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Events for January 15, 2019

in Master Calendar for all things good and nice

***** 1 votes Jun. K's (2PM) Birthday
By Pineapple

January 15, 1988, our talented singer-songwriter Kim Minjun (김민준) was born! Let's send Mr. No Love lots of loves today~ @Jun2daKAY #HappyMinjunDay

***** 1 votes Ooon's (HALO) Birthday
By Pineapple

Let's celebrate the day Halo's leader was born; January 15th, 1993.

***** 3 votes Hyungwon's (MONSTA X) Birthday
By Pineapple

The very day Monsta X's meme face and model graced us with his existence

----- Kyle (Romeo) birthday
By Aurora

Happy birthday to Romeo member Kyle!

January 2019
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