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  1. I said this before but kfans are not as loyal as some people think, we have them geting that angry over one concert with HKT, which Sakura and Nako are most likely overjoyed about, shows that they won't be following Sakura back to 48g, they only want Sakura as an izone member, this is like a lot of ioi fans who only want to follow ioi members as ioi. Meanwhile wotas who are called unloyal are literally flying to Korea to meet Sakura even after being met with that 2.5 year contract.


    And lbr, this has nothing to do with being overworked and their health. Like shugo said, they didnt complain about izone members health when they were being overworked with izone and getting 1 hour of sleep a day. And they sure as hell wouldn't be mobbing them at the airport when they are tired already.

    If anything this can be seen as a solo schedule, I mean almost all the members except Sakura have had individual activities on TV, some have had more like doing MCing, so why kick up a fuss over Sakura having a solo schedule? And most of these will be songs Sakura has been performing for even years so it's not like she has to relearn them.


    The truth is, kfans are upset simply because they dont want to see Sakura in 48g, they only want to see her as an izone member cos that is what's convenient to them. Sakura loves HKT, she is sad to leave them, she worries about them, part of her reasons to join p48 was to help HKT and AKB gain international exposure, yet selfish kfans act like this. Sakura will go back to HKT after izone, I can see a lot of them not following since they already show they hate following 48g this much. Not sure what people expected though, this is kind of typical of kfans, wanting what suits them and always needing to be put first or they kick up a fuss.

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  2. Thanks for the update!! Is it confirmed that CDJapan will have Sakura's bonus photos? Because I was thinking of buying from CDJapan but I read from an old reddit comment which says CDJapan will have Nako and Hiichan whereas HMV will have Sakura. So I am unsure which website to buy and I presume HMV ship internationally?


    yep, follow this link and you will see the full list of bonus photos for all stores: http://akb.kingrecords.co.jp/cd/002787.html


    or check this link of CDjapan and scroll down to the bonus photo description: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/KIZM-585

    "External Bonusa CDJapan exclusive photo featuring Hitomi Honda, Sakura Miyawaki"


    I'm not familiar with HMV but if they ship internationally should be a Sakura x Nako bonus photo

  3. Cannot purchase Sakura individual cover outside of Japan??? rlytearpls.png


    What’s a theatre version?


    it's like a special version that comes with a ticket used for certain HS events, my guess would be that with Sakura's international popularity people would sell them maybe on like ebay or something later on, but you can't buy them from official online stores

  4. No Way Man Buying Guide




    Limited: comes with HS ticket

    Regular: comes with a random PC*

    *includes any member that is part of the line up for any tracks in the CD edition



    Limited                                                      Regular






     - Ike no Mizu Senbatsu


     - PRODUCE48 Senbatsu



    Limited                                                 Regular






     - Ike no Mizu Senbatsu


    Otona Senbatsu



    Limited                                                       Regular






     - Ike no Mizu Senbatsu


    U-19 Senbatsu




    Limited                                                        Regular






     - Ike no Mizu Senbatsu


    U-16 Senbatsu




    Limited                                                        Regular






     - Ike no Mizu Senbatsu


    AiKaBu Senbatsu




    *(can't purchase outside of Japan)






     - Ike no Mizu Senbatsu

    3. TBA - Team Nice Fight (P48 Rank 60+ Senbatsu)



    Places To Buy


    Amazon Japan



    Preorder Bonus Photos

    - if you preorder the albums, they will come with a special bonus photos including certain members depending on what store you order from


    CDJapan: Sakura x Hiichan

    Amazon Japan: Sakura x Nako x Hiichan

    Yesasia: unsure

    full list with other stores




    apologies if any info is wrong, not all the info is summarised yet so I had to collect from multiple places


    also if anyone has any questions feel free to ask me

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  5. I'm excited for subunit and individual stuff!!! I really only love a few girls in IZ*ONE (Sakura my #1) but I get treated as a non-stan if I don't like all of them. But okay I bought three albums so.


    Yeah, I haven't seen any big support projects for the other girls either. I only see that type of support from hugely popular K-idols with big fanbases who have been in the scene for a long time (popular SNSD members, TVXQ, EXO members, etc.)


    it's ok, whether you stan one, or a few or the whole group, doesn't mean you aren't a true fan of all your faves. In the end, when the group disbands, are all the ot12 stans going to follow and support every member anyways?


    For me I am just a Sakura stan, and then a fan of a few other members, because after izone disbands I will probably only be following and supporting them. So not gonna kid myself and pretend I'm a fan of all the other members, not gonna hate on them either, but I won't pretend I stan them just because someone I stan is in a group with them temporarily, and cos some fans say you have to stan a whole group if you are a true fan of a member (which is just them trying to get you to support their own faves anyways)

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  6. It's an actual fact that Produce48 wouldn't have done nearly as well without Sakura or any of the 48 girls. That was the whole selling point of the show. Everybody was tired of just Korean girls, which is why they had to add 48. It was the gimmick. I don't get why people are acting like IZ*ONE would've done the same numbers without Sakura or Nako. Jurina's fans were going hard too until she got sick and dropped out. Even Miyu's fans are/were hardcore


    It was the Jurina vs. Sakura video, then the Sakura Nekkoya center (which had tons of people wonder who she was), then the 48 girls bad evaluations but Sakura hardworker A evaluation, and underdog story for the first couple of weeks that kept people interested and the show afloat.


    As if all of the girls have that big of fandoms... Even some I.O.I girls go to their own groups and flop with abysmal numbers so... where did their fandom go?


    I really hope OTR does individual album versions so we can go ham on Sakura's version and show our appreciation for her. Meanwhile the others' album versions...


    from what I've seen, often Japanese releases of kpop groups have individual member versions, hard to tell what AKS will do tho


    I'm at least hoping we will get subunit releases for izone, even like what they did with wanna one is ok, though I guess that also depends who would be in what subunit lol



    anyways you can see the big difference in fandom size and how much they are willing to spend through the individual promos of Sakura alone, really her popularity is insane, correct me if im wrong but I haven't seen any big (or even small) debut support projects for the other girls

  7. Don't worry about it. For Sakura fan base specifically, I think the sales are def coming from Korean and i-fans. I tink that other fans are going through this binding stage and want to be seen like a group fan as a whole. lol So it's like a "communist" concept, like all are equal. But I did see a mini good thing about this that some did keep their word to it. Yesterday, I saw a youtube comment on hating Sakura and the next comments came like you have to like her or else you are not a real group fan. And basically no one really have a doubt on Sakura having the largest fanbase and popularity. So let's keep it up and stay humble!smile.png


    As for wotas, like can't tell at the moment. Heard that No worry man is not selling as well as teacher2, which is expected cos their no.1 top handshake sales has graduated and the no.2, which is Sakura, has joined izone.


    Sent from my SM-G930F using http://r.tapatalk.com/byo?rid=91361"]


    can't really compare NWM to teacher2 since teacher2 is a pre SSK single which always sell better


    tho if you compare NWM to ST (the single before this, 297 less sold out slots for NWM), or to AKB's single from this time last year, 11gatsu (528 less sold out slots), basing it on HS sold out slots the sales are a lot lower at first look. But that only takes into account the number of sold out slots not the sales overall which could be more spread out, and then sales that don't come from people buying HS tickets. For example, from what I posted above, ST had less sold out slots than 11gatsu however ST has achieved higher sales, so it's hard to say just from HS sales. It will be interesting to see how NWM does, but either way I would assume that there will be a higher proportion of international sales.

  8. So i'm guessing its a big no-no to say that iz*one sales is mostly due to the 48 side of the group and a bit cause of Sakura when its obvious its the case lol. The thread I made for the 2nd day sales turned into a war zone lol ,just mentioning Sakura triggers everyone lmao...





    I saw that now... some really bad logic


    1. sakura fans said they won't buy izone's album so the sales arent from them

    - actually even with a lot of us not buying the album, her fandom is still big enough to make up for that with those who are buying the album, I've already seen Sakura fans bulkbuying the album, and they forget a lot of the sakura biased fans are still izone as a whole fans too


    2. the sales aren't from sakura because they are hanteo so korean fans only

    - they really acting like Sakura doesn't have a korean fandom? she easily had the biggest fandom during p48 and got to rank 2 with pure fandom alone because she didn't get the public fandom inflation votes that the k trainees got. I mean look at her naver views, which is used to gauge korean interest 



    1 Sakura: 41,161

    2 yuri: 11,598

    3 nako: 9,153

    4 wonyoung: 8,562

    5 yujin: 6,893


    Sakura almost 4 times the 2nd rank girl. The general public who inflated votes for the ktrainees dont care enough to watch the members fancams, so why assume they are out there buying the album at the same ratio they did votes for the finale


    3. that hanteo sales are only from korean fans

    - if hanteo sales only count from korean fans, why are ifans always saying to make sure to buy from online stores that count on hanteo? maybe cos international sales count for hanteo too... and we all know Sakura easily has the biggest fandom internally even without including cfans

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  9. ok I did some stats for the solo cams


    Youtube Views



    sakura - 109k

    chaeyeon - 72k

    wonyoung - 66k

    nako - 50k

    hiichan - 35k

    minju - 23k

    eunbi / hyewon - 20k

    yena - 16k

    yuri / yujin - 14k

    chaewon - 12k




    Youtube Likes



    sakura - 10k

    chaeyeon - 6.6k

    nako - 4.4k

    wonyoung - 3.6k

    hiichan - 2.9k

    eunbi - 2.2k

    minju - 2k

    yena - 1.8k

    yuri / yujin / hyewon / chaewon - 1.6k





    Naver Views



    sakura - 9938

    yujin - 4,409

    wonyoung - 3534

    minju - 2,711

    chaeyeon - 2,679

    nako - 2,103

    yuri - 1,628

    hyewon - 1,566

    hiichan - 1,384

    eunbi - 1,202

    yena - 1,040

    chaewon - 745




    Naver Likes



    sakura - 389

    chaeyeon - 287

    nako - 219

    wonyoung - 162

    yuri - 155

    yujin - 122

    minju - 119

    eunbi - 109

    hiichan - 104

    hyewon - 92

    chaewon - 91

    yena - 78





    she still comes out on top even when they put her at the back for most of the time lovestruck.png

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  10. We already know that any criticism we make, no matter how valid, will be met with people making digs at Sakura fans/jline fans. Meanwhile complaints about Sakura, like I saw someone complain that its unfair she got a hat cos it makes her stand out, are ok cos deep down these ot12 stans just dont want Sakura to outshine their own biases, hence why we even get told to post less positive comments about Saku.


    I think I said this before but, the reality is that from this adventure jline actually have things to lose because they already have a fandom, whereas for kline since they started from scratch then everything is a positive. For jline gambling their careers for this ofc we expect that they aren't put at the back because they have a lot to lose if they aren't promoted properly. And maybe they will get more activities/spotlight later, but as we have yet to see that ofc we would worry based on what we've seen so far.


    That uploading one member solo cam at the start and all the others is dodgy and not transparent, but you can see all the little things mnet are doing to try to get more focus to centre...


    Just hoping for Japan debut now

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