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Who is the best XXXX in your fave group?

bts got7 exo vixx btob infinite twice snsd gfriend b1a4

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Posted 18 January 2017 - 01:54 PM

group: omg
bias: yooa
best singer: seunghee
worst singer: can only assume it's sub vocal like arin or jine? i dunno
best dancer: it's back and forth debate i see, mimi is close but i'd say yooa by a little
worst dancer: it's hard to say 1, bc i think they're relatively leveled after miyoo, besides 1 or 2 maybe. (not saying that in a negative way though)
best rapper: mimi
worst rapper: n/a? idk
most good looking: hyojung and jiho
least good looking: they're my favourite members, and i still think they look good, but mimi and yooa
most/least popular: i really don't know
bias: insoo
best singer: gunwoo <3
worst singer: of the vocals, chaejin ofc. i dont think i should include junq/seyong bc they sung in earlier songs and in some japanese songs, but i think they're all prob similar lvl of weak? i just know gunwoo prob tiers above the rest except insoo who has unstable live (or used to) but i do hope he's okay. i wouldn't technically know ._.
best dancer: insoo imo.
worst dancer: i dunno, i never really thought about ranking them, i wouldn't say seyong, or junq probably. i guess chaejin, gunwoo if not. i cant really do a deep dive analyzing rn
best rapper: i personally prefer junq
worst rapper: whioch leaves seyong
most good looking: gunwoo. a lot would say he's visual hole but it's just that they have styled him tragically most of the time. i think he's seriously handsome. also, junq
least good looking: insoo. i think he's cute though
most/least popular: i honeslty have no clue

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