 2016: PrOH!duce 16'

    A pin of Produce's Crown for participating in the 2016 game of the MemOHry Lane event.

  4. EXPERT PIN 2018: Soohorang the Tiger

    A pin of Soohorang the Tiger for participating in the 2018 game of the MemOHry Lane event.

  5. EXPERT PIN 2019: PeepoJail

    A pin of the PeepoJail emote for participating in the 2019 game of the MemOHry Lane event.

  6. Valentine 2021: Matched Pin

    A pin of Matched OHbi for participating in the Valentine 2021 with your match!

  7. G-Friend Light Stick

  8. ♡ Hamveli ♡

    The loveable companion of the best couple to ever grace onehallyu.com ♡

  9. Beomgyu Locket

    A locket of Beomgyu from TXT.

  10. ✧ love ♡ sowon ✧

    a token of love for a beautiful wish ♡

  11. Sowon Locket

    A locker of Sowon from Gfriend

  12. Sowon Signature

    A signature of Sowon from Gfriend

  13. Pisces

    February 19 - March 20

  14. KINGDOH!M 2021: Legendary War

    KINGDOH!M: Legendary War Pin

  15. Jay Signature

    A Sign of Jay from ENHYPEN

  16. OH ADVENT CALENDAR 2021: Blue Ohbi

    A pin received on the first day of the OH Advent Calendar event.

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