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  1. tumblr_mm3s38x3l51rddbxfo2_500.png









    This is mostly unrelated but I always wondered what happened to Jessica's face in the early years of SNSD (The first 2 years)


    Before debut she was super pretty even without makeup






    But when she debuted she always looked tired and way older than she was at the time (I'm not denying PS but it's strange)

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  2. Does anyone else freak out when they see this pic



    her face looks swollen as heck like she got some botox or something....or is it just me

    Seohyun's face is always bloating so I'm not sure if it would be right to call surgery/botox just yet (Her face was bloated like this earlier this year too)

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  3. Idk....since the group disbanded they deleted their twitter accounts and all that stuff :/

    I saw that too...I was just hoping that atleast one of them announced plans for their future by now :cry: . I am worried about Nagi (The greates singer in Jpop to me) and Meg(She wasn't the best singer but she was my fav) because their popularity wasn't that good compared to Nanaka and Mimi.

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