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  1. Seeing the fanarts made makes me feel so untalented lol. btw why is this thread so quiet?


    I notice that this thread has been very quiet ever since the whole boycotting issue during Blue;S era.




    Yeah tbh I personally kinda stop coming here when many users talking about 'RBW stan' and the whole twitter vs OH stans. It kinda dampen the CB mood when I just want to fangirl and catch up on some BLUE;S updates.




    Anyway, this hasn't been posted, right?






    Solarsido is updating more than regular Youtuber does, hehehee...I love her for doing that, hope in the next drought she'd be uploading a lot too so I won't miss MAMAMOO too much (because waiting for their next cb is gonna be aaaaagony!)

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  2. wasnt there a solarsido stream?  is there a link?

    There was a stream, but unfortunately Solar didn't save it for playback. It's either she didn't know how (the livestream was stopped once because it seems she accidentally muted the audio), or it's on purpose so they can edit and posted the highlight only. She does upload this days later though.






    Also, congraaaaaats #GOGOBEBE6THWIN!! My personal favorite moment of todaaaay~ awww melts my heart~ lovestruck.png

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  3. This is my over worried side of me thinking, but even the logical side of me agree that I did something stupid today...I said something that was very judgmental and borderline sexist to my fellow woman colleague. So she wore something just a little bit revealing at work than she normally does (off shoulders, it's not very common in our country to wear that to work, but it wasn't THAT revealing too), and I commented something like "You don't cover your shoulder?". At the time I just said it in a joking way since it was really cold in the office, but I didn't realize what I said may be taken the wrong way and would have a very harmful effect in the future. Her confidence may dropped and she never want to wear it again when in reality she looked good in it.


    The more I think about it, the more I think that it wasn't right for me to say it. It was really stupid, and I'm not even close to her, why the heck did I say it?? And to think I said that to a fellow woman...shame on me for 'shaming her for wearing whatever she likes'.


    I need to educate myself better so I don't repeat mistake again.

  4. There are some work projects that has gone to shit because the higher ups don't know how to manage things. The fuck, do I have to do them all??? I don't get paid enough to do all of them, so no thanks.


    I really don't want to go to work tomorrow because of this. Every time we go on a meeting, there are no effective solutions, just words. Honestly, I'm tired. Even in holidays I have to think about work, it's stressful, I don't want to do it anymore.







    Tbh I want to say this in his face but he ain't my direct boss and the procedure said that I can't talk to the boss because i'm still 'low-tier' in the company.




    ....for precaution I think I should start looking for another job in case this thing gonna make the company truly fail...sad because i love working here, i love my coworkers they're awesome, but this big boss is the only thing i don't like about the company...

  6. This youtuber is very excellent on explaining Hwasa's TWIT, visually and lyrically. I don't realize how much I missed from just one or two listen/vieweing, do check him out guys!




    Overall I'm really happy that despite the seemingly short time to prepare all, we can always trust that MAMAMOO (and RBW artists in general) will always deliver a good music. I'm hoping this solo will be the start of a snowball impact for their upcoming White Album!!

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  7. I'm still confused... is her hair now that length? Because I've read somewhere that she said her hair is actually cheekbone-length, but then got tucked in. How is that possible LMFAO


    From where I see it, her hair now looks like Gain's usual hair length. BUT I'M NOT COMPLAINING, I LOVE IT!!! rlytearpls.png


    Ikr, it's confusing that some translator said the stylist's actually cut her hair even shorter to make it more stylish. But whatever her hair situation is, I love her style now, hope Solar will gain confidence with her current hairstyle too eventually. Once she said she wishes to appear more sexy, and with that hairstyle, she achieved that!!


    From my perspective, Hwasa was there to give a fun performance and that's what she did. My ultimate wish is to see them give an immortal songs type performance at an awards show, everyone will be shook. rlytearpls.png

    OH YES, THIS IS MY WISH TOO!! Something like Passion Flower or Wonderful Confession will definitely blew the audience away!!


    Some funny/precious moments from yesterday's GDA


    Solar, confused to where she should go to get to her seat laugh.png


    Solar, again, getting ignored by BTS (I'm sure they just don't see her greeting them). Her expression and HwaByul reactions are so funny laugh.png laugh.png laugh.png


    Wheein smiling to the rest when performing


    OT4 after doing the extra posing, they laugh together because I think they were embarrassed a bit laugh.png laugh.png laugh.png


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  8. I don't like this feeling.


    Okay so we have a miscommunication at work, and now the clients are mad at us. The thing is, technically they're still under contract, we need 1 more thing from them, and it's due next week. I was feeling sorry for them because I know I have some faults in it too, I don't deny it. But their vile words towards us after the miscommunication happen made me feel so shitty, it's kinda hard to decide if I don't feel sorry for them anymore. Like, I just want to cancel them and the clients out after those vile words, but I can't.


    I don't like this feeling. I don't know if I should talk to somebody or just be alone for awhile to clear my head, but for now I just wish I can feel better than before.

  9. MAMAMOO in the black uniform costume with their backdancers for today's MBC Gayo. They are really the epitome of handsome girls, I'm... rlytearpls.png



    Their group shot




    They're the last performer in 2018 at MBC Gayo today and I couldn't be more happier. They end this year with a bang! Here's to another awesome year!!


    2019 please come through with Wheein's White Album!!



    very irrelevant you can skip it







    well i understand the worry but also think that the expectations from ifans are not very linear with how things are


    This collab was pointed out some time ago...and no one said anything from both sides:  k-moomoos or i-moomoos


    how it is that people divide the different numbers of follower? Sorry I don't remember but I remember when there was a daily fight between who had a lot of followers and who had not...old accounts VS new ones ???..something like that..but I hope you get what I am refering to


    and both type of accounts haven't said a thing about it..this about the international fandom


    so we have had: k-moomoos that are not worried...and the international accounts that are not worried


    and there was again a lot of time to point this up because it was not announced yesterday


    also we have a song that is considered by SK society a funny song, a song that the group is still requested to sing when they are invited in tv shows even now...and a song that evidently the all SK doesn't consider even strange


    if it wasn't so 1) k-moomoos would have risen their collective voice to go against it 2) programs will not have them sing the song even now


    To think that by some kind of divination RBW should know that the song is no good, is kind of unreasonable imho...it is like ask for them to know something that the full of SK doesn't get...it means that one want them to be an entity that live in a different place with a different set of rules, background and cultural development..that does not include SK at all


    I would get the "RBW should know better" if someone before today would have rise the issue...but blame them for something that no one even talked about (and by that I mean One single person started to talk about it) till only a few hours ago




    Oooh also I am now unsure, can twitter things be discussed or not? Just to know because I saw that some people don't really like it and prefer the that kind of talk to stay on Twitter










    The thing is, if I remember correctly, that song was pointed out as problematic when it was released, but it's mostly by international Indian KPop fans. CMIIW, nothing was done about it, no sending emails to Norazo's company or notify them, just 'cancel culture' right away by some fans. I think it got under the radar because Norazo isn't exactly "K-Pop" and not that popular among I-fans. We weren't expecting that they will sing it at KBS Gayo too since it was released years ago, and they have so many other good, serious songs. It might be after yesterday, where many fans were streaming till the end, it got attention now.


    I understand that Korean views this as a funny song only, it will be hard to inform them in such short notice. And like @ohsolively said earlier, "their culture as a whole is what it is and it will take decades to have a genuine culture shift."


    And no confirmation what song they gonna perform tomorrow either, so I'm trying to calm myself down now if it turns out we worried for nothing. If the worst happen then at least we have been prepared, in a way...


    As for twitter talk, I honestly don't mind if we actually discuss thing that are still relevant to MAMAMOO (i.e. what MAMAMOO do/will do, or what MAMAMOO in 'trouble' with), not just dissing one another and or targeted specific users. I agree with using spoilers when talking about twt things though, so Moos who don't want to see it can skip the post right away. But this is just me though. I'll go with the majority of the thread.




    By the way, just come across this, MAMAMOO covering Park Hyoshin's "Wild Flower"


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    Potential shit storm coming. Just saw lyrics for Naroza song that Hwasa is guesting on... :worried: SJWs will have a field day.



    Ikr...and even though few moos have tried to reach RBW in fancafe it seems we can't do anything about it since the collab is tomorrow, I'm really bummed...Norazo had their own medley in KBS Gayo yesterday and that offensive song was one of the highlight. Quite possibly they gonna do it in MBC too, and if it does, I PRAY TO GOD Hwasa doesn't have her feat in that horrible, horrible song so she won't get dragged to hell and back...


    Sorry, I know I sound over-worried, but I can only say it here since I know OH aren't that keen with MAMAMOO. After two years of people calling them names for ONE ignorant mistake, I just want to stan them in peace without edgy SJW KPop fan coming up MAMAMOO and Moomoos throat. And only this year MAMAMOO's rep in international fans' eyes has just gotten better, and I really love that they're showered with praises and lots of non-moos also come out and defend them too when few antis being dumb. Just...please...don't let this one moment ruin it too...


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  12. Hwasa won the Newcomer Variety Award on MBC for I Live Alone today, wohooooooh!! 



    Shout out to Mintbox-nim for always be the number 1 Hwasa fan, heheheeee her shouts for Hwasa really make the whole room laugh, the MC even said something like "Is that a pterodactyl passing by?" lmaoooooo



    And add a little more to that happiness, SNSD Yuri asked Hwasa to be a cameo in her drama, asdfghjklkjhgfdfghjk she's really Korea's "It Girl", everyone wants to invite her here and there!

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