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  1. Why there is no English subtitles in hello venus V live? I saw only very few English subtitles. There is other way aside v live to watch them in English subtitles?

    Fantagio doesn't care about HV's content anymore, they upload stuff and then go work on the other idols they have. They stopped translating their facebook posts and Youtube videos a while ago as well.


    (I understand why its this way though so I don't complain)

  2. Hellovenus should definitely be on ¨the unit". It's a great oportunity to give them the exposure that they need to finally be on the top. I don't understand why you guys are so negative about it. There is absolutely nothing to lose if they go. Going to that show will be the best promo they have ever get, even saying that they were there is already promo. Don't worry about a comeback, they haven't even released a date. Why only have me buying their album when they can have thousands of people doing it? if one of them get to the final group, then they have the comback without that member, just as Nuest is doing (and they are doing great). If they get no screen time and get eliminated soon, then no problem, you will have their comeback sooner. worried about a "stigma", well Nuest is doing fine, and if the girls will be selling ten times more than before, then a "stigma" is the least of our problems. This can be their chance to dominate on the charts, boost their sales and finally win a music show. These type of shows are usually rigged to an extent, if I was Fantagio I would have them all go, let them get far and then pull them out before one of them get to the final group, to then have the comeback that we have been planning, for it has been proven that even if you don't get to the final group you can achieve great results. If they don't go, thats ok. But its a great idea to participate. 

     I think this is an amazing opportunity for many idols who are on their last legs (which sadly includes our girls) but I'm always worried about HV and I don't want them to get evil edited like Heo Chanmi/Hyunbin/Haknyeon.


    Alice actually did a good job on a similar program for girl groups called "Secret Weapon Her" the only problem was that literally nobody was watching it and it was too sexualized ohdearplz.png

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  3. KBS started taking suggestions about which idols should be on "The Unit" and Hello Venus has become one of the idols that are mention often. How do you guys feel about the possibility of the girls going on the show?


    I'm personally conflicted, I want Hello Venus to get more attention but I also worry that they could be evil edited and come out less popular than they went in. 

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  4. I just read on twitter that "Circle" is airing in Japan! It started yesterdayilikeitplz.png

    With the girls filming that commercial and being on the studio recording right now i feel the comeback will be next month or as soon as October starts, hopefully they get back during a not too packed week and get noticed more, they all look georgeus and happyrlytearpls.png  (i`m an emotional mess with all the SNSD thing happening right now)


    I'm not a soshi stan but I just wanted to let you know I hope everything goes well. I know how horrible it is not knowing the fate of your favorite idols.

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