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  1. YooYoung-GongSeungYeon-YeoJinGoo-KimKang


    Hello Venus’s Yooyoung is the newest addition to the cast of tvN’s new sci-fi drama. She will be joining the cast featuring Yeo Jin GooKim Kang Woo, and Gong Seung Yeon for the drama “Circle†which is set to premiere on May 22.


    “Circle†is a drama that follows a mysterious incident in two narratives taking place in the year 2017 and 2037.  Yooyoung will be playing the character of Secretary Shin, a girl crush character who is always perfectly put together and has exceptional martial arts skills. Yooyoung’s character will be present in the year 2037, where she will be assisting one of the important members of a biotech company. Her character will also hold an important key to solving the mysterious case the plot is centered around.


    Yooyoung recently commented on her casting with enthusiasm for her new role. “I am really happy to play the character of Secretary Shin. I am so honored to be working with a wonderful cast of actors whom I admire very much. I hope to learn a lot from this experience and I will try my best to portray the character of Secretary Shin and all of her charms,†she said.


    Hello Venus’s Yooyoung started her acting career in 2013 through the SBS Drama “Wonderful Mama.†Following this, she has received a lot of positive feedback on her acting in notable works such as “Who Are You: School 2015†and “Cunning Single Lady.â€


    Cr. Soompi

  2. Hi everybody! I'm a long time lurker that finally decided to stop being lazy and sign up for an account so I could actually get involved with HV conversations. ilikeitplz.png   KpopDanny, thanks for that information even if we're not positive what it means. It actually made me a bit emotional. rlytearpls.png

    Welcome! I have been lazy myself the past few weeks and have been only upvoting posts here lol.

  3. Nara interview, i`ll post the questions and answers since it`s too long lol (by HELLOVENUSTRANS)

    - This is drinking talk official question. What is your drinking capacity?

    "I do not drink well so around half bottle of soju. But I like the atmosphere of drinking. If I drink a little longer, I'm going to the end of the drink.

    -Do you have a special drinking habit?

    "I'll make sure to go home and sleep. I'm very sleepy when I drink. Drinking is more tiring than other exhaustion of physical strength."

    -You cannot drink often.

    "It's the fate of the girl group. We do not drink often because of body management and we just have a cup when we feel good. Now it's a period of activity so we are more further from drinking.

    -New song 'Mysterious' is a bright feeling.

    "That's right. It's bright and light. The earlier songs were feeling down as a whole but we can see a lot of bright images this time."

    -In January, there were a lot of female singers starting with AOA. Are you not worry?

    "I used to worry about it before the album release but now I think we should enjoy with each other. 'What if we get buried' I'm worried about it only then. The purpose is to show you how to enjoy and play, and we don't do well on the chart."

    -Is the concept right?

    All of the members are bright, mischievous and playful. So this time, we fits well with the concept."

    -Did you abandon sexy concept?

    "Our debut was fresh but we wanted to make a difference. We wanted to try sexy concept once with 'Sticky Sticky' 'Wiggle 

    Wiggle' and etc and it was a golden chance. I have a lot of desire to talk with the members and show a new concept when we take a break."

    -If the hiatus is long, do you not think a lot?

    "Everyone was not positive, but when we were together, our personality changed. We can be depressed in vague times when we do not know when is our comeback but we overcame it together. We comfort each other."

    -You had an unexpectedly long rest.

    "Nowadays, they often make albums and show them to the public to search for their colors. They have three or four albums in a year. We are very anxious and impatient because we are not like that, but now it is different. I had time for self-development during the break. If you do not have activity, we practice singing and choreography. We think 'If not now, we will not have self-development time'. Then the anxiety disappeared."

    -Why do you think your hiatus is long?

    "We can not find the original color of Hello Venus, so I guess the album was delayed."

    -You still can not find the color in your 6th year debut.

    "Of course I know. There was an unexpected change in the members and it took time for new friends to come in. We needed time to find our own colors. We'll show you from now on. I'm close with Girl's Day Sojin and she advised 'In the end, long runs are important.'


    Part 2:

    - You had spent empty holiday twice.

    "It's a bit hard for us to watch awards ceremony. We went to a national network awards ceremony at the beginning of our debut but it was difficult to watch it. I wish we could go to at least one place this year. (laugh)"

    -Have you ever thought this was the last time?

    "When 'I'm Ill'. That time I always thought 'Ah we do not success this time, is it the end' but when I look back, I thought 'There is no such thing as last'."

    -Do you still live in hostel?

    "We have been living in hostel for six years since we were trainee. We used to stay in hostel only but now we're free to go home too."

    - Isn't it inconvenient for living in hostel for a long time?

    "It was hard to adapt at first. Unintentionally I'm worried about it. I was stressed that I did not have space for myself but now I can depend on someone. Living in the hostel is rather comfortable."

    -When you have a lot of individual activities, you do not see the members often.

    "In that regard, I am sorry that I am living in hostel. When I go out at dawn, I feel sorry for the sound when I use water and hair dryer. At that time, I thought that it is right to live alone, but I cannot do that because I'll miss the members."

    -Is there no jealousy of members for individual activities?

    "I did not ask them but I feel like there is no such thing. Hello Venus is not a team that did well from beginning and there is also a member exchange in the middle so rather, the members thank me while watching my individual activities. They know that not only one member is constantly being spotlighted and someday other members will get the chance so they're waiting for the chance."

    -This is the first album after your individual awareness rise so your shoulders must be heavy.

    "It's a lie if I say no. As I said before, even though I think about it, I decided with "Ey let's just enjoy it'.."

    -How was it after going to jungle? Do you want to go again?

    "Absolutely I want to go. I'll be ready to go anytime they call me. Once I go to the jungle, I can not use my cell phone. There are many places where radio waves are not heard. I don't even have to apply make-up. I really like those kind of 'real'. Even the beautiful scenery. When can I see such beautiful nature?"

    -It's hard on your mind and stamina.

    "It's okay except that I got terrible sun burn because I cannot block the sun. It was fun and exciting for the first time experience. The staffs also said this is the first for someone to really like it. I do not have any problem with my bed, I work a lot during the day and when I put my head at night, I fall asleep right away. I could not swim and I learned for three days before going to the jungle. They helped a lot because I was the only woman."



    1. [+10422,-81] The title is very stimulating. It's good to rise the views

    2. [+6237,-170] I'm sorry. It's strange to know that they're compared. Each one has their own charm. I'm rooting for you

    3. [+5660,-131] Why is she sorry...? It's useless succession. The journalist who makes them as rival is the problem

    4. [+4721,-516] It's because Seolhyun is so hot

    5. [+613,-118] When some idols want to rise, they must tied up with Suzy in news article..

    6. [+436,-74] Nara's face and body are not falling but I really hope she succeed...

    7. [+209,-13] Why is the title stimulating? Why are you like to Nara ã…¡ã…¡

    8. [+289,-49] I'm not even Nara's fan but I'm Suzy's fan. Don't write comment like "Does she has sponsor?", "She's not even a virgin". Keep the line when you write comment

    9. [+207,-27] Why is the reporter like this;; Hello Venus song is good but I hope they will rise this time

    10. [+225,-38] She's really pretty. I hope she does not see anything dirty in the entertainment world, she will not hurt and she'll do well..

    11. [+268,-61] I'm Suzy fan but the article about 2nd who who will come out. Anyway it's always done by the trash reporter. There's no reason to blame her. There's not even one or two celebrity with article as the 2nd Suzy.....If they didn't media play by bashing the other side, the fans should also do that

    12. [+79,-2] The reporter will really be blamed

    13. [+184,-39] I'm not Nara fan but she really made me support her ã… ã… 

    14. [+138,-24] She's pretty and good~^^;;** Cheer up~^^!!

    15. [+82,-10] The song this time is really good. I listen to it everyday..The dance is good and the concept also is good. Hello Venus and Nara are known around me so cheer upã… ã… 

    OMG @ the upvotes and most of the comments are nice too ahmagahplz.png

  4. You got: Onee-san Type-B


    Wow, an Onee-san Type-B. You sure are cool. Everyone looks up to you, especially your newly acquired younger sibling. It's up to you to make sure that Macademi-kun grows into a decent adult. Perhaps you'll teach him to fight...?



  5. I`m having problems posting, upvoting and quoting still but once all pictures are out i`m going to make a thread about it, we need to be more vocal about our girls, other groups make threads and stuff about their faves blinking and what notimstupid.png

    I sometimes think like that but I always get worried it might seem like I'm spamming if I post about them too much outside of this thread.

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  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04JIydUQveU



    The song was so cute and with a lovely vibe to it :ahmagah:  :ahmagah:  :ahmagah:  :ahmagah:

    THEY DID THAT, i`m so happy omg



    Oh my goodness they've improved so much :rlytearpls:




    I'm so proud of them and if people still criticize Hello Venus' talent after this then they are just trolls

  7. Seoyoung finally revealed a little bit about her private life, from this IG post, she's congratulating her little brother on graduating! So we now know for a fact that Seobaby has a younger brother! He recently graduated! From what level of education is unknown, but my guess is high school since middle school isn't really much cause to celebrate and Koreans usually graduate college/university at 23-24, so with Seobaby being 23 this year, it's highly unlikely that her little brother graduated from college/university.



    So as of right now we know


    Alice: Older sister

    Nara: Two younger sisters

    Lime: Older brother

    Yooyoung: Older sister

    Seoyoung: Little brother

    Yeoreum: Little sister

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  8. 4. [+610, -50] In an industry where even Hello Venus hasn't made it, Fiestar stands no chance.. ã… ã… 


    Omg I found this in a Fiestar nb article where they talked about not being paid for 6 years

    The first part of that made me happy because it's rarer to see people say kind things about Hello Venus these days but I wish people wouldn't put down Fiestar by saying they have no chance to rise since they're working hard and it probably hurts their fans to read things like that. 

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  9. Uhm... Hi guys! Can I ask a favor?


    During the release of 'Mysterious' I asked help from Blackjacks to watch the mv just once and they did and now, they needed or help. 2NE1 will be releasing their last song a few minutes more as closure to their disbandment. Their goal is to reach 10 million views in one day to assure 2NE1 that they will be forever remember. Just ONE view guys that is a pretty much big help but if you don't want it's okay :D



    lol I don't think you'll get banned for this since there is nothing wrong with what you posted  :lol:

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