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The Rant Thread

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Posted Yesterday, 11:07 AM

They insulted our country?! Really? I didn't know. :cry: It is saddest when educated, travelled people are such brainwashed bigots.

The ignorance of the general SJW population to the actual realities is almost funny, but they don't know this 'kumbaya' mentality could lead to another Partition. It is amazing that with the recent history of the WW2 so clear, people would still live in a fool's paradise than acknowledge that some differences are insurmountable and some cultures would clash because they are fundamentally opposite.


If art and war are not to be mixed, about 90% of artists would have to destroy their own works. Also, do stupid people not remember that South Africa's Apartheid regime was boycotted? And why do these liberals not protest BDS against Israel then? Hypocrites!


I am bracing myself for the cringe. That earlier Jackie film with Mallika Sherawat's cameo was so tacky too.


Hindus are probably not thought to be human by Abrahamic believers - they likely hate us for keeping our religion, culture and not being overtaken by their influence. The papers are full of Bangladeshi immigrants being expelled by Burma - but what about the rape and oppression of Hindus in Bangladesh? Of course there's nobody to talk up...


Caste system reservations of all sort must be stopped - only very poor or disabled deserve any help. This is only being used by anti-national elements to divide the country.


One who cannot honour their mother and motherland is lower than the insects crawling underneath.


Since Akhilesh got SP sign, he has a chance to do well...I don't know, maybe BJP has a good chance too.

Take the extra time to study well! Best of luck.




Bash: Is anyone else weirded out by the huge crosses worn by idols while they sing obscene lyrics? Like, Hani's earrings in Hot Pink, when the song was supposedly about prostitution?


insulting our country happens ALLLLLL the time. nooone bats an eyelid. but speak a word against palestine - and ur thought to be anti-human rights.


the kumbaya mentality has led them to believe that ideologies like marxism, maoism, extreme-left ideologies desrve to exist. they advocate totalitarian rule - and i dont think that's any good for thhe people of any country. "people's republic", my ass.

they are ignorant bcos they hav rights - ppl who dont hav rights....countries which spilt blood for freedom, they know whats needed. sjw's should get out and explore than keyboard-warring.


see, what i mean by "dont mix art and war" - is that if we are at war with any country, would we allow their films to be played here? NO! did america allow german films? NO! does japan allow chinese films? NO!


honestly i DONT see the "legitimacy" of the palestinian movement. it's almost a pattern of all neo-islamic nations. they never existed before, but suddenly they bring up certain verses, and claim that they own whichever land they occupied. look at pakistan - currently sitting on top of the birthplace of hinduism, sitting on top 7000 BC ruins of hindu culture and heritage. no westerner knows of this. why? bcos pak would never take pride, its obvi a shame for them to think that the land their sitting on is illegitimately occupied by them, and they drove out the hindus of those lands. and lets not talk about our burnt scriptures and destroyed monuments scattering all over pak and afghanistan. it pains me.


they detroy millions of temples but they cry over one single babri. HAHA look at their hypocrisy!
jackie chan movies do hav a knack of being a bit cringey but i think he is going to outpace himself this time XD i hope the movie bombs in the box office big time.
ofc - eveyone's talking about the rohingya muslims, but what about the kashmiri pandits?
tru tru - they can't stomach the existence of a major religion, older, stronger, diverse, unique, sectarian, yet a single religion - they could never comprehend its age, wisdom and greatness. is there any world religion which has not been reduced to less than a million due to the invasion of islam/christianity? only hinduism. and buddhism - which is hinduism minus the gods plus buddha. but looking at the recent mass conversions in india[funded by the UK and the vatican] we can see their desperate nature. they desperately dont want another religion other than their own. 
they advocate a form of absoluteness-one person, one god, one way. whereas hinduism recognizes and allows multiple ways....to one god actually. they think we're polytheistic. HAHA at them. wtf is a Parabrahman then?
the only one who will speak up is RSS and they dare say that its extremist! HAHA. rss never supports forced conversion like the pope does.
look at this:
Hinduism believes in the principle of "unity in diversity" - mohan bhagawat, RSS. though he might say "hindu nation", "hindu nation, hindu nation", he will never say to convert them back to hinduism. its a lost cause. RSS only stands for 3 things - rural development, transgender devlopment, and cow protection.
whereas the pope says - jesus is the only way - and ppl say he's a peace enthusiast and all-accepting person, and they call mohan bhagwat a warmongerer. WTF? he only said that indians must say bharat mata ki jai or leave to p******n. idk wats wrong in that. cow protection, will never rly happen, seeing how im a keralite and i eat beef either way, but i think i would have been a pracharak if not for the cow protection thing.
only subramaniam swamy speaks up for those ppl in b'desh and pak who are oppressed.
yes i agree with that - reservations hav to be ended in a phased manner[not suddenly, otherwise we'll get hardik patel v.2.0]
but i reeeeeeaaaly dont want those gunda parties - bsp or sp to get into power. maya is a megalomaniac who will only build 1000 more statues of herself in the name of development if she gets elected. i hope bjp wins, but it's a long shot. UP has always been a tough nut to crack, since the deobandi's hav a hold over minority affairs. idk if bjp can make it.
TYSM!!! i hope to get some marks!
bash: loona please step up ur music and stop playing the card of "most expensive girlgroup, so dont let us flop!" to get fans. i really like ur mv's but u need to step up the music....most are forgettable except for i'll be there and let me in.

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#10822 A random user

A random user


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Posted Yesterday, 11:17 AM (Edited by A random user, Yesterday, 11:44 AM.)

Renember when everyone labeled MeU as the most "not-united" fandom...yeah add sones to the list.

Because for a fandom that advocates how close the members are(pffft, i feel i was the only sone whom didn't took interest in the whole "soshibond" since i started following the girls) they sure are very close now... :imstupid:

And LOL at snsd haters and trolls now siding with Tiffany. :lol: When last year not only sided with Jessica on her debut but joined the "Seohyun will slay better" wagon to shame Tiffany.

Funny thing is that when Jessica released "Wonderland" those users were no where to found. :rolleyes:

And finally, sones we better get the shit together. This whole discord will only hurt the group. Isn't our mission to keep SNSD on top?


Edit: And I'm not talking about sales...
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Posted Yesterday, 12:07 PM

I hope I receive the letter today.. I've been waiting all month. Hopefully this doesn't turn out as bad as I thought.

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Posted Yesterday, 12:15 PM



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Posted Yesterday, 06:31 PM

people are really hard on them. keep selling them short. keep underestimating them.


we'll see what happens in the next 2 years 

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#10826 Wasta


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Posted Yesterday, 10:12 PM

I feel like OPs of the official threads of big fandoms on OH need to feel a greater responsibility to act respectfully to other groups and fandoms on this platform. Some are so toxic with their shady comments everywhere, I can't imagine what kind of tone they're setting for the official thread. It's no wonder their comments keep being regurgitated by their minion followers across OH when their OPs are so shifty. 


If you really want to represent your fandom well, you wouldn't be so bitter and spread your negativity to your starry-eyed followers. OPs should be promoting their favorite artists and facilitating conversation around them without tearing others down, it's just sad. 

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Posted Today, 02:11 AM

It's so irritating when you're going to finish an anime and you find out that there's supposed to be more unreleased seasons
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#10828 Jang Mari

Jang Mari


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Posted Today, 08:43 AM

Fuuck, this is bad, real bad

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Posted Today, 09:08 AM

Kpop stans in Korea have this really ugly habit of only cheering for their faves. I don't understand how people collectively decided that being a dead crowd is a good idea.  :donthinkso:

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