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  1. YG is much worse than SM and JYP in terms of management tbh. At least SM is still managing many groups and soloists at the same time and at least they handle things better. JYP on the other hand does focus on their successful groups and still many of their idols and artists do get comebacks and normally there aren't a lot of scandals in their company compared to YG especially. And yet YG..Not only it's always full of scandals..(Like big ones sometimes..and ofc YG tends to try to ignore things as well) They barely manage any artists are idols properly aside from maybe Ikon and Winner- BP seriously deserves an album. and also Hello?Lee Hi?

    YG is an awful company in terms of management in my opinion..It bothers me sometimes. Like SM and JYP are much better smh.


    Damn...I just into YG and you're so right...YG is pretty bad.

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    that's so true rlytearpls.png

    ps you have adorable sig - Jungkook and Jihoon looks alike there ahmagahplz.png

    some cute gifs:







    When I first saw him PD101...I didn't think he be such a fluff....When he came into the room. The way he was dress and his make up...it gave off the firece vibe....but I soon to realized, that was all show...hahha The more we see him the fluffy he gets.


    PS. Thank you ^_^

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