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jonjon my only love <br /><br />you're smart handsome and rich I really don't deserve you<br />so thank you for giving me your love <br /><br />I'll make sure to repay you with my heart everyday
lets stay like this for a long long time<br />



Happy Valentine's Day Jonjon. But I'm still waiting on your selfie



You are the true Casanova of OH. Everyone is fighting for your love and attention and I know I’m only one of a thousand admirers but I hope you know that I will continue fighting for you heart <3<3
Ok on a serious note now: You are one of the kindest and sweetest people here on this site. I’m still so thankful for your kind deed.(If you managed to figure out who I am you probably know what) You are so selfless and generous. I don’t deserve such a kind friend. We just became friends recently but I adore you a lot. I wish you all the best. <3






Cheer up baby~ cheer up baby~ 좀 ë” íž˜ì„ ë‚´~~
I hope you're happy and healthy and i wish for all your dreams to come true~ 
With love,



Dear jonjon,
You surprised me with a sweet poem today which lifted my mood up. I'm am so happy you were part of the spectators team as you became everyone's favorite for being so cute, funny and smart!i loved being shady with you :knife: since day 1 and forcing you to comment on my threads. im glad you made friends in the general cus of me since you are just so welcoming and easy to talk. Know that you can become a math genius minion anytime.



To jonjon: im glad we met in survivor. im still laughing how kyul and I judged you for being a nugu and cold bitch. I even forced you to stan Chungha and judged who you stanned lmao. Besides that, I never realized how smart you were until you were solving all those math problems yourself in like an instant. you're actually one of the most knowledgable person I know. I admit you are a bit cute too without the dog dp. I hope I can finally play a game you host and not be late like I was last time lmao. I appreciate you, my fave spectator




despite what has happened i just wanted to let you know i still appreciate all you have done for me



To everyone's favourite bachelor jonjon ahmagahplz.png ,
You're truly a sinful man making almost everyone fall for you, including even the spiky arisu with her thorns ;)) That should speak volumes about your gentleman's charms which make you irresistible to many people. Also like I've said before, smart peeps are attractive, and who could really rival the maths nerd jonathan in this aspect? You're a real intellectual amongst us dumb-dumbs here, and I personally aspire to be as logical and quick-witted as you





To my baby jonjon, you are one of a kind. Even if I have to share you with 90% of OH I still love you~ Save all dem wons to buy a ticket to the Netherlands, I will be waiting for you. Ik hou zeer veel van je ook al ben je alleen fan van jk, het is beter dan niks <3



jonjoj it was nice getting to know you through survivor and OHhoes cord!! You are a smart person who shades me a lot for my realistic ships like... who doesn't [/b]

Talking with u is really fun and I hope to get to know you better in the future!!


I love you guys <3


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